Unlock Samsung Galaxy A20. - Galaxy User Guide

You only need your computer or smartphone and you need a sim card from a different carrier and that is all that you need and without further ado, let us begin so. The first thing we need to do is to get your imei number into your smartphone. To do that, open the dialpad and dial the hash Star 0 6, and you will see that the imei number will show up on your screen on the device. We have to fill in the brand of your phone so this will also work for other brands. So that you're not going to put your imei number. We had it at the beginning of the video, so just make sure you write it down correctly.

Then you have to enter the email where you want to receive your code or the notification that your phone has been unlocked. So make sure to write it down correctly - it is very important. Unless you do not get your unlock code, make sure that it is absolutely correct. Now you have to wait until you get your unlock code, but for this example I'm going to show you how my email looks. So I'm going to my personal email account and, as you can see here, I got this message and it confirms that the phone has been unlocked so I'm just going to open it up.

After receiving the email with the unlock code there are two ways that you can unlock this phone and that depends on your carrier, for example, for t-mobile and at t. Sometimes you have an application If that's your case, just open it and activate the unlock in this case for my provider. I don't have that um application so I use a classic way to enter the download code manually. So in order to do this, we simply have to power off the phone completely. We have to insert a sim card. I gonna open the sim card tray and I'm going to insert a sim card from a different provider.

So as you can see, it is requesting a sim network unlock pin and we have 1 out of 10 attempts to insert the correct unlock code. Sim network - successful perfect. That means that the code has been accepted and the phone is now fully factory unlocked. If you get an error here, no worries you can always email back to them and they will give you a good support to get your phone unlocked..

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