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Hi '', hello '', guys, it's back again, flashed to the channel, who would have believed that it turned out to be the successor to the Galaxy S10, which was not followed by Samsung. Apparently there is another brand that is continuing it, but instead of the Galaxy S11, but Aldo. It looks like Aldo's writing in the top left corner of blogspot glt and at the bottom the Galaxy S12 series. At a glance you can see the appearance of the screen design, which uses a bangs screen on the right and left side of the box. There is the writing of Aldo smartphone, then at the top there is also writing of Aldo and at the bottom it's plain. The writing starts from the 6.2 6ins Android OS screen, which is not stated how many quad-core processors and 6" versions are 4.

On this cellphone is also a Gb of memory and also a 3500 Yamaha battery capacity, then under it. This car is also official made in Indonesia, guys, let's open it and see. What is in the package, first time you open it can see the red cell phone unit, which is also covered by our own plastic first. If behind the compartment paper is an official warranty, card, IMEI sticker, default data, USB cable that still uses micro USB, you can get a bonus. The basic starter for the Aldo Galaxy S2 Plus is five volts and 1000 mm in the meter that the original eyebrows died, and it turns out that the battery is not a built-in battery aka. The battery is also clearly visible, about 3500 High. Then you get a bonus of 2 white, flexible jelly cases and black.

Since the battery was removed, there is a user manual. It's natural, we did not have the SIM tray-ejector, we trimmed it and continued hands-on. It still feels cool because the colors are found on modern cellphones rare. It is made of plastic with glossy finish and it's very easy to leave fingerprints on the right side of the face,. There are volume and power buttons on the left, just plain, then at the top there is a three and a half mm hole : audio jack and a micro USB plug hole at the bottom. There is a speaker hole and also the mic hole. We open the back cover and install the letter. First, yes the back shell material looks thin and a bit flimsy,. The Dual SIM Slot also turns out to not be a nano-sim - type.

It's still a micro-sim and of course supports additional memory using a micro SD - slot, which can also be installed to store the battery. Install it Take the case and turn on the cellphone immediately. This 6.2 6 screen has a resolution of 1014 x 480 pixels and it looks like The. MediaTek mt6737 quad-core is still operating, 28 names m and it's true after I tested it until I gave antutu version 8 that Antutu score was only 24 thousand from the score. It's clear that this phone is not suitable for heavy games, but out of curiosity, I still tried it. You can get stuck on medium graphics only with FPS declines so it's fun to play Yes, change the Ant Bellens settings from the start of the game.

The game started to feel really good, and just before I started playing a minute later I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. The touchscreen feels also delayed and unresponsive, making this Papji game very uncomfortable to play and to play the temperature for 30 minutes. hp heat goes to 45 degrees Celsius, with a battery run of up to 10%, while I play the Battle Royale Game which is lighter than the morning, namely Free Fire, for the settings I change the right train and for the gameplay, even though I use the highest setting, it is still quite decent. However, it is still responsive and comfortable enough to play and the HP heat temperature rose to 43 degrees, Celsius, resulting in a battery reduction of up to nine percent during the duration of the game.

Reviewer settings, I changed the right train, even though I couldn't get it SD, graphics settings, but other game animations can still be displayed quite well, even though the frame drops once outside and when the skill effects of each hero are activated and during 30 minutes of playing the HP heat temperature rises to 42 ° Celsius, with a battery derivative of up to eight percent. If for Playing YouTube turns out to be stuck at a resolution of 480 P, the screen quality is also normal and doesn't feel that special, the speaker sounds will feel shrill and for 30 minutes YouTube with 50% brightness and volume only drops by eight percent. Yes after discussing the advanced performance section with the camera.

It turns out that there is only one main camera with an 8 Megapixel sensor and for the selfie camera itself. The results are quite ordinary, which is pretty good, still on the photos. The results that feel more detailed, especially for the video recording, look like an anti-level HP videotape released 2 years ago, so you are not curious. Aldo Galaxies 12 is indeed not recommended to buy. As usual I used the purchase link in the description, column..

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