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I bought this handset, online Lazada - Application I bought this phone from the scholarship money. I got in college, I selected Samsung, Galaxy, A12, Tadaa woww, so pretty struck. For my own efforts of obtaining college grades. Sound This section contains an official Warranty card and handphone use. Wow, I chose white, but came blue, so I am sad :( There is a network card by: information about this phone with 5000 mAH and 4GB RAM storage capacity, 128 gb, this charger type c WOW. There are four cameras turn on the handphone samsung..

start setting the device you want to use, install required applications and delete unused applications, use of tempered glass of the screen and camera This is for my first handphone I make it look like ios 10 I, like studio Ghibli movie, making anime and also other anime. I bought a pair of keyboard and mouse linked with Bluetooth, its very pretty color. This is cute and I buy clear case. Airpods tadaa I bought three cases of handphones. This is a USB connector for the SD card..

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