Qwords.Com amazed and worried even Paddle, Pop greetings, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, welcome back, my friend. You can and have arrived on the CB channel where ever you are. Thank God, I have met you guys again. Thank you from me also for those of you who have made criticism, suggestions and nice comments for this tutorial as usual, this time I will try to give a tutorial on how to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A3 1/3 15f, perhaps not just for the a31. Kann this also work for what, just Annyeong rooting or installing TWRP recovery Hi? And maybe this will be hunted by a technician who is going viral. The problem is that IMEI is blocking because IMEI is blocking to ask for root access.

Yes and for Samsung, this must require unplugging the bootloader before we root this Samsung cellphone? Before this it will take not long, Eh., Please take your time to subscribe to my channel. Also activate the notification bells so that you will also receive the latest updates from me, I just connect b- channel when I upload. The latest video tutorial also activates the e notification bell. Follow my Instagram and Facebook - Kehna. Before we get a job for the Samsung Galaxy A3 bootloader shop, the one that I show to the reader, this phone must be open, the log must be open and the USB debugging must be. How do I activate um unlock and also USB debugging on a Samsung A series cellphone, [Music] Hey, like this, it's already on.

It's in Indonesian and if it's spoken in English is about phone, yes. Hi, until you become a developer, yes come back and scroll down. There is only the USB debugging menu,. We only activate the title, eyes merge and activate, but why is it cloudy? The lock has not yet been opened? Again, first connect the cell phone this to the internet, cellular data use or uh. The oem key has appeared now. How come bro, I am unlocked the Oem? Eh, just contact my WhatsApp contact on this video screen later. If, for example he can still unlock om, I'll remote it later, right so the oem unlock is already open.

Like this Now, let's activate the sit, oh, take the menu, now Um, let's unlock it, Hey, come back back to the home screen like this, delete it again, now, Om, Nok and USB debugging is open, Let's turn off the cellphone and then enter Odin mode. The name has a warning notification, but don't touch it. Yes, the Arok bootloader, Samsung, the A3 of this Now we go to moderate the volume up and to connect the core Yes The phone is like this wait a moment: well, Hi. If there is already a color like this, for example, we press the volume up directly first, we don't remove the cable, and here it is loud, you can see here, device unlock mode yes.

We press and hold the volume up and keep pressing Hi until it restarts and here is confirmation Yes for volume up bootloader Samsung Galaxy A3 here yes,. In a moment, we press the top button, Hi. He immediately makes noise Hey, reboot yourself Hey, and wait a minute, Because we pressed the button too long. Again, turn off the DPI again, enter Odin mode If you want to go straight, open, follow the order, don't press the volume up button too long, So let's immediately press volume, up, press and hold for the first one, hi until it resumes. and it works, this phone booth loader is unlocked. So basically do not press the power button too long, because the f*** will fail. Hey sex, because this bootloader unlock process requires a Teak file.

It is loading It is a bit long because the process is in the data. Format, we'll just have to wait: Hi Ho, Hi, Ho, Hi, now I have returned to the homescreen menu or the standby mod like this. Don 't misunderstand what is the name, because it's true that ondok asks for a data format like we are just haiping the cellphone, it's good, so it's like this then the result is like this. Let's check out the device to the Menu. Information Version Number. How many times touch and then back again we come. We check again the developer choice and there is still no slapping, do not forget, debugging, etc. Do not forget if the menu does not appear, for example.

What is the name, active the Internet connection, yes? You can use WiFi or use cellular data hi hi hi hi, the lounge hi hi hi hi h hi hi well, for example. It's still not there like here, please restart the phone only, but I'm sure Um. It is like this later on, yes, the Oem can't be touched because it's already unlocked the bootloader. How do I then relaunch the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy A3 I will continue this one in the next video Okay Maybe that's all friends and friends CV Channel anywhere. There is a tutorial on how to lock the bootloader for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Rich a10a 20-30 a50a 70 for today's opportunity. Don't forget to support me by subscribing. Bells, follow on Instagram and Facebook..

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