Unboxing #31 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2021 Turun Harga - - Galaxy User Guide

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all healthy in this video I will unbox a Galaxy Tab p650 from Samsung. The last time I used a Tab was in 2010 the first Samsung Galaxy Tab since then I don't use Tab anymore because I donn't think it is functional. It seems, but will be very useful both for work and entertainment, and I happened to find this tablet on the marketplace,. The price has dropped from 7 million to six million at the time of its launch. Let's go to the unboxing, Mas Porno Now here comes the packaging, I got it. It looks like a souvenir, yes, a very important keychain, but thank you. It's actually silence boxing in the Samsung Official Store. The writing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab p650 is on the right and then the response image at bottom.

On the back is a description of the type and variant, Angora blue color, from 128 GB and 4 GB of RAM. Let s put the unit aside, there is now a charger head in this box. Let's see the cable first, USB Type-C, so yes, the charger head is a standard Samsung model like this. The output is 5 volts, 1.5, amperes Now here is the SIM tray ejector inside. This is the price it includes : spam, yes, [music], Hi, MP3 OK, let's open the unit. On the right side there is a power button, the volume up-down button, the microphone hole and at the bottom there is SIM. Here are some under the speaker and the port type C. On the plain left above there are three and a half ohm audio jacks, and on the back a speaker is mounted. There is a special Samsung camera and below.

It is Jun by [Music], Hey, OK, The details are the size of a regular pen, not like the Galaxy Note's cellphone. This is one of the reasons why I am interested in buying this Tab because it includes an S pen, [Music], the S5E Tab or the A7 Tab. Doesn't support, expand, [Music], hi, okay, great Now, to actually store the contents on the right side. This is strong enough to hold the screen, unlike in TPS 6, where the magnet is OK on the back of the body. Let's check the Antutu score out, yes, here it is, the Antutu score is 186000. [Music] is now quite capable for day-to-day work. You have a choice in what you see or like browsing or typing, open, PowerPoint or PDF, yes. There is one camera, but there is obviously no proper tablet.

Camera, right? Oh yeah eh, Samsung, Tab, S 6 supports Samsung Dex, so it's much more comfortable with Dex with desktop mode of choice for work. So it's similar to a laptop and as long as I use it using Mordex for a few days, there are no problems, well, browsing is smooth. Viewing Office Applications or watching YouTube, teenagers,. This tablet also supports bluetooth, keyboard and mouse. This tablet supports 18 Watts, Fast Charging. It's only that the default charger is not a fast charger type, so you have to use a third party charger. It also supports a wireless mouse with a receiver like a Logitech mouse. Please share if you find it useful until what, in the next video bye, bye, [Music]..

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