Tutorial on How to Split Screen or Open 2 Apks on a Samsung A12. - Galaxy User Guide

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, a hypothesis with the name tanca here, here will make a tutorial, namely How. Can we splitscreen or another name, that is, we can face applications on a cellphone, OK, Hi, Hi, this Samsung cellphone does not exist. Hey, it's good to open applications., three dots above, except press here someone quick panel layout button. If status contact us tell us the order of buttons Here, have the bus Here above it is there. Can be added OK, we press finish. There are also a connection, sound and vibration, notification, display, wallpaper, lock, screen theme, etc. There are adaptive brightness, blue light filter, style and font.

Size, Screen magnifier, Full Screen, Application, Waiting, Time, Layer, Paste., Front Layer, Screensaver Navigation Options - and here they are too looking for something else. There are two, namely language and input and increased visibility. Ok tradition, dada we're back. Reader, enhanced visibility, enhanced hearing and dexterity, advanced settings installed by fisherman about accessibility and contact us OK. Then, let's go to the front or home water. Let us try to open WhatsApp Hey, nah, hi, okay let's go out first, then we go to the tips,. Here is a YouTube WhatsApp image and the settings are okay, [music] Let s try to press the live picture,.

Below, we'll try, Hi infobekasi in the display split screen in the up view, change, app aspect, ratio and lock this application open in the display. Now we can press hi, oh yes and here not all applications can be separated. The engine can be opened in two applications for example: Instagram. It can’t, can use – this application. Don't forget to add a comment from my video : subscribe and wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh [music]..

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