Unlock Samsung Galaxy : 2019 - Free, All Model - Without Root - Without Computer - - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys, today I will show you a different method to unlock any Samsung Galaxy Android phone for this method. No need for any computer or laptop It's completely free without any cost. Don't skip any part. Now the final process has begun. Eliminate my local SIM card. Before showing the network unlock pin, we display the SIM card. This is my local sim card. Now I am showing another SIM card. This is a special SIM card for samsung phone. Unlocking This is a Vodafone SIM card, so that you can call this SIM card and try to lock it. You have not found this SIM card Any country roaming, SIM card? Which SIM card is roaming activated Okay. I insert my SIM card in this phone now.

And restart to the following settings change the network network. Only 2g Okay, when select only on G then wait or you can search metal, Nominally searching Okay Now showing my country Same network name Now. It can then try one network of your country When you start metal when showing roaming signal and network operator selected. You can work and spend time So now I am trying to spend five minutes for calling Now showing Correlation No need for talk. Watch time, when, complete 5 minute now I am silently waiting. Non-Intuitive talking Okay already want us now when this hunted one. Then you need to try cold again So don't worry if you call disconnected or Holland you need only 300. Second Okay, don't OD coral int, already 3-minute pass now.

Now I will try to disconnect one call in because our five minute complete Details now have before three-minute and right now too many of five minute total. Now Remove the roaming, sim card Okay, Romek SIM card is removed and local SIM card Okay, no it's not the same, and Check your network, okay? When should the network swap change settings Do not forget to subscribe!.

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