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Hello, guys, David here and in this box there is already a Samsung Galaxy m51 MVP, one HP, which has a 7000m battery. The cellphone box should not be this big,. If there is a cell phone with a box as big as this, maybe the battery for that time is one million MH for 1 line of power supply. So here is extreme power and it's supplied, there is nothing else, and if we open it here there is the child, like this, wenrah, open it again, not really,. This is a 7000m affair from Samsung, Galaxy MVP One and on the left there is an anti-lowbat Lowbat buddy. If it is lowbat, let's put the rhymes there and see.

This strange item is Samsung Envision Unboxing and there is also an oatrans! The contents are quite diverse, whether it has something to do with HP or not, snacks, sort of like this, it's very racy. Eating popcorn is actually low in calories, but if you have cheese, you might be high,, Indomaret senior, even though Samsung doesn't sell food, they just sell electronics. It is free for food or electronics. There is another shopping time in Tokopedia which offers a discount on all new products starting from Rp. 10,000, free shipping as much as you can, and a special cash back passway.

Yesterday, I bought avocado and then I bought a data cable or bought a lens cap that's pretty random, but you just have to look for it in Tokopedia, because in Tokopedia there is always something you can stay about when shopping in Indonesia. Link, now we continue to unbox the higashi m51, The box is oversized for Play-doh Okay, purple 7000m. The box Hp contains very standard contents in front. There is a game bar Samsung, Galaxy, MVP one, we are here for a while, That is only sold online, not offline. It costs five and half millions,. Only if the price is Samsung it is usually on the Macau market. It's down when compared to the price that Samsung says, the bell is a bit odd.

Actually it's merely for us, because maybe we can expect the price of this phone to be five million, not five and a half million or even four heads. How come you can increase it by 1000mh, I'll explain later, but we'll see, what's in it for two Jaks, for sure it uses a processor whose level is 56 million. It is also not a processor with a level of 3 million. I will explain it further later and we will test the performance and, of course the battery has writing about the description of the variant here. There is nothing else here, oh yeah, that's the Samsung Galaxy M 51, so we just open it up here: okay, there's a sticker, I normally use it. Then there's the casing.

If it is M or the budget version, as it is, the budget is 500000, I can't say I read it, but the specs given are really quite aware. If there is a casing, even though there was a budget, yes if there is it will make the those who buy it. This is the lid and here are the main features that are usually written on the back. Here it says: Infinity - o - display, okay, There's something strange which has been relied on for a long time, yet is being written,. Try to write it Snapdragon 737 3030, because it is a fast chipset, but for some reason it is not written here, there is a game that makes you proud, then there is a camera and there is obviously 7000m HB3 OK pushed here, there is a charger that looks like my Galaxy S2 Plus charger. This speed is 25 Watts and here he uses his head.

We won't be able to enter, but fortunately there are tips given here on the TV, and by the way, we'll be. This charger means that it can be used to charge our iPhones as well. If you have an iPhone, because it doesn't have a charger head in the box but the tepsi closed to lightning. Maybe it is silver proof and if I'm wrong, the cellphone itself feels heavy. For example, when the output can be clean, this weighs pretty good. It is 213 G here, use the front camera, yes model, the Infinity-O Display earlier or the Camelot with a resolution of up to 32 megapixels is in the middle here. It's usually a camera for HP series A. It's average like this, but usually bangs, and here there is a power button that doubles up against our fingers print.

There is a microphone and on the left is a SIM tray that it should support triple slots yup, This already supports triple slots, so here he uses the pot. It has a headphone jack and there is also a speaker + microphone. If you look at it as usual, it also seems to be made of polycarbonate, only the thickness. It feels thick, because this battery is 7000mah,. This is the biggest battery in a cell phone that I've ever had Tea, because yesterday the record held the most, m31 which is 6000mh or the Zenfone symbol, which has Yamaha's mother number too. We'll see how much battery remains because that is what HP really depends on and its performance too, because this smartphone uses a chipset which can be said to be middle class and above,.

If you don't need performance, for example, don't buy this cellphone because you can save 2 million and get the battery is also big on m31, which has Yamaha's mother number. It's a shame to have to check the performance too, because if you play games, the 730 should be really good, like the 732 Gela which was in Poko extra NFC yesterday. a little performance that does not work. This is also the earliest appearance of the Samsung Galaxy, namely the fiftyone m51 here. It does not look right here. It's going to feel really big. Genie comes out because the screen size is 6.7 inches with full SD resolution and the panel uses Supra mecu, Ma I. Don't know why Samsung has a fingerprint scanner, skin image and the screen on this cell phone.

We have to use the fingerprint embedded into the motor - barrel. So for example we use it to turn it on using the fingerprint that your finger uses. If we open it with the thumb that I registered, it will turn off so I. Maybe Samsung thinks that if you combine it with the power button, it will be better, but yes I'm used to this Whose display will finally use AMOLED, so I'm a little surprised. While setting up for the camera I took some sample photos. Some are 64 megapixels and the main camera is 12 megapixels, the ultra white camera while the remaining 2 are five megapixels each for the, DP sensor and macro camera. If the front camera itself is 32 megapixels, then it is good, while from Let us test the performance, Surya.

I've already installed Geunshin Impact, there is Parji and Mobile Legends install per game. If I play mobile legend, it is a game. The VBM1 game is the same. I will also play YouTube, because in fact the focus is more on the battery, but its performance can definitely not be underestimated because it will definitely be a Snapdragon 7 30g whose Antutu score doesn't have to drop. It will also be found if it won't be far from the Poko extra NFC around 280,000 and because Samsung will also sell the performance of this phone, yes.

If you are looking for performance and a new battery, buy this cellphone, if not OK, this I do not know why I suddenly logged in and was immediately trapped in water like this, but it's good to see the performance of this cellphone because usually water like this requires a process of reflection. Let's see what is loud and let's see how the graph is low first, see it in Naples PS later he's just low that is just too heavy and can not predict it's probably around 40fps or up to 50 faces with a little drop now. Let's first try this screenshot at 5.49 and the battery is at 64 percent I'll play for about half an hour. It will run out then Let's see how many people's batteries are. We received the Extreme NFC shop yesterday, which was 5160 mah or 25h, since it has decreased 18 percent,.

It is good, because if you multiply it by 2 hours, which is less than 18 percent, can it be better than that, it's going to be cool, The bottom - If you play below, if we increase it to medium, if it is medium, it is fine - there is only a small drop - so it is best in your settings - I just want to make it more stable. If you want the graphics to be sharp but unstable. Yeah I might add : it's not too bad. You're 60fps the most supported setting Okay, I'm half an hour, Wifi connection Okay I've been playing for half an hour now 6.15 and he's at 56 percent. He reduced it by about eight percent after half an hour and for an hour he did not reduce to 16 percent, yes. If we do linear calculations like that, it is not sad, I think we can get 12-14 percent.

Maybe the expectations are too high because we've been playing since earlier. I intend to hit the enemy flying looking for the tracer and he's less than 16 percent for an hour. That means that you can play for 6 hours and 6 guarantees that the impact on my cellphone is cool, because if I played on my iPhone yesterday, one hour of silence could reach 30 percent. It's been proved that it's the only thing that makes me crazy. Why it is not hotter and after checking the fingerprint uh uh on the back and after checking, it's raised around 43 on the Sony camera, usually the hottest gets 44, it's not as hot as the flagship HP we tested yesterday. It is not really hot, maybe because we play it on low settings so that it runs smoothly.

Perhaps Snapdragon 7 30 can sustain the temperature. Because we don't really push the performance so that is one of the surprises that it is interesting for me so maybe it can also help save the battery It ran ge, not, played on the floor today again, this one Elif has an elite level, but why do you feel inferior, okay? If we close the bottom, it will be very cold, bntr I hope it will come in 20 minutes. If 20 minutes, expect three percent or four percent or five percent 7500, which is no, I. Beb. Tired of being used by people. This setting is not there.. Every breath Okay, Praise 30g, not too much. Agatha we played until it ran out okay. It's easy to have a few veins left but this seems really hard to fix.

It's been 22, minutes., Locke finally won and once again his cell phone is not ashamed of being hot. 32 degrees, it's weird, this cell phone is not doing optimally,. It can only be cold, so I could email one of the games if I was not confused. If we try to see it has 23 minutes, battery is 52 percent, but if I'm not mistaken, 55 percent we make sure Yup was playing ML 20 minutes Muhammed only 3% Yes, if it gets really loud if Mba 7000 I’m now just a rhino Play pubg Mobile for about 20 minutes. I think I haven't been watching YouTube for half an hour, because I was playing ML. This screen is quite long, also playing pubg, that you know is generally about 8 minutes long.

So let us skip the YouTube part, it is good enough to prove that the 7000 Yamaha battery is really durable on this smartphone. If this is the setting, we get it in SD, Hi or Ultra smooth, typical 700 students, 720 geju, not like this 7 32GB like this I don't know why the 700 series pubg can't smooth our extreme car gods, but let's just play with the settings bro, because it's just been pretty smooth, around 40 FBS to 50, battery is at number 5 06.45, OK, Ok This is the last thoughtbot, the last m.psi PS There is absolutely no drop performance and again at 38° the temperature is good.

How, God, Like, the name of the YouTube channel How come it has been like this in percentage before, 50% bijam 654654 now 7-19 on fire, 25 minutes, less 4% Hey? It means that it has proven that the 7000m battery is only much more durable than other cell phones. That I have tried So, in conclusion, who is this phone for??? It's suitable for you gamers who want to play continuously, maybe nonstop until the battery doesn't want to be enough. Maybe it can go through two easy days, which in my opinion is a bit lacking from the cellphone, maybe on the screen that is not 90x. Even though it is already a super AMOLED, the color quality is good.

If it is in the 90s, you can take advantage of a thick battery because one of the problems with the screen that works to increase the high refresh rate is that the battery runs out. The resort was given that the battery should be able to balance out its weight. A little protest from me who was looking for the rest, it is already in line with expectations. The battery is okay, the performance is OK, the camera is good, most of the time it's not glass, but yes sariie, maybe like that, there's NFC too and there are complaints. So for those of you who want a cell phone with the biggest and perfect battery, the orma isn't dropped to the bottom to ensure the battery lasts. This cell phone is a good choice.

yo Hi Blade pingerprint sings, wuf Hi it's real front in front, so it doesn't have a screen protector..

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