Hello Hello, everybody is back again. Turkey was a friend of Indonesia - Taiwan. Yes, we have Samsung Galaxy A70, and the special thing is that this cellphone is already 5g. What's already like, this is, just watch our video until the end, friends,. If you see what Cocorico is holding it is silver and it looks simple from the box. Usually there is only a large HP logo and beside it there is a reading of the Samsung Galaxy A70 which is already supported by Fygg, so without further ado. He was immediately given the same aka, a sign of the authenticity of your cellphone and it was also official from the Samsung distributor at In, the back of the box, there is this one hidden in Armina. The contents are the same as jelly and also a manual from Samsung.

This is a warning for your cellphone so that if God forbid, it doesn't fall right away. Then there is a cable as well as Jati PT and there is also a headset. Everything is complete, etc. So without further ado, lets open the cellphone and see how the phone looks, the silver color is really cool too, friends. It has 32 megapixels, the screen width is 6.7 inches and the battery is 4500m, and what's special is that the screen is already called Super AMOLED Plus. So it means that the revolution is guaranteed to the highest level. Your eyes will never get tired. When you see the screen and this cellphone will respond the same Android 10 and also uses Samsung's proud processor, namely Exynos and Hi friends.

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