Unboxing Samsung Galaxy A02s Indonesia - Galaxy User Guide

Hi, to be confident, smile maybe love MP3 memories should always be hello. Thank you very much for friends who have supported this simple channel. This time we will be boxing Samsung Galaxy apo02 es, and this is 4 GB of RAM, and the internal memory is 64 GB, which is priced at 1999000. There is also a variant with 3 GB RAM, 32GB internal memory priced at 1791473. It says that it says Samsung Galaxy, apostol 2s on the right, is plain, and there is a seal on the bottom. This is a variant 64 GB RAM Rammer. Hi and Nagita Black Unboxing color, and on the back here is a banling card from Bayu Okay, my boss, so. Now the result is that we are anboxing the Samsung Galaxy 02, Here we can guess again what is written by Samsung and immediately open what happens here.

We are just the money later or a quick manual from Samsung like this Okay. Let's continue here we get the IMEI sticker, usually the warranty card, and this is the smartphone. Let's just get rid of the ice first and here we get the charger head, which aspires here at 5-port, 1.55, amps or 7.8? And also a charger that already uses USB type-c looks like it's using USB type-c?? There are three core selling points or the features are octa-core processor, triple camera and uses a 5000 milli, ampere battery Okay, Let's go home this afternoon or we Ploso tisnadja Aziz select Akpol 2, let's turn it on. So the back of this material polycarbonate and its frame is [Music] So the color is opaque and has a smooth nutritional texture for this color.

When rubbed like nail polish and art, I take out the Samsung logo at the bottom, and there is also a line like Diamond Cut like that, and here is a triple camera whose main camera is 13 megapixels with an aperture of f-22 and then there is a 2 megapixel macro with an aperture of f24 and the last is a DP sensor with 2 megapixels, open net24, with a flash, stick. Underneath there is a speaker grille, Pepsi, and the slot and audio jack hole on the left has a SIM tray slot. Lets open it just and it uses the triple slot.

There is an additional microphone and on the front there is a selfie camera with a resolution of five gisels instead of f-22 for the screen itself and uses an 6.5-inch, IPS LCD screen with HD resolution plus OK, let us just set the Samsung Galaxy I'm 02 here, OK boss. : So it looks like this Samsung Galaxy 02 ice with Infinity-V display design, Let's go just to the pen, the rules about the phone. Here it uses the version on Yui 25, which is wrapped in the version Android 10 and uses a Qualcomm chipset namely Snapdragon 450 which uses 12 nanometer manufacturing and by the way,. This is a 5000 watt battery that supports fast charging 15 watts but unfortunately has a charger head which is 7.8.

What is the point OK, let's test just the camera, Samsung Galaxy A is empty, Blues Mini, maybe it's just like this, boxing this, if you like it, click the like button and if you like the clicked like button, we will meet in the next video for friends who live in Lojanan and its surroundings, who are looking for an android phone, go to Jalan ciptomangunkusumo block F Number 25 in front of the PT Source Mas at the Ayes.

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