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Hey guys how is it going in this video we are taking a first look at Samsung Galaxy Book Flex. The galaxy book flex was a highly anticipated product towards the end of 2019 but it is just now making its way to the U.S. It was only released a couple of days ago and its primary focus is to compete with other ultrabooks on the market. So we're going to be able to fold all the way around and have a tablet-like experience with our laptop. This is my first 2 in 1 laptop ever owned so I am very excited to try it out and one of the main features here is the Q LED display. This is going to bring much more vibrant and accurate colors to the galaxy book flex in terms of power and performance.

We have the 10th gen Intel Core i7, alongside 8 gigabytes of RAM, 512, gigabytes of storage, and this particular model does not have dedicated graphics, but it does have Intel, Iris, plus graphics, which will test out a bit here. We also have an advertised 19 hours battery life on the Flex although I would think that if laptops you really got to take a grain of salt with that they could probably get about half of that, so we could probably get up to about 10 hours of battery life on this, which is still very good.

From my galaxy note n, plus a fingerprint sensor to easily get into the flex and some other pretty cool features like a wireless charger built into the trackpad, and this comes in at about 2 and a half pounds but with all that out of the way, let us go and check out the galaxy book flex. Not much to see on the outside of the box here We have a very robust 65 watt wall charger, a USB type a 2 types, the adapter because there are no USB a ports on this laptop, we have some general paperwork and we have some replacement tips for this included s-pen. Now, let's go ahead and check out the galaxy book flex, Wow first impressions out of the box.

This thing is super lightweight, looks super premium and I like this color already a lot because it's the same color I have on my Galaxy note n plus this is all metal here. This is a very strong feeling because we have a bit of ventilation on the bottom. We have a headphone jack type, C port and micro SD card slot and on the right side we have our power button to Thunderbolt three ports and the s-pen. You'll also notice that there is a tiny divot for opening up the laptop. We have a slightly different shade of blue on this trackpad, but everything looks physical amazing in terms of strength of the Flex. We have a rather large fingerprint sensor that is probably the largest I've ever seen on a single device.

But aside from this fingerprint sensor and the right shift being smaller, we have a pretty standard layout here. Some functions, keys are at the top of rows of numbers. This feels pretty nice in terms of key travel, and will test that a little bit more later. We have a nice clicky trackpad here, of course. The wireless charger in there we will test out later taking a quick look at that s pen. Here it sits flush against the laptop, but go ahead and click it and it comes out very easily and as I predicted, this looks exactly the same as the s-pen that comes with the note, I do not think that I have any battery, though I'm going to go ahead and charge and use this for a couple of hours and I'll.

So I have been using the Galaxy book flex for the last few hours and I have a ton of cool stuff I want to show you guys so please stay until the end. Everything just looks so much better than your standard display, and I'm really enjoying this aspect of the laptop. Here we also have the aspect ratio 16 by 9 so that your YouTube content fills the entire screen. But if you go ahead and hit that outdoor mode it really brightens up the screen and makes for a much better viewing experience.

This is just a simple test that there's a lot of wobble going on just by moving the lid like this here, then when you go to use the touchscreen a lot of wobble and then you might be a little surprised when you go to pick up the laptop from a table that it just gives out depending on the angle, you get to be careful because sometimes it just bends all the way down, just make sure you're. Really mindful of that, because you can see that it did not take me that much effort to simply bend it back like that I want to talk about the S-Pen next. The s-pen is an awesome experience with the galaxy book flex. Honestly, I thought that it would be kind of gimmicky at first when I saw all of the ads and promotions.

It seemed a bit too small to use with such a large laptop, but after using it here for several hours, it was a very enjoyable experience. You get a good feel of where it is, and you can very easily just press when you take out the s pen you gonna have a list of features pop up right away, and if you are a previous note user, this is going to be very familiar to you because when I have the S Pen of my note, 10 plus we get the same exact options. If you are a current or previous no-use user this will be very familiar to you, similar to the new Note 10 series.

Essentially, we have right-right, clockwise and counter-clockwise up-down and the cool thing with it is that you can customize it for your daily needs, what you're most likely to be using it for, so that we have some general settings here by default, just no matter what you're doing on the laptop. But then we also have a list of applications in which you can go and add to it more functionality. Where you need it so you can go into PowerPoint slideshow here and you can select eight different options of where you want to be doing certain things. So it just makes sense here on the galaxy book Flex and I am very excited to test more of this out.

Let me know what you guys would like to see in a future video, but I'm gonna go ahead and do an audio test here to give a taste of the speakers, and I'm gonna increase the volume for you guys to hear, with the s-pen gestures, to increase this volume have a lesson for yourself [Music]. So you can use the s-pen for general navigation, but as I have said before, there is a significant amount of wobble with that hinge every time you press on the screen, and it is distracting even when you are basically scrolling through a webpage testing out some drawing and stuff. So if you are going to do any sort of writing or drawing with the S-pen, you're gonna need to go into tablet mode for sure. This is definitely a good experience for writing and drawing.

You could certainly do some serious, sketching and illustrative work, definitely enjoying the s-pen experience in terms of writing and drawing as long as the laptop is put flat as opposed to being propped up. The one thing I wanted to say about the two-in-one mode is that if you are using it as a tablet it almost has to be on the tabletop just because of the very slim bezels I found myself constantly hitting the edges with the edges of my hand, if you are going to reach something or even just holding right with one hand and then taping with my s-pen, your other hand is going to always hit the screen really quickly and then just to show you for demonstration. Next, I want to talk about the keyboard starting with keys travel.

It's not as much key travel as say a surface laptop 3, and I would say that it's actually a little less shallow than the ones found on the magic keyboards on Macs. So we have three different levels, but you can also go to Samsung settings and select how long you would like to keep the backlight keyboard on. What I don't like about some laptop is that the backlit keyboard will immediately shut off after you're done typing on it, but maybe you're in a dark room and want to keep that light from the backlight keyboard on, so I would definitely recommend it.

And there's a bit that you can up if you're OK with sacrificing some of your battery life so the next I'm going to talk about the trackpad so the trackpad is definitely large in size, definitely not as tall as some other laptops we've seen on the market. It has worked very well so far and obviously you know that already but the biggest feature of that trackpad is that you can now wirelessly charge devices on it. So this is easily done by pressing f11 and that wireless power share automatically turns on. If you would need it at some point, it’s kind of like having the reverse wireless charging on these latest flagship phones. I know, there has been a lot of talk about big-name reviewers on this point, key. Key I've never had an issue hitting that fingerprint sensor.

If people are complaining a lot about the shift key, maybe take it with a grain of salt right now. I'm really excited to talk to you guys about the galaxy book flex paired with a Samsung smartphone has already been put out from some larger YouTube channels and I saw a lot of comments of people wondering what the relationship can be between your smartphone and your galaxy book. Flex and I am happy to report that now you can actually do a lot between your phone and your laptop. So, we first and foremost have Samsung notes on the Galaxy Book Flex. So if you sign in with your samsung cloud account, you can transfer your notes to and from your phone and your laptop, so kind of like how the notes app works with iPhones and Mac books.

If you put something in your iPhone, it'll show up on your macbook. If you put something in your macbook, it's gonna show up on your iPhone. You're going to turn on your Bluetooth and allow certain things to be accessed. First and foremost, we can send and receive text messages through this app. One of the very interesting features is that you can actually screen your phone on to your laptop. The reason why this is really cool is because I have learned that you can drag files from your laptop to your phone, or vice versa, from your phone to your laptop so I have a Word document over here that I typed earlier very important where a document I need to get over to my phone very quickly.

Now back on the PC here I can go ahead and select this and now I can go ahead and hold it down and now I have another thumbnail that I can now drag out here and now I can update that so I gonna go ahead and copy and replace and now I brought that same document right out of my phone and we can go ahead and open up this here and now you can see I added I need to send it back to the PC, so that the added text has been brought back and the new document. This is a very cool feature and I'm super excited to test it more and find more use. Cases for this and I also want to take a quick look at the flow in Samsung here. Let's say you are simply browsing Samsung's website here on your laptop and take a look at the new Galaxy Book Flex.

I want to bring this information to my phone, so that I can go ahead and take out my s-pen, I can jump right into the smart select option here which will allow me to select a portion of my screen and actually do whatever I want with it. I have the snipped portion and can then proceed to extract the text from that. So it is pulling out all of the text from this screenshot I took and that you can share and then Samsung flow is right. Format and I can do the same exact thing with my phone and bring information to the laptop. If I would need to do that, really cool to see all this added functionality you can have but your smartphone and laptop to make them both better in terms of performance.

So far here, everything I've thrown at this laptop, it has done it well, nothing lagged, nothing was slow, everything has been super responsive. The fans don't get really loud, which is nice when I was doing very intensive tasks or playing games and I have even been able to play some light games here on the galaxy book flex which I'm now showing you so I have been doing some light gaming here on the galaxy book flex and have had a very enjoyable experience that Intel iris + graphics have the potential to be enough for very light games. Here is one of my favorite games, Age of Empires, and one of the things I definitely noticed. The display is not even performance related, only visuals, colors, the vibrance.

It looks really good and performance for light games has to work again. I've played Age of Empires here about a half hour ago with no lag and no issues at all. I got into a fight here and it's been running perfectly fine. Until I can show you a little bit of the end here, even though I pretty much finished the enemy [music] [applause] and that's gonna bring us to my final first impressions of Samsung Galaxy book flex here and I have been loving every second of using this device it has grown on me.

When I saw it in ads it looked like a pretty chunky device just the way they portrayed it and I thought that s-pen really was small in comparison to the laptop and thought it really wouldn't be that useful, I had just my doubts before diving into this laptop and now that I've been using it essentially for a half day. This is offer I know the price at $1,350 is high, but there's enough going on here, there is enough use case potential. There's enough functionality, there's enough power here, there's enough of a good display here that this can be a worthwhile investment for you. This is a great option but I'll end the video here even though I could continue talk about this amazing device. I really enjoy the Galaxy Book Flex so far.

If you guys would like to see a full review please let me know by leaving a thumbs up on this video and leaving comments and any questions you may have about the galaxy book flex. Also, please consider subscribing to the Shane Simons YouTube channel today. So you do not miss future videos and hit the bell icon for notifications.

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