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Hello guys! David is here and this is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the beginning. I used this cellphone for 10 days and this is my impression of the S7 Edge I can get as a result of the sponsor's assistance called january 01. But before that let's see the unboxing, which is quite hey, butterfly Oh my goodness. Let's start this review with the specifications in Indonesia. We will get the 88908 processor, core aka octacore, said the Indonesian Samsung people which I read from Kompas,. The experience of using this processor is guaranteed to be the same as the Snapdragon 820, so don't worry, those who don't believe can donate here via Sragen. I'll make a video from this HP GPU with Adreno 530 RAM.

32GB internal memory, giga, which theoretically can be expanded with microSD up to 200 giga, in theory, because in practice the micro SD 203h cost more than a million and half so I think it is less desirable. Even for those of you who have to use dual SIMs, the Micro SD Card can't be used because the card slot system is Hybrid for the aesthetic value of the slot. It is good because it reduces the number of holes but reduces the benefits because our choices are limited, we go to the specifications of the 3600mah battery which can comfortably take through one day of use but never lasts for two days. The rest of this HP battery at night Usually only 20-40 percent for ordinary human use.

Besides that, this cellphone is very slippery and if left carelessly it will easily slide down and as a result there is already a small band point on that. It is often forgetful, and it is not a problem as long as it is not scratched for those who want to ensure that their cellphones are smooth and free of fingerprints. It is recommended to use a case even though the appearance will not be as good as original. A good case also makes our grip more stable, s7x uses a 5 and a half inch layer, with quotext resolution with a super AMOLED panel that is curved on the sides for the appearance of this cell phone, It certainly gives a different impression because designs such as X have not been imitated by rivals. The Kw version does not exist even now.

Because there are no cheap, cellphones automatically or People who use this cellphone will look like this aspect can't be underestimated because nowadays, but it also functions as a place of prestige. Just like watches and curved screen cars.. We contact Yahoonews, ball, scores, weather information and other stuff, which are really cool, This screen can also be used to send cool notifications. If we return this cellphone, not only the DX feature, but also Samsung provides an always on display feature, it will give calendar clock information or an image. There is also a network feature which is suitable for use in the dark but this feature permanently disables the battery draining faster.

Don't think there is any need to worry because this feature uses super AMOLED phenol which turns only the neck that is needed and at best only consumes 5-10 percent more in terms of performance. It's just a coincidence that games like Lara Croft gol can not only run well but they also load fast, so for performance, there is nothing wrong with s7s already running Android 6.0 Marshmellow, so features such as Google Naon Teb can be used. I think it's very useful is the feature to take screenshots which are longer than what is shown on the screen. I don't know about this feature from Marshmello or Samsung, but it's still good for this feature from Samsung. On this phone there is a cool application called game launcher whose functions vary,.

We can disable all notifications who entered our phones when we play games. This is very important because I was scolded by a friend when I called him who was finding Glory and he lost because he was irritating when he was at work. There are also other useful functions such as removing the menu, taking screenshots and recording the game. This is indeed an important discussion because of some changes of its predecessors, such as lowered number of megapixels but more physically effective.

But when you speak about image quality, it is not that cool, resolution isn't everything, but there is obviously an effect e level of sharpness, especially if we zoom in later, maybe on the Galaxy S8 Samsung will increase the number of megapixels to make it even sharper for other aspects like color and dry technique. What is quite cool is the low light performance that already uses instead of f107, although of course there are still I admit that the conclusions noise for this cellphone camera is that the catch is really good, even one of the best at the moment, but as a former Note 4 user, I don't feel any progress, except that the focus speed for the front camera is also good, although not Wow., Isn't really cool, a weakness.

The most annoying thing is that the speaker is in the bottom position, making it easy for this small speaker to be covered with fingernails when used in landscape mode. Tar uh in front like a Sony Xperia Z speaker placed in front is the best speaker position, but there are still very few cellphones that apply it. In conclusion, if he is really interested in buying the Galaxy S7 Edge, I recommend it because it's easy, unique design and there are functions which are not found on other cellphones. There is no doubt about the performance of the prestige value and especially the camera, which is really cool. Yes, weaknesses like placement and quality of the speakers are not optimal, but they are still acceptable now.

With a mini cellphone like the Galaxy A3 2016 I had enough because the features, aside from their proper shape, are sufficient for me, which is a bit of a shame, but the camera is not as good as it once was, of course. If there is a cellphone with a camera as good as the s7 in the body, the A3 is the perfect cellphone for me. A review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, would like if you like it dislike this video. If you don't like it and don't forget to share comments and subscribe to the sunset section Thank you for watching and see you in the next video yo hi hi, hi, hi hi..

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