Unboxing and testing Samsung Galaxy A52 OIS dan NFC - Galaxy User Guide

What you can see now is that there is a difference in the shooting method with me. Modern channels like that are automatically sad,. The system gets shot automatically,. It looks like it’s like this, sales, Oh yeah Don’t get shot the first day. maybe it is like being chosen by the forest, okay,? My grandson, my son, who documented Dad, yes, yes, alone. Maaam, therapy for the Bear - film Onion 50,000 can still be done. There are three IMEIs, the first one will be later in Thailand, and the other will be later,. Hey, I bought this from Mas David. Wes Karepmu About Chapter, I Yes, in our nation. On the side there is a wa The green color is OK. The blue color is holding the bottom. Hi, I have kept it short in these cities. Color comes out, it means March, no.

If he is Samsung, the Xiaomi keyboard is frying. How about hey, hi, oh, clean, the speakers would like to try this. Let's say he changes the color to normal, please Oh! That's black, he's the criteria sir. So there is none Oh, yeah, okay, [Music], Hi, Acer, [Music], Hi Flag, fast charging. How are you getting from a wider range on ultraway-c than Bae Ameh? Later both real 64 use come here later, Renon no Hi Ho wants Hello and Nadia early today will also be single, so he is rich in the latest features from the A71 series. Actually he only adheres to the Tsnah series. Yes, minors are a bit difficult to take. Read it later, sign, and it falls like a video.

The result is like the video Hey, it's sad, it's a lot of things Maybe the video is like running or cycling, yes, It has a stabilizer, it's super Sadi, so he will never break when he wears it, how about running without exercise, but we always use it, it is more stable, OK? Don't pick up that, don't zoom in manually, press [Music], hey, it's so gross,! It is released only for visit Friday night or not Oh yeah, I actually ered to accompany this for the size. Ed believes this later for the chief of police Cup. Susanti's camera wants also to focus on the side garden, The numbers appear on my finger automatically. Rangin after you took a photo when it looked like a miracle.

The music was blurry again or not or with a color point which is, you can, or maybe it is like the light fruit effect. This is a butterfly innova or maybe you want an airplane, it's impossible to be like a man tomorrow, it's thin. He has an exhibition... who perhaps likes photos of tiny things. There Sir likes coffee. He said Here It's like this Hey, red desires are usually considered. First, when they are close, so I say yes, [Music], say yes, blah blah Hey history! , sir, that's it because it's still, there will be later for, like Shari'a 7252 in collaboration with a snap synopsis. It will be like a third-party application. If it can be, for example, an effect feature, camera.

He has to use the ah ah wek wek because of the Internet, yes, because the internet is taken while walking, for example If this is indeed Samsung, there are some applications that have actually the penis under them, disable them or install them, they're cute. apart from just getting to the park halfway, perhaps mujtahid info windows will suffice. Neng, the bike later is the same as the usual 50, here, there's already a screen, recorder, sir. Also at a time like that showing a [ __ ] maybe there is a junior job on the phone, maybe it's without sound! The idea can be like recording, hi, hi, attending the event. It does look as, for example, leadership. If you want or don't want to use sound, you can later work together, for example.

If you want to go out in a presentation, attire, maybe the LCD supports it. The amount is already there, according to the sending out letters from town. If you want to fill an e-toll, it hurts. Yes, it is good to have it, maybe later for his wife. It's just like a game with the application Ma'am. You have to ask for permission, for example, using your PIN or maybe your fingerprint will replace the Hajj Agus Hai worship The single question is quite a lot of apples. Oh yes, no church, oi, oi, Hi, I installed it on the two card. The sensor will be here - SIM 2 or perhaps external memory one. It is just really big, hi hi english, page 50. Maybe the trunk deletes the photo right here. I don't know: Hey I checked where I was,.

It's still like that sometimes We will capture the moment. Maybe you have entered your Gmail, normally [Music] Hi Automatic Yes, If you need to, usually later, click on Google the photo, log in to Google Drive capacity. What happened when I tried to write it here is quite clear. Besides, at this time, I would recommend praying in the Prayer Room. The site parking lot doesn't get a 4G signal. It keeps changing, and only this year the dog has turned yellow, okay. It is really found only after eating aji President. How much does the game cost from AC Samsung 2013 up to 100? Hi ini.net data that the same wifi starts. Hey girls... I like this model bag. Oh that can't be sold. There is a quality blank call.

Hello, of course, The Penguin has father, if I can ask for name, address and phone number, this wall..

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