Hello guys, but here and in front of me there is already a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus BTS edition and there is a Galaxy Backsplash which is the BPS edition as well as a somewhat special edition because BTS is arguably the number one boyband in the world and Samsung can break up with effect accessories, especially for them. It is definitely not easy for those of you who don't understand why BTS can be so popular. I couldn't really understand why people were so excited every time they talked about this. I knew just that they were a boy band from Korea and didn't know what was special about them compared to the others. Only Laos and Laos like KMU or super junior. They really respect it when they want to collaborate with Tokopedia, I am.

Also happy because gadgetin is also a partner with Tokopedia, so I won't be bored by a b, say BTS only shop for Tokopedia. If it is still BTS for this month, every Tuesday I still shop, especially for the gadget category. Because every Tuesday there is a gadget at Tokopedia on Thursday that gives discounts up to 70 plus cash back up to 100000 pieces and gadgets, mobile tablets, powerbank charger casing and others. Let's start the Anboxing, it is more excited for you from the cellphone. If you make the class, it's also quite excited if the box is really big, but we are unboxing cellphones. So here we won't test the Top Performance of the Photo.

We compared it with the Huawei one too, until I made the Dewi driver the conclusion from this type of SDN, the mobile is Bang, but on DVD we will only unbox the version BTS. So let's now enjoy the unboxing experience. Let's just open the plastic Duaja because it's here the reflection is really annoying. What's the purple color, Princess Roro, because there is a plastic reflection here. Yasashii's plastic has no special edition, it is purple, but inside is purple with you, I started the ice audit to find out more. If purple was indeed their special color. Because one of their personnel has said that purple is the last color of the rainbow, so the bikes there will always accompany the Army until the end. Basically purple is the symbol of BTS and there are seven hearts here.

But maybe it represents the seven BTS Kernels. Here is the Samsung logo, and below it is Gogo BTS. On the left is the phone. The name is also Samsung Galaxy here, there's only purple one here and there are small details, like usually there is also a logo. BTS credits on the back. It says Big Hit Entertainment, then I'm here lol. I'll often ask because he's a really good expert on this BTS I was taught a lot at Tokopedia Oh at that time. Since then I have often asked BTS, which stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan which really means proof boy scout. If we really want to learn more about anything interesting, it's like a collection of stamps,,,,, If we know more, it's really interesting, especially for a boyband who is super familiar with this.

There is a SLEndro tone at the bottom of the post and there are clubs like that. There are stars too and there is a slightly transparent logo. On the front cover it was earlier and here is another seal, that we opened. Now we can see what is inside, here it feels heavy, I. Let's put the cellphone on my side, it is definitely purple uh, it really is pretty compared to us. This belongs to the ST type which is black. Since yesterday's review liquid has not come out. I just chose the black one and got stuck. Due to me, now Dewita has a separator with purple dots. There is super fast charging, generally nothing, If there is also a cable in it, it is also black here, but there is no general color here, the Whisbi plug is black and has purple. If I am wrong, we have purple inside.

This one is purple, it's a Huawei, cable. If it is purple inside, this is really fitting. Try also Samsung and imitate the work for this. Probably they don't want to be said to be following other brand styles, okay. The casing should be very custom or it will be very different because if for example we buy a HP Special Edition, it is usually the busy one in the casing or in the w all the paper or theme. Everything is given a pattern of dots like polka, dots, I'm sure this means that the Galaxy here has a symbol which tells you there is a casing and a manual provided. The purple color is also okay, wuf, wuf, pretentious Bah fell, eh, help here, the fun is that the special edition is more about amboksing, okay. The IMEI is the same, and the warranty book is the same, it is here, here, here.

If you put the casing on it, it is a bit of a science, but it is transparent. Ibl live in your galaxy. When I read it, I did my homework too b, so that you know more about saudi.vs, so that it will not be wrong. It is said to be like a hysterectomy, and the army must really appreciate things like this. Ac isn't simply sticking a test katabi, but there are lots of references, There are cautions in purple color,. I just found out that the polish in Korean is borax. It turns out that if you find out about it it's like the contents of this g Spike Lex uh, wow, okay, wow. If, for example Iqbal is wrong, please comment below who is Nam-joon called I, ask RM Jin RM OK. This jin Okay, we are networked, sip, okay, suga-suga.

That's not wrong, that's right, a duet with Ayu - yes, that's good, so J-hope goes to this, V and this - hahaha Hi 100% correct, yes. Kartini's photo could be sold for millions, I don't know if I heard from my friends who follow Korea. Looking for money for posters, other things, and there are people who are really excited to be a Samsung edition, drop one that can't be skipped from their cellphone. There is a look at the cellphone here for the details - it looks like we can really open the plastic. I really like the texture of the huft-frosted glass. Keygen looks like the usual color,. It also reminds me of the Samsung series. The expert, which was colored at that time by Liverpool, was also very popular. There were only at this time no GPS editions.

If I can sarmin that sticker will not be on the seeds casing, the casing will be later. The sticker or simply save it because ebusiness here seems really rare. There are small but funny details,. On the top right is a purple heart in this part of the microphone. We are a local team, different from Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, secure, Lenovo, Android, which one can you do OK? A little bit strange that android is still normal when I open it in Pledis, Ent. This article is a Samsung Extension but the cycles keep like this. Only the menus are not clear but at a glance I read what version of this Samsung Galaxy S Plus was, right? The wallpaper in front of the wallpaper,. 12344 Mikonam, Oh, 7 above I wonder why stars are found, and here the icons are also made Purple icons that come with Samsung.

So if the Playstore does not make you confused because it belongs to a third party it will be deleted. If you have a Samsung yogs, there's a BTS snapshoot, we will try it later on. Here it looks like a cute lovebird symbol. Every time we dedy.com has a new comment page a love symbol, not what is the usual name? This turns out to be a different theme, but I definitely remember that the bottom part is not the basic one. This is purple, while the regular part is only blue. If it is really different from the software, it is very different, here Samsung's default has been made. If the Mayang cloth is Extradem, Or. Is it just default, for example Barry wallpaper? If it is purple, it is this one, it's a default of Samsung S lentini series.

There isn't a part that was just timing: BTS really,! If the BTS snapsort update is OK, it has been canceled. Let us open it, uh Wah XL content for BTS members will be available tomorrow after 909, If there are content, for example, I might update it on Instagram Why does it have to be right here on July 9, 1864 Alfan This is for all fans not just for one type of fan, but this is a full Korean. Korean with BTS is cool too,, So I don't open it, but it is not just BTS, but there are other friends, too. That is, you can't say it is an exclusive room and can be downloaded on the Play Store. It's not exclusive; we'll go straight to Galaxy Batsco. Only because he said that if the backsplash was combined with STNK +, he would have something different.

He will continue to sell again in Si S and the same type as the bosses, but the price is normal.. If yesterday, for example, there was a discount, only 1 and half million so if you still want to use it, please order it at samsung.com OK, let's open it first and take a look around it, because we already have the ISO, okay. The problem is the backsplash box. What can be in the box is small, maybe only half. There are seven in total. There are promises that the parts are Samsung and this has the BTS logo on the left. There is also a Samsung Galaxy V plus, whose color is purple too. Here the white color must be white and have polk on it maybe because of government rules gawe.

At first I thought this pattern meant a milestone like this, but after I guessed it, it looks like it just follows the purple line with Xenia's meatball writing, so it stays right or I, don't know, or it means something. I think there will be something special because it is similar to expenses now. If it is inside Hi, it costs 3 million - I salute it is the same with Samsung, because they usually sell things like this, but they can decide to sell them separately. Hence it is really more accessible to those who can't buy something that is up to this expensive, You can just buy the base one, the boss, okay, these cables are the same: sp Yes, yes, the cable is black. The tiplets are also black,, Everything from the accessories has not been modified except for this part of the casing.

The purple color here is the same as purple here, so you can say generally is a bit pink ping. So if this purple color is true then that is the case so does 40. He have a case, for example this time, when I was in San Francisco. This is the case for the Winter Olympic edition,. The Olympics are also Korea the Winter Olympics, if I'm not wrong. If this is a really custom case, BTS is purple, Bang. Here is the love, OK, and here I have I purple you, OK, here, huh, it's shiny, here Samsung BTS, If it's quality, for those who have not, you know the quality of the Samsung Galaxy backspace backspace is famous for one of the firebirds in the day.

It's really safe, like it is really neutral, isn't it complicated for example, bro au is a safe depensar, Phillip is great, Spurs, but the price is quite high, around millions of caves, for example, call 299 here. If we compare this white edition to BTS, what do you say? It is purple color there's another charging. When we put the casing on the back Oh, there are more details : here is the wafer symbol uh, here is the charger. The Pepsico USB USB was found here. It doesn't matter whether you want or not to have the case attached or not, and maybe it's safer, but if you want to put it on like this or to take it off you - it's still the same. If it was me, I would keep the case, because I'm the only one, but if I don't use this case, there is a C chat, inside, here, a really long, video.

The problem is that the hands of Boxing 2 together don't exist. Hey, I asked for money, okay, when you are Korean This is a guidebook for Smartwatches, Kaveri user guide Okay, and here you are! It looks like a photo of 3 million walnuts. If you take a picture because it's valued at up to a million more means, it's a murabahah but I don't know how much it costs, The special edition is really expensive. Some are cheap, maybe they're immune to guessing - Guess again this C Eh, we're like this, yes who's door. If you are asked to name members, please include apples. If the order is new I don't know which apple is which, Bye. If we connect this backsplash here, it will have animations, especially Hey. If Why not the head Hey nah wuh, directly Galaxy 4S, p, lus 40 Okay, the device smells Yes.

There is the BTS logo and there is love. On the left there is the BTS logo and on the right the logo, woh Ok, connect, allow, allow, Amen, Spain, when it allows Galaxy W Rebel. Is the usual sip reconnecting, Oh yes, it's good that Galaxy Bassbost. If we connect to the Samsung cellphone, he can immediately auto care sooner, Think that the symbol is the same and the theme will be: Oh, the case: Hey NST, sometimes don't go to this shop, yes. Wuhu can't set it. This service should only have text energy. You can now Galaxy friend, Okay huh, Okay, Okay, welcome to Galaxy friend service with BTS device registration device left 10 out of 10 uh uh immediately. There is something like this: there is a song too Hi, HP, ya, ship, Hi, Wuh, welcome to you, Suho Wow, I like this one, a lot.

It seems like the BTS symbol will continue to get used to the animations that open tomorrow. Why don't you enter Bigsby? If you don't give anything to the money, nothing to do. Okay. It’s Cool Eh Dolby. There are dots and stars so it feels like BTS in the Galaxy has heard it tested on the Samsung Galaxy Wow, So the iPhone is still purple, but there are only gradations and the wallpaper is also different. Unless you tell the people in the comments column Is it worth it because the standard price for Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is I, don't know 12/13 but this can be just middle.

17 with the exact same specifications - if it is a collection, item, whatever it is it's definitely worth it - because I also collect something and how much do you want it to cost as long as you can buy it? It's just going to be okay, let's unbox for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus BTS edition and Samsung Galaxy Baspos EDC, the cute if you like this video dislike, apply and we'll meet again in the next video yo Hi, Oh, God, Wow, lucky to be told, Hey, Wow, Hajj again Hi, but it's shining Oh. This is a lockscreen Oh Koolson we're dead, Hi hi, Oh yeah, Google is my Galaxy edulib Hi Husein Bust Hi Hai do believe my girls, that is, buy heaven, guys, Hey Angle, Mbak, Hai This cellphone is a dolphin or whales..

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