UNBOXING SAMSUNG A71 | RAM 8GB ROM 128 GB - Galaxy User Guide

The screen looks really sharp, hi, hi, hi, Hi, Hello friends, meet me again, Harris on travel, blogger, channel and tutorials, How are you today, hope? It's always in good condition: In good health and always happy, I usually make videos about tutorials or about travel. This video is a different thing, that is, I want to unbox Samsung's cellphone, namely the E71 Samsung Galaxy A7 one. Why did I choose this cellphone because the features are very interesting for me, and I really need it, so watch this video work until the end. So you know what's in this cellphone and the interesting features in it, the most prominent of which is the Samsung Galaxy A7.

In my opinion, the camera and memory of the Samsung A71 are equipped with four Hi cameras and one front camera with a 32 megapixel resolution, so it is really good for taking photos and for the ram, the ram is already 8 gigabytes, Wow, that is, the internal is also 128 GB and that's a lot. It is really suitable for friends who usually have a full memory, usually if the Samsung cellphone doesn't run out of memory, often because this sem1 is equipped with a 6 7 inch screen, it's quite large. If you change it but 16 million colors are good, there is also an NFC function and it's also equipped with 3 slots for two cards and one adult memory.

Let's just unpack this cellphone, Was there, since I opened the plastic wrap earlier, let's open and see it. Headset is also black in the color m, according to the color of the cellphone, which is black. Hi, here's what is going on. There is a tool for opening Kartu1 Hi, we are always here. If there is softlight, it turns out that there is an ordinary short guide in it. On the cellphone, first we open it. Turn the cellphone on to [Music] Hi, The camera is back on the back [music]. Yesterday was 4 and there was one in the middle of the screen : hi hi, yes, we are waiting. Buy another cable, so it's hi front and back. So this can be up to you who want to enter here or can use access s, hi hi, Hi stress.

This is the cut of the headset Yes, it's pretty good, [music ], hey, okay! Hopefully it will be useful for those of you who want to change a new cellphone. Please don't forget to like and subscribe before ending this video..

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