Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G vs Z Fold2 - Galaxy User Guide

Hi [Music] Joe Brown has stopped [Music] Tomorrow, I have another item from formal, namely Samsung Z vol 3 Wow. Today, I want to unbox Porsche impressions, but that's not all I am going to compare it with the Samsung J4 two. It's thin, it's different, it's thick, uh. For those of you who have still considered upgrading to a Samsung Z2, you can look first here to this video for a comparison. Let's compare briefly physical and in specifications rather than at length, The design is thin, see er. Let's go straight : we're anboxing here. There are two seals, we'll open the seals, t-shirts, 1 and 2 Hey hoah, this race, let's go straight ahead. We were served today with a fragrant cell phone. We got the color right, Tom Silver. If I am not, I...

Yes, AFC Job Seeker, the head, Unboxing is super short. Delaying the papers that you will not read is actually true. If I don't read it or if you don't read it for a while, even though it used to be okay, the contents were like that and there were no condiments. It won't work also. Leave fingerprints on the middle screen; Wow! Some e-clubs are really in the hands of some, but is it sturdy? You can look like this from the sides of the screen. If I'm not mistaken it is 6.2 inches. The front screen is already using the latest Corning Gorilla Glass pictures Okay, so he's above Sherina.

If the application is Gorilla Glass, 6 series, the last is a version of victus, so the next one is that he uses Dynamic, AMOLED 2x or super 120hz, so Dainik AMOLED 2x has unique diarrhea that is the newest generation. The color of the apartment is better, all sorts of things, so it's definitely more sophisticated, so he also supports ipx8. Water season can be fooled by water but you have to remove your hair before water okay, because your cave got wet on a fruit table. Okay, then this main camera has not changed from the old 12 megapixel from the white normal telephoto. It's also the same 12 megapixels for the selfie camera on the outside.

It's still 10 megapixels, but what is inside is Under Glass display technology under the camera display, but only 4 megapixels is wrong: Still cool eh and the battery. If comments are a little down with the old, so the old one is 4500 milli amperes, you guys are 4400 milli amperes and it already supports fast charging. Again, yes the old is fast, mas lah. If you have a Samsung hand like this, the charging color or it's excellent. If you put it here, you can charge those things as well as the processor, also the newest Snapdragon Triple Hi, the latest Snapdragon. If you look from the side to the left, there is a short hole under the speaker and there is also a USB type C port. The right side of the screen has volume and this is the power button.

Plus fingerprint reader Yes. If there is another speaker on the upper side and there is a sinmic cancel, Wow and it comes with lots of thirds. This is a really nice character for those who want to order it. Hurry up, hurry up and buy it before it runs out, because there are two versions as far as I know. If you want to order, you can't as it's time out this is closed. It is out of stock; there is no 256 left. The Galaxy Z flip still has a lot of stock, 256 and 128, there are 5-12, Wow, this is pretty cool Hey. There is no short, it hasn't been inserted.

In short, Kila Brother, the front screen is really cool rapping Hey wow passnow browsing Ceger, cool letters, great huh, a second, Instead of just looking at this, like I said earlier, I am going to compare a little with the two Z folds. Because Zoo, World 2 has a really big box. The dragon fruit is typical in terms of packaging, I prefer this one, it's premium, it's more luxurious, it's more bubbly h, but yes,. What's in it, hi, this is the cellphone confused uh, which Wonorejo The charger cable is, as usual USB type C to type C, yes, but you have a headset. The not 3ton mm jack is opened but the USB nuta that will have a charger later on. If you have a Z - fold two, if you want to upgrade to this, don't add the charger. It does not add head, don't give it.

Let's just unpack, in short let's also open the plastic, the same? It's too different yeah, except when we look at the side, the angle is the old one. The new blue of Libya is a bit flatter. There is a little difference since the microphone hole has an old addition,. There are three okay hinges : Hi Angel is the same Oh. The difference is that the old hinge is a bit closer to that. In my opinion, now from the camera sector. It's better, but it is hard that the layout of this one is bigger, yes, it's a bit behind the taste. If you open it, it is the same size, there is no difference, there is no difference in specification. Super Rivers Wireless charging on camera,. Nothing has actually changed, except what you stated earlier mera on display.

You said earlier the scene, it wasn't. If we don't use the front camera, he'll disappear. The view will disappear unless we really hard press it. Then it is visible. Hey,, martabk,, steady,, OK, just short, simple like that. Unboxing and first impressions and a bit of specific comparison, vol3 and vol2. It z, vol. 2, danzig vol. What do you think to be upgraded to the world, hi. Usually i ask again a lot where upgrading is worthwhile, bro. Are a bit confusing to me and I'm a bit confused as to whether it is worth it or not? Back to your budget lian and your needs, but wow this joystick, if I had the money I would definitely buy it, but unfortunately the money wasn't enough.

Super Simple Unboxing it's just a cable and a cellphone there is nothing left and Hi, short instruction, I didn't test because I had to return this item in a hurry. I had said that this was my first time playing a foldable cellphone, uh. Thanks very much, Vonel, for lending me the item, for my review of today. So I can compare it a little, it's shame!. It's only a few hours and I have to go home. Those who have watched, don't forget to like and subscribe to see you in the next video, bye, bye, [music]..

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