Unboxing & Impressions of Samsung Galaxy A10e! - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys Tech time here and I'm back with a brand new video. So today we're going to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 okay, so I actually kind of excited to take a look at this phone first off from a design aspect. I don't know it's kind of a skinny box for a phone, but hey it's what it is. You have your Metro by T-Mobile and the fact that it's galaxy 18 II, so yes, okay, so the idea of unboxing is actually kind of cool. That's pretty much it and on the front it does have a box inside a box, but I guess it's different so basically you have this little tab. This has your booklet and all the fun reading stuff, but hey! You do also have the power cord that supports USB - thank God.

I'm finally pleased that Samsung has made that move in the budget world today. They actually take it to the Sim Card, which I think is kind of funny. On the front panel you have your 5.8 inch HD Plus display and it supports 18 x 9 aspect ratio. I really don't think that this is all a display and you have your front camera and, to be honest, when I was actually trying to look up specs it really wasn't much online, even in the booklet itself, I actually opened the booklet. Try to look for specs I haven't found anything, but yeah, like I said: I believe that this is an IPS panel so HD plus I think I am, not on Android I. It looks like a pretty good display and it is Samsung at the end of the day, so I trust them with this place.

So on the bottom, you did have your headphone jack, USB C, as well as your speaker and microphone and I'm happy that Samsung made the move to the back of our PC. However, it is glossy and does smudge quite a bit. So I have only worked with this one for a few minutes and it's already smudged up so yeah, like I said on the front you still I mean that this is really nice. This teardrop this raindrop, not I, guess what people like to call. It looks clean and it is in the way, but it is less noticeable than the bigger points that other companies have okay. As far as performance goes again I'm not really sure on the clock, the speed of the phone, but it does use an external chip and opening up daily apps was our first impression thus far.

It's kind of fast and speedy so the phone app any messages have and I forgot also that the top has a microphone and on the left side you pretty much have nothing and on the right side your power and volume has to up and down. It doesn't really have a fingerprint sensor or anything like that, so kind of disappointing. It is missing a fingerprint sensor, but hey, I can live without it. No really not just as secure as face idea or something like that. Let's test out the speaker and open up the camera app, and I'll end the video with some final words. You can cover it up pretty much with your finger because it is a downward speaker, but it is what it is.

If you are careful, you should not be able to cover it with your finger, but overall on the right impressions it sounds like a pretty good speaker. No complaints there but I will definitely be doing more coverage on this phone and I'm gonna be doing more research to find out what the specs of this phone are actually. So this just came out like literally a few days ago so he has stay tuned for more coverage on this phone as well as LG k40, which's a video that will come right after it, make sure you're subscribed to the channel. So you have the regular field of view and a 2 x digital zoom and I assume that it's a digital zoom because it only has one lens so not really optical, OK, that's pretty cool and I'm going to be doing more time.

I'm going to do some tests on the camera to see if it's actually pretty good or not yeah. Let me in this video here so a lot of first impressions, they are positive. I'm sure excited to test this phone and I want to. If you enjoy my content, leave a thumbs up, also subscribe to the channel now we'll catch you guys in the next video thanks for watching..

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