TWS TERBAIK SAMSUNG?! Galaxy Buds Pro Unboxing + Test

Hey whatsup guys welcome back to my channel Kidul with Govinda in front! There is already a box from This is the result of my pre-order yesterday of Samsung Galaxy S20 series and contents are the latest TWS airbags from Samsung. All of you must have known what yes, namely Galaxy basspro, and today we will be boxing our PSM. We will also compare with some other dead airbrushes that I have from Samsung, as well as its main rival, namely airpods from or... Let's just start the video let's go Okay guys show this is it for the box, all from,. You can check this dad if you want to pre-order yesterday. I also pre-ordered all the cellphones from Samsung Galaxy S10 era. It's already ready from the blibli guys.

Aside from that, maybe from the beginning, Maulidiya collaborated with Samsung on pre-order matters and the galaxylaunchpack. If you participate in pre-orders, all you have to do is act basspro from sibli. You will also get a compatible wireless charger from Samsung. He opened the Wales charger. Oh, I'm just curious. His girlfriend is fast charging yes15, not the 25watt one, but I have OK, Guys, here is a picture of the cellphone, maybe yes. This can also be compatible with cell phones and also in terms of form. This picture is like a picture of a galaxy of drugs that gives a group of the Galaxy. The back has a USB cigarette hook and a pe-c for the port OK.

Let's move on to this, and because of this exciting slow-burner it is for the Galaxy Bags Pro that I ordered momentum black, It is the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra. There is a section where you can check features. There are Twist pictures and there is active noise cancellation. You could say that I know there is IPX1 because of that, but as long as I used to test guys if we smell like swimming in ichtus, we don't get the signal when we're in the water. Hence it is not recommended by Samsung to use it in the water OK, here is it for the shape and now, let's just start unboxing, uh uh OK, We got a box containing pipework of book, papers. There are usually instructions, then someone brings it first.

If there is a cable you can get it el and also got a spare tip pear in the box in the form of this box guys, the cable is still USB to USB c. So it is not there yet and also I don't get the charger adapter. We can use Radi sip, let's see, this is guys wrapped in black plastic, which is a bit loose. It normally does not trace and Aswaja. Let's take this out uh Hey nice day, I'll think about it first so you guys can see it is diamond aventum black, guys, uh okay, in terms of keys, It's actually like this, I have Galaxy Battlefield, 2 Try it out first so that it looks like this is a gift. It looks like ahem, I think it is exactly the same, but let's try, I have this live Galaxy bass case, which I'm looking for in commerce.

This broadcast in the form of Eh King also broke on Black Panther racing PC and it turns out guys Yes Chase better than this Galaxy Bugs Life perfectly fits. The drawback is that it does not sound like Hi Solid,. The full fairing version is really bad and also when active Fb,. Model, I have pretty good expectations for the Galaxy basspro. It has a glossy finish and if we can see more, there is a microphone on the outside which shows that he was able to absorb sound and there was active noise cancellation on the inside, it's a bit bulky. So there's a sensor for replying to the post as well as Mr Magnetic for charging and there's also a microphone in it. You are first of all Same with the SMS from Galaxies 21 Ultra, which is a hands-on video.

It is aired as long as the motor is not on top. If you open it while sitting down, the phone is on, then you find it right. Each irbas has an application that looks different if the usual batch proxy is Backsplash. The class 10 bat was because at that time customers were different, so he would install it into his cell phone Okay . So if we zoom on the maximum, for example if the test is the same as Sibas distance, then Galaxy bats live which looks like peanuts or you could say that he is also famous abroad with the Galaxy Benz and the last is that the Galaxy basspro is delicious. Previously the plastic batch of Galaxy was more triangular, so it was more triangle and here is now there is no wing, but the shape is already curved to follow.

It is now for the application, So more or less the same and there is also an update for the great thing, but we will update at the bottom. Now there is action, counselling of and edinson I will try first to use it while I feel what the difference is. Ok Wa, if you use it both, goes straight to the active noise canceling and tobacco, try to turn it off. ... before a humming sound Now I feel more like my voice, Edinson, Cavani, hi, okay check one two: three one: two three Okay MB insomnia is in my opinion, is okay, Not as natural as the Airport Bro. Honestly, it is okay but it's still in the okay category which isn't really good. It's still pretty good in the natural category, is it not? 80%? What's cool about the battery is that it's called voice.

When you turn it on when I am talking then suddenly it can activate eh nusyriku active noise control and sounds Akhsay season is still like that So. If the bottle is in active position, at least when I say it will be detected immediately and he will activate the Symbian sound feature to pass the alternation. If I can give a comment, maybe this is in the Romance category. I'll try again later if I'll give you about 8 - 8 and a half, maybe I'll compare. At the bottom you can check there's also a techcrunch blog feature, so you can't control it. If you choose this patient hop you guys can activate the menus, gaspol up volume, down + comment and also activate spotify, notification. You can activate a reminder where it will be more responsive in terms of value, Okay And.

You have additional applications as usual and gold, just try updating it since it's only 2,2 MB, while we wait for the update to be installed. Let's first check the full specifications of the Galaxy Beach Island. Is that it has 360, audio, Threesixty, audio or better known as Dolby Atmos, it is only compatible with Wahyi 3.16 for control,. Then there is a new feature, also called multipoint fairing, where the acid is used After checking the specifications he was in the active position. There is also a quick chat function where you can paint for 5 minutes for a full hour of music playback for the nut in the cut bay with two drivers for the format, guys.

He has only SBC and 8, or there is a Samsung Ultra high quality format that can only be used on Samsung smartphones, format and no Ertex Okay, sip. I've done it now for the update installation, because we'll go straight to the first test, I'm going to vs YouTube. Hey friends, there's a bit of a delay, but maybe it's just my influence, because it could pass the alternation or five, only that afternoon notice, there's a little catfish, okay, sip. As usual Because there was a gaming mouth. Okay, for the delay in gaming terms,. If I notice, it doesn't feel like it is tight, god. The use is, in terms of usage, okay for gaming. So this model, life is the same as the previous type,.

Everything works, I've used it enough so I am confused as to why it is still a little bit like it did not, follow the lips, it should be.. You must connect the last one together for ice music before making ice into the microphone web OK southern soft default. You said earlier that you got hit with the base and also with the top from the two drivers. The vocals are also clearly crispy and Tomorrow's Soya entrance of East Kalimantan bulletin may have similar characteristics to Galaxy Backsplash which also uses two drivers. If I'm not mistaken, the price is 2999 million rupeahs So I 'll put the link below later and for comparison the index is more with other products.

Button, also comment below, about which one you want to compare TWS, guys, Apple vospro or there are other Ibass that can be exceeded. If you want to know more there is a celebration, just comment below and subscribe The notification channel is live, don't forget to stay healthy. In the homes Video Cap go hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi..

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