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Hello guys, come back strong after the previous Irul Unboxing Samsung Flip 3vd, Now it is my part for those who support WiFi and this time, Thank you Prima Abadi, who donated the unit The purchase package was Joe Unboxing. Before that, this boxy portrait C was also thin, like Fitri yesterday. It's plain black with a big Z written on the front. If you open it, the letters appear and there is an inscription of Galaxy, Tab 3v under it and on the right side there is an inscription Samsung. There is a cvp of Galaxy and then meat side. There is only a description of the product with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB lom, and the color is vente Blade Okay let's open first [music], so when you first open it,. Immediately you see the Samsung Vivo. The trend continues to have an IMEI sticker as usual.

First there is a USB cable, it's a quick start guide and a warranty card, There is no charger adapter, just keep cleaning it for a while and here it is the Samsung Galaxy Z Portrait, IG [Music]. The back case has a light finish. Fingermarks from behind can also immediately see the camera driver setup which is equipped with LED flash. It turns out that on the right side there is a power button that also functions as a fingerprint and a volume up and down button on the top side. The speaker on the left has a SIM card slot and on the bottom there is a USB type - port C, Mike's fox and speaker hole. You know, even though I imagine that my smartphone will be heavy and it is still. If you are in a position like this it's still like the usual Smartphones,.

Maybe you want to reply to messages or just pick up the phone using a folding model like this, but if you need a bigger screen, you can still vote. So when you open it it feels like you are using a good tab. The camera inside is not very visible because the display under is covered by cells that are quite tightly used to watch YouTube like this. Turns out that it can't be full, right, because the screen resolution makes it look like this or you can also rotate it like this. So you can get a full chat on the Galaxy Servo Drive. Banyu 3.1 is based on Android 11, but when you open it like this, you end up looking like a Samsung Tab when you open Chrome so the PC display is more comfortable than Mobile.

The refresh rate is 120 Hz once the virtual world is over, so the screen itself is actually smooth. The ratio is 25 to 9, therefore slim with a 2x Dynamic AMOLED panel. The refresh rate is also 120 Hz and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass pictures, while the inside screen is 7.7 times., 2208 pixels. 120 and also Dynamic AMOLED 2x and the addition of SDR 10 plus. So if you want to watch videos it is more comfortable when using the inside screen, which makes the video appear to be more real, of course, besides being wider.

The camera has a 12 megapixel ultra configuration white camera with R2 D2 aperture and 12 megapixel telephoto camera aperture 2.4 continue to cover the 10 megapixel camera with aperture 2.2 and finally under the display 4 megapixel camera with F18 apparatus. Where you can still find the features that are on the flagship Samsung smartphone, others such as slowmo hyperlive and many others, not for videos. Also the result is that if you want to play with a 12 megapixel camera, yes there is no need to doubt it. Favour to the cremation section for the video results from the front camera [Music ].

The Samsung Galaxy Z vol 3 is powered by a Snapdragon 808 VJ, with an octa-core processor to 2.80 4 GHz GPU, Adreno 60 and 256 GB ROM and a battery of 4400 Ampere oil on paper for ga, there's no need to doubt it. If you use it to play games, for example, you can get the settings right up to Ultra, XD or use simply extreme ants, use this wide layer. So you can add the top and the bottom views. You change the control position for 25 minutes. Play the battery is reduced by seven percent and Kenshin impact with the default medium of 60fps. The cream is still OK, even though it doesn't feel steady at 6F and still appears freming, but only until it interrupts the game. In 30 minutes, the battery decreased by about 12 percent and I felt.

I also had time to test some benchmarks and the results on AnTuTu Benchmark 9 got a score of 710 thousand then defense 5, the single tail number 1071 was further received and the multicore number at 3315. The score is at d.I 5782 and F reception at 34.6, Sigma, Flag website, no doubt about it is only what makes this foldable attractive or comfortable to use. Maybe in terms of Yui you can open 2-3 applications at the same time on one screen. This way you can explore a Sting at the same time, because I'm used to using the Galaxy Note Wenti Ultra, something like this feels very different, but unfortunately,. The Dika Isipol trivedi does not have an S-pen built in like Note version. If you want to use the sp, you have to buy separate cash. This is already available with the sp.

It is okay, it's just anboxing but I can't say much about it. This Rifki Galaxy Fold will begin at 25 million I think it is okay for you, the young executives or businessmen who need a flash gadget that can accommodate everything. Your needs are okay to carry anywhere during the meetings for, those who want to join the PO,. You can check the link or direct to Prima Abadi j. If your position is Jogja-solo That's enough for this Unboxing video thank you so much for watching until the end of the store resign and we will meet again in the next video [Music]..

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