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Hi, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh Welcome back to my Youtube channel Okay, in this video, Let’s unbox one more package, I received this package in good condition. This is a smartphone from the Samsung manufacturer, released in 2020 and namely yes to 2020. This is a Samsung Galaxy A5 with a variant that internally 128 GB 8 - Giga RAM and this is demanding a full set in the afternoon. We will see the color, it says white, the seller says we will immediately unbox the package, okay here. We are ready for the knife, we will try to see this, yes I bought it at Tokopedia for a price that is around 2.8 million. The condition is former Arabic, which has already been mentioned in the full set, yes I don t know, we will try to see..

Let's take it out, there's nothing in the box. The vendor is Majalengka West, Java Yes, The Address. It took a long time to send it to Sukabumi because it was said to rain I wanted to send the package. If delivery is fast, it will arrive in two days. Here there is no breakfast we'll put it aside Ok here it is for the box Hey, it's still a bit dirty. It's dirty, Yeni yes for the box or imei or whatever it is here? Yes, the giga ram is erased a bit. It looks like it is written as six or is it? Here it says only: Samsung Galaxy A5, the other is plain. Let's just open the box, hey, okay, hi, wow,.

You can see that there is a note that he bought, with Hi 3445516 join or it's top, I forgot to enter it or what, perhaps I don't tap my cellphone, I hope it's okay, here's an inscription! I don't know it is in mobile, Jayapura, Hey Keh! Here Yes, there is Halimah's eye, turn signal, the guarantee is 8 gigabytes, Hi, 1834 million 299,000 uh, Let's not put it aside firstly, a lot of the factors were used. I think there's still the great plastic for the charger. The output is 9poll 5ampere, OK, Sempol, OK, Hi, great Cin, there's an inscription on the fast charger too, OK, OK [Music], the Yaspi tv, eh,. It is still fixed and this is the original one I think I found it. First Hey it is, Yes it's a color na na white. Ultimately, I want to have the blue, color, man.

The important thing is that the seller says it is smooth, special e-cash, if we try to see first the physical and we'll start from the side. Bottom, there's still plastic, OK, OK Wow, There won't be any scratches. This is great, the bottom is still smooth but there's still plastic. All of them still use solid plastic on the back. Let's just try to turn on the twain set. This is cool, so maybe this video won't go into too much detail, because it is only for unboxing and for a more detailed review. Please know the ai, the performance, specifications, photos, videos and others, later I will make a separate video. So let’s make sure that the unit really matches what the seller has said and what the seller has to offer.

It turns out that the push is really good after checking, isn't it? If we look at this size, for example, if we hold it and say, Hi it is comfortable. The field is a bit big. The side back does not have a fingerprint sensor, both Hi okay. Maybe we will try to test the fingerprint sensor on this screen to make sure it works or not, because we have to test it to make sure everything is fine. Hi, look at the results, hi, hi, it's very clear eh hi! So for the camera, the sensor, there's no doubt about it, okay. Maybe that's all for the unboxing video and this time for the other Samsung Galaxy A5 This is a great camera.

OK, okay for the price information was mentioned earlier, it's been raised to 2.8 million and for the purchase, link or the link information. I bought the buy at Tokopedia, I'll put it down for the purchase link, Hopefully it is still there, but if it is already out of stock in the store, you can search another seller okay. For those who like and dislike this video only For those who don't like and forget to continue to support this by clicking the Subscribe button and turning on the Notification Bell :.

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