Unboxing Galaxy Watch 4 Silver 44mm | CAKEP! - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys, welcome back to the device on the youtube channel. I haven't uploaded a video. I can upload a video because I just pre-ordered one of the hottest wearables in mid-2021, it's the Galaxy Watch, so I'm in eh. The free order was two months ago and today arrived the item when it was ordered and got a bonus. What's in the white box OK, so I ordered the silver like this huh, Galaxy watch for yes and I ordered the 44 mm. So it's still fresh from the oven and Wow Swag and open this one.

What's in the main player This is the Galaxy Watch for the classic one, but I ordered the regular Galaxy Watch, Why did I order the silver? Because if I want to change this strategy, it seems more appropriate to all of them because I'm more resigned to being able to change to maybe a leather kVA letter or a sport? One, I think that this could be included all if it's an item, I think it looks more like a plastic statue, it's made from aluminum, right? It's not stainless steel, there is one more color that is green, I'm still cute and its use is limited everywhere, so I ordered the silver one like that. So if the original charger is charged like this okay, sip, because the staff is OK so we turn it off, no, watch for. How do you plug it in Middle? Okay, 44 KM perfectly fit.

I have big arms so I was thinking whether the 40MM could fit better, but I was. First off, with my cell phone, I return to tell you about. Bruce my impressions of the Galaxy Watch Okay Samsung Galaxy, secure by noxz use but while waiting, maybe Agung, try to compare it with the Galaxy Watch, which was the first generation, he used 46 MM Oh, no focus Okay. The package is phaiser, but the host is a wearable. Both Google processed and Check it out on Galaxy Watch Okay Hasan Ok. Let's set it first, ok, thymidylate! Alright, guys this is done Sep. eh, Galaxy Watch for nya Well. Hey. So, I have to say that initial configurations took a long time to process. So it is because I am labeling it from OS Sorry, especially from extravagant, so I had to download Black Ink Elsworth.

For that my Google account had to be imported again on this face. possibly modify [Music] cah2 in this still being bitten. H-CD, VCD, ah-Handset Enjoy your tronix.me watch nice. Why do I still stay in the first Galaxy Wars, because I don't think there is one significant thing if I have to upgrade to an active one or to Galaxy Wars 3 because it became the difference, is only the storage capacity and RAM, but for the processor they still use the same processor, okay, Ad, a tray for me Also, I can still use it for two days, got it for a smartwatch and I don't know how long it will last for the battery life.

If for the thickness itself it is clear that the watch of the first generation is thicker because tomorrow it has a rotating and also a lot of stainless steel, Initially aluminum is lighter and it's lighter than harder, but if it really depends on the use, for example, formal ones can still fit casually more, these days it's better ok. So here is Galaxy Wars, for so there is a sensor for IC by electrically intense if I am not mistaken, He has a scale like that and it has a hatred sensor where it's already here, there's eh, and there's also a bus blood pressure. This is the rubber, eh, oh Lord, and this is really good. The banking is a bit rough, I see, it's very similar.

If you want to see it with an additional band, yeah it's really good from what's already done it's going to be okay. Hence this impression of the workforce action is very cool. The blog quality is also good and the sensors and wearable OS are also game changer by Samsung and wear OS is also, okay,..

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