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What the heck happened to it: Hey guys, it's max angelica and vadim and welcome to our unbiased blind camera comparison with the brand new s22 ultra against the iphone 13 pro max, and let me remind you guys- this is completely unbiased because max actually took both phones and he took 30 photos and we have not seen any of them except this first one. That is on the laptop, so go ahead and get out a piece of paper and a pen Play with us write down your answers and let us know in the comments It's always a ton of fun and let us start out with this first image, we have our spiky bear, I noticing that the one on the right is kind of washed out in terms of colors and it seems like it might be a little bit too bright at some point.

The s22 ultra definitely looks better in every way, we will see if this is the best smartphone in the world. Here's our second photo outside backlit during sunset. I would say that the right one is better because a lot of the details on the left are discarded. I actually want to go with the left one, because I don't like how the snow on the right looks very blue and like the details, kind of like faded in terms of colors and contrast pretty much, so yeah you guys are disagreeing and Vadim went for the samsung. Now it goes for the iphone and here we have an ultra wide shot. This is almost like a silhouette, one ah, but the look. The dynamic range is not really different. And yes it is cute anyways, three for samsung. Yeah, okay, and we have this shot right here.

I know what it is, because it's so good yep, exactly the right is the s22 ultra the improved 10x wow. I want to point out, however, that when we did this last time, yeah I don't know whether it was a year ago, uh, or a year ago the iphone was terrible. The one on the right, the one on the left, there's just no detail in their faces, it's so washed out. I would also agree that the left one does not have highlight - roll off - on the faces. It's like completely flat, no shadowing no lights. The one on the right is much more accurate.

It looks amazing and the dynamic range is better up here too, all right, we got the shot, a wide shot against the sun for sure, and on the left there is so much more contrast and detail and dimension, and even though there is that huge flare on it, this one also has a flare. There's this big purple spot on it, actually going for right because they are very similar but the right one doesn't have like a huge flare going sideways and I also notice on the left. The trees are all crushed, so I'm with the right s22 so phone, even though they racked up some flaring. It can still happen where SAMSUNG have those rings now, but no flaring, and we have a portrait shot with the sunset right here.

For a couple of reasons, I feel like it is more sharp and is not as flat in terms of contrast, and I like how you can see actually reflect the sunset - colors from her face and her hat, whereas the other one is flat. Finally, a for the team was that your first one yes on the mac stack and he doesn't believe that everything is right. We got the shot of the Tesla. I'm going with the left simply because I feel that the one on the right is just too dark in terms of detail of the car. I don't know, I agree with s22 ultra and look at that. There messing up the car shot and then we have a telephoto portrait with some nice compression that's backlit and I'll have to go with the right again, because you don't really have so much flaring.

You do have a little bit and also the face has more dimension in terms of highlight rolloff and shadows where this is flat like all. I agree with you, I feel like it's pushed too far with the contrast where it does not look realistically. You look almost like that, like the left, but I wish it had a bit more contrast so which one's still going left yeah. There is always a little bit of contrast in, and that is the s22 ultra. So here you guys go to see that that was a crop of the bridge section. The s22 ultra has of course a 108 megapixel mode that I was using uh compared to just 12 megapixels on the iphone with some extra processing and here we have our first video Samsung, as you guys know has 8k video, where the iPhone is still at 4k.

So let's go ahead and take a closer look right off the bat I like really, the contrast sharpness and color reproduction on the right, whereas the left looks kind of I don't know soft and just not as good. I noticed that the left one looks more natural like this it looks like it is slightly out of focus. That's more focused where everything looks sharp yeah I mean the left is so soft and the right is very sure. What you choose angelica easy I am also going for the right right, yeah the colors and the HDR of it looks a lot better and the right is actually the iphone 4k and here is the trick beats 8k um the iphone I actually had to crop digitally what? So if you don't crop, it actually looks better than this compared to the S22.

So this simply proves that pure pixels don't mean you're going to get a better video quality because there is a lot of other stuff processing hdr. The one on the left looks just too dark to frightened for me yep same here. I think all these details are too crushed and were kind of ruins. You guys chose the Samsung samsung samsung, you guys did not notice it, but there's actually no blur here uh yeah, nothing at all. Usually if you are standing that far away, you can't do portrait mode, I have tried it multiple times the iphone, let you and they used to be backwards, actually used to be the iphone could not do it now looks like the opposite, but you guys still chose one.

You guys liked this one better too much blur yeah and we have this extremely difficult portrait shot, yes static, object with the trees. There I mean easier to the left easy to the left because the colors in sunset look more natural, especially like uh stone or concrete. I was surprised how both of these cut out all those tiny little things in all these trees in the background, so that Iphone takes it because of color, and we got an ultra wide right here. It's really good and we re getting a selfie by the sunset here. The face is flat: no highlighter rolled off flat, yeah, easily the right samsung with its 40 megapixel selfie camera kills it yeah.

That's incredible, and then we got this, the neon signs and this window with a bunch of bright lighting right like the right yeah that looks great yeah. The main thing is the boo sign, where it's not just completely blown out so nice. That is the 13 Pro Max, so a selfie sucks at the HDR, but this rear camera does a killer job and then we got a macro here and lower lighting wow both go in the macro mode left yeah. What is in focus, yeah Samsung looks much better in terms of detail and also interesting in colors and then we got a pure Nighttime shot. I could no longer see Elon, so we are all awake in the night. Oh man, just the motion blur on both and he was moving around on both of them. I really feel like I mean look at the jacket.

Here you see some detail, he's just a blob, I don't know, I'm gonna go, I guess I'll go left because, even though it has some noise yeah, there's a lot of like smearing and like yeah, look at his face here. There is more detail around him than him yeah, it is kind of strange right and the left is the iPhone. This one is like four seconds and most of the night time photos. The samsung took way longer to capture them, and then we have an indoor darker lighting portrait where you can use the night mode and portrait mode. Also I am going to go with the left side because I don't like how her hair is completely black on the right side. It is just crushed and she does not have black hair yes iphone takes the win here for another portrait and then we have a food shot.

One of these phones has a food mode, but you can disable the blur effect of the other one. Left for all automatic, yes kills it. A lot more natural – there was probably deep fusion to that lighting. And then we have a super warm nightlight. Another portrait yeah, the left and the right one in her face. There's so dark and there's not much detail but way more crushed yeah, also going with the left, because on the right her eyes, just look so dark and like shadows under her eyes, you can't really see her face and expression, so you guys make some good points there yeah. So we are having some consistent results with these phones here and then in a very difficult situation, we have a nighttime portrait selfie on, man the left, definitely the left, the jackets so much more detail.

This looks so flat and washed out yep. I agree with the left, because there are a lot more details on all the jackets. The codes are still a little bit darker than the shadows but it beats it yeah. One again I agree that it doesn't matter what kind of selfie you are taking or when they look amazing and we have our second video. Samsung made a big deal about its Nighttime Videography Knightography. What the hell did with it - Wow! This is like potato camp, all right, you guys think potato camp at first like the first shot still from the left? One looked really good right now and then, as soon as it started to play it. Play that like talking about it the noise yeah, it destroys it. It made everything brighter like blueish purple, but you can see that better.

It isn't that good to see that this is like a potato... The one on the right details: color, no noise, yeah ten times better... This was actually the feature that I was most looking forward to in the Knightography and making everything brighter at night - and maybe it's an improvement compared to the previous one - but the iPhone just looks so much better and I would probably say that maybe it's because that 108 megapixel sensor that they download and process it's so much work for the pixel, not right. If I look close, I see a lot more detail, especially like in the jeans and like the highlight roll off of his face, whereas the left is very flat, the entire image kum.

We used to always make fun of Samsung for being way over processed and too contrasty, but what happened yeah, now that samsung is more natural and then we got this nighttime ultra wide whoa. I mean, like on the left, everything is bright but you can see everything that is nice. The one on the right is probably more realistic than what it was like, but it's just so dark. I don't mean it makes sense for it to be the samsung because it actually has a 10x optical lens, compared to 3x right guys. I looked into it and the truth is that when it's dark outside the Samsung does not use this 10x lens because this design it loses a lot of light.

It needs super bright lighting to work properly so here, what used 3x the 3x lens so this is why it is so much worse, the iphone's 3x lens versus samsung's 3x lens, and I think that everything just goes off to disaster here for processing and it is not even 10x. It's made a lot better with their algorithm. We have this shot right here, the same thing, look you actually get the green washington. So I tried to use all the lenses, and even if you don't do a digital crop, that just the result is. The flowers stand out and looks more natural. Vadim shows the iPhone angelica, which samsung selected, and then we have this shot.

I kind of feel like I'm going with the right because I'm looking really closely at the details, like the record that has more sharp details and I like how the blue color is brought out more and I'm actually going with the left. I feel like the details are pretty similar and I do like the colors of the right one, but something about the right just feels distorted to me. This seems a lot more natural and then I would just bring up whatever colors or contrasts and we have the s22 Ultra to redeem right and the iphone on the left and that is the last one. Pretty I mean I'm impressed very good, a lot of them angelica and for me was tied- oh, oh, really, 15 and 15 30 total interesting wow.

What were some surprises that we had that closer yes, the iPhone was way better? A lot of the hdr seemed really good, with the samsung yes like highlight rolling out, not flat for all the lenses, the ultra wide, the main one, the selfie very good, not flat for people, but also hdr is excellent. Here you guys go, there is our independent camera comparison and it looks like the Samsung samsung is a killer choice - at least for vadim. Definitely, it certainly has lots of improvements compared to before that they are both great and total, you can't really lose.

Both of them are pretty nice, so there you guys make sure that you guys are subscribed because we're also doing another one with the s22 ultra against the s21 ultra and note 20 ultra we will see how much better is this phone and is it worth upgrading to check out one of those great videos right over there? That's max angelica and vadim and we will see you in the next video [Music]..

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