UNLOCK SAMSUNG GALAXY A12. - Galaxy User Guide

Hello hello, assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh back again on my channel upil Firdaus and now is our time for boxing and all we - repair the cellphone, and here is also the latest Samsung A12 released by Samsung at the end of the year. If we buy it in the wrong flash online shop, it already got a Samsung earphone hs-1300. Then there is a soft case cover software from Samsung Galaxy A8. This is a cellphone with a price range of 2.5 million, which has 4 and 6 ram with internal memory. 128 GB is big enough with a 5000mh battery Okay, let's just open it for the cell phone, yes. This sim card can be turned on,.

This is a USB type-c, cable and charger, this charger outputs 1.67 amperes from the Resort Police and 5.0 amperes, The cable is tabs Yes I've used it Press the SIM-ejector tab and it is no longer there. If you buy it not at the Chiellini Flash Moment then you only get a cell phone and charger Ok, and this is a cellphone with a 6.5 inch display and 4 camera, then the fingerprint on the on-off switch but read for the shop, see the axles on the left of Baduy then switch on-off and all fingerprint sensors. Then for cell cameras that drop displays Eh. This reminds me: the camera has a Xiaomi Redmi 9ch, it looks similar to this, then the vector. Also the material is plastic and there is a sound, so it feels really thin for the base.

Maybe this is only one of Samsung's sales tactics to catch up with its competitors ; maybe cheaper with high specs ; and maybe Samsung will imitate like that. The spec is high with slightly reduced material quality. Samsung, which uses AMOLED from the Bottom series even more, now uses IPS in addition to IPS, so for the appearance, if you're used to using AMOLED, it will be a bit less clear if you normally use AMOLED. The display is thick enough for the frame area so that it reduces a bit for the screen. The results are quite good: yes, it's clear, then I'll, take it apart, we will see. How about this product from Samsung for the A12 series, I turn off it? I'll remove it first for the SIM slot, Then there is no file here, then we open it for the back case.

Okay, be careful in lifting the back case. Yes, there is a fingerprint sensor, so there has to be a flexible underneath underneath. This is the back cover case, actually plastic Hi and that is the fingerprint sensor and all on-off switches Hi. It is the fingerprint sensor and the on-off switch. Yes, then here are some boats that we will release 123456789 10 11 12, 13 Ok and this is the cellphone when we open the back door or the back cover, we will first disassemble for the top and bottom covers without sealing normally. If Xiaomi is OK, we first open it to close it, the top is the engine cover. The top itself is here a copper plate whose function is to capture signals so to catch more signals. Now, we will dopita first for the battery, so hello guys.

The battery connector here on my PC JG also here the cover for copper plates is to catch the signal OK, let's open it for the bottom PCB,. This is the antenna cable from the top machine to the bottom. Yes, the Pcb go to the top machine by joining the LCD. With the flexibility of this LCD the port has a unique code for the 3.5mm JKT speaker, This is a USB connector for the charger too. If your plugs are worn out then you can't charge it. This is the speaker speaker, and this is the flexible LCD. Connector, okay, immediately opened it for the upper machine, Here is one bolt below here, OK, and here we are trying to remove the camera. Also, the red table, selfie camera Then the main camera plays the recording.

The camera is 8 megapixels, ff2, zero point too m Yan is presenting Make it an ultra white camera. Yes, 2.2 es, then this is the macro camera, The Makruh camera is 2 megapixel and has five 2.4 macros. This is the vibration to produce the vibration level of your cellphone when called and is flexible to switch on Avon books and the leaf is attached here. This is a Samsung 4900 MH battery consisting of a Samsung A12 battery with a size of 404181. We can see that I will try to assemble it again until this cellphone is normal working. It's back to normal, yes I immediately tested it at dawn for the camera to be back to normal for the camera. I will test it immediately for the information.

That's the review and the disassembling of my mobile phone for this Samsung A12, for those of you who haven't subscribed yet, If you have friends or relatives who would like to be in this part of the video, Share, and hopefully it will be useful Thank you, Assalamualaikum, warohmatullahi wabarokatuh..

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