Tutorial #1 - How do I setup a smartphone? - Galaxy User Guide

Yes, we will pack the one on the video was even, and gave me the y 70 made available. I got a comment and it made me think a lot, and I didn't think that it was so bad that maybe we talked about it a bit. That's why it is a bit different today, and the comment was with the statement like that underneath, yes, I, like you all sides, how we are all that this means if you choose ramon ram and the process I will tell you, that's clear to most of you out there who know what it is, but a lot of people don't even see how to increase my range a little. It doesn't matter whether old or young, but for them it's like buying a smartphone and unpacking a smartphone and a smartphone and setting it up is really quite a hurdle because they don't have anything to do with it at all.

They are totally not babble this day, also not smartphone affine, but we also want to participate in it, do not be an idiot and try to expand my range by maybe making english videos, but totally forget the people who also take of us who simply don't gather anything with technology youtube, or I'll tell you that is why the unboxing was also an unpacking of the device at a very low level, so that even someone understands it, because it has nothing to do with Not everyone can be a specialist or be a babbler these days and not everyone can set it up.

That means that it might become a bit boring for you during the day and at night, and this is not the right video for you, but for all who don't know like me a smartphone for the first time, a judge and who don't even know what, with this rehearsal why do I have there, what? That is why everyone else can still learn something - maybe one or the other - but stay tuned and it starts immediately after the intro. Nice [Music], he stayed tuned, you are here, the good piece is. I take the sharp knife in time. Where is she a riddle and unpack goes a thank you to the company from which for the people who do not know, why made this device available free of charge to me. That means again, I don’t have a goal unless I have the device and can play with it and can create a for.

You create a bit of content on youtube and, of course, I do it for them. Hence, it is a kind of advertising that is unpaid. Setup process and stuff like that also make and scope of delivery is different from smartphones to smartphones. In comparison to another smartphone, the Android operating system can be running on it. The setup is relatively similar for many Android devices, but not always the same as the others, because every manufacturer thinks of their own software interface for this android. For this Android operating system, Where the other looks a little different in principle, but it is relatively similar for everyone who has an iphone, i.e. a device of apple.

Now, if you feel like it and ask there first I would also like to make another video for an Apple device where I judge an apple device. If you wanted to see it, please write the comments below again if you have any questions about it. What I'm now doing is just one of several I would like a small re Ihe make of it where I would like to give all the people who are not so open to this technology, but would like to use it and would like to answer any questions. We talked a lot, now I will unpack this device. It's something you can touch and it is a bit sublime. That s level was fairly uninteresting for you so we put it on the side. Such beautiful packaging I don't think it's bad. Here we have the smartphone, I will pack it on the side.

Let's have a look up here in dad joe whitney there woi, where an asian company and asian companies like to do it pack a case with a protective cover which you can use it so wonderfully to protect the device and save yourself a bit of money. There is also one with a stick where you can protect the connection below so that it doesn't get in. No trick that we don't always nice that things cost a patient doesn't understand why the expensive manufacturers don't also put that in. It is not a super cheap device, but it can not be a monstrously expensive device, it costs between 250 and 280 euro,. We then have a few more things then vivo headphones meters have gained.

If you want to hear the evening blessings which audio books and woman and husband or life partner should not be annoyed with iran. No problem then you have your data and charger cable here. The manufacturers are increasingly saying that the power supplies shouldn't be packed anymore, yes, the cheap ones all have it inside the Apple Pact, with their new iphones no longer in there and even the new generation of the flagship samsung galaxy. The expensive models don't have anything to do with it very likely, and here we even have a relatively fast charger that charges with 33 watts is not that important for you now, yes, but that is relatively quick plug in here and then plug in here in smartphone. These are the things that are included roughly.

In the course we give, then later on, now I'm happy that a bit of put aside and we'll look at the rest of the scope of delivery. The case I read just outside looks like nice cats. Besides this, there is a small display, a protective film applied. While other manufacturers enclose the parts almost naked protects such a screen protective film even for the first shot. It's really not bad and I didn't look at the color here, this beautiful bluish, shimmering white that is really not bad. The plastic on the back is not important for you here as we have the camera and then we have the frame which should feel rather high quality, but a plastic frame is also not that important for you right now.

Could you have a louder, quieter, rocker where you can make calls quieter and louder or the music? If you hear music and so on, you can also make it louder and quieter. Ladethalheim here is a loudspeaker and you can put the headphones here. Then we'll go into the second part of setting up it, and that's now for something a bit more interesting for you. I was a little premature and forgot to show what is very important to me.

Essential is in the scope of delivery the so-called Simpson is the card that you have to place and the pin where I am? Is there so that you can create the sense, then I forgot to show it with the device where the sweetener is up here, that you can pixel it on? Hopefully you will find it here before you get it from your provider, whether that is TELECOM or someone else, or whether we have a prepaid card where you don’t have a contract but can top it up. That usually comes in a larger package from the manufacturers and then you can get the bigger because it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years, which you can split.

The size is the smallest, which is sometimes larger and then cut out to size, but most manufacturers these days have these nano SIM cards and you can then break them out of them. We don't have much of the parties, but I just put it up here, down this little hole, dared to go. If the sense then falls out zack danzig. That is written in very small letters. That means people with poor eyesight have a problem here. My brain 102 and here is for the memory expansion that chris in another video then important for you now, but not here. We have the club crest in our sim card. The Sim card is not exactly called that then and never has a corner there where fans put it in and we have easily a card at the top because it's not really cleanly cut in.

Yours is clean and then we will see that the part is pushed back into so that this part is our sim map of this sim card, because it has the hard contract and can then choose one and they can make calls and so on and so on again then we turn on the device and we do that here by holding down this power of button or power on button and off button until it vibrates or something like I said. The setup is very similar to me, you see, powered by Android. It is very similar to the other Android smartphones, so that is not a problem of any kind between participants. So a bit of a role model is there as unimportant now we have the first scream he wants to have my opinion right away.

I'll give it now then I gave it the already connected The suggestion is German Germany because we here in germany want to do it in German, then go straight to the state said : choose your location again. This is exactly the same data protection declaration there. It will be explained how vevo deals with your data. These are all life - ego - things and animals now be careful here. They want to improve the user experience and want from you whether we can now take part in this program, don't just blindly click you can continue without agreeing the next step is your home wifi? If you have a PC, then it is probably connected with the wifi, and this device wants to do that also. Could theoretically continue with your mobile data on the map.

They are limited, so use your wifi at home. If you have a fritzbox or a pack of keys, then that is usually also on the back of them. I want to make that from that, but it's users of you here for the first time, so those who never had a smartphone. He already checks for updates that the device is up to date. He can directly or on blo gs his station. You don't need one, yet you create a new account. A Mustermann would, obviously, say your device, then I'll go on, but gives the objection birthday 15 June 1990 from here it's not my birthday. Also put a male with me this way and now you can think of an e-mail. Gmail I just rhyme max mustermann 1234 there to have done 1, because now it doesn't go on is already rhyme use this.

This synonym there can simply take one down here or he will just play around here and an example for so long. I have the max mustermann 50 002 account and your e-mail address. If we agree, you have to scroll down to confirm that doesn't stick off without confirming that it doesn't work. This is kind of an online store from google. He saves certain things passwords from you in there could say yes or no, but that I just want to use the location. Now no is a gps module your offer then the device knows where you are and searches through wlan or wlan there you can then search and automatic wlan searches and also at home, and then usage data and error reports.

Google sends I'm not for it, I don't do Google drive could do it or not, then they are always made and safe backup, copies of a system and stored on the server could do, whether or not you want it. It doesn't go on like this here and now you can select your search provider. Google is of course used because this is by far the best search engine whose results in the direction continue. That is also new. I knew that it had also been unpacked in other smartphones that I've seen, but I'm relatively new. That is a smart assistant that is supposed to help you, where you can also activate by voice and so on and so forth. So now I could deposit my google peyman credit card that I are not doing right now. Of course, you could do it like that.

We used to have a key lock and entered the pin at the beginning. Wi can lock the display with a code, can lock the display with a fingerprint or face recognition via camera. The safest thing is still a code that you enter, or your fingers the face is not so secure. We now take the fingerprint and also a numeric code, have as double security. I'll hurt your finger here before I have the band-aid on it and then I could still use the one with the code also, sparsely insured. Of course, now take a super insecure 1234 continue. Now, you are told what to do: unlock the finger with the fingerprint. Yes, we start the input that they don't do that badly with your fingerprint, so that and now I have him the field, and he wants that.

You should always position your finger a little differently as you can see. It now makes a wide variety of scans of a finger is not so exciting. The other ladies or sona will make sense, but I'll just keep going and want to go right now. He says I could do facial recognition and in addition I am not now you can do don't always have up-to-date systems. He said between the system update which should have been today for this video. If you have any questions please put them in the comments in a next video. We'll take a look at the operating system. Stay healthy, and I hope in the next video, you will take care of..

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