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I have the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 series in front of me. They will be coming to the Greek market in the coming weeks. From left to right, I have a Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra, 3 different devices with the S22 Ultra, specifically this year, being really completely different from the other two of the S22 and the S22 +. The S22 and S22 + actually follow the design of the S21 series, with triple camera system on the top left and actually connected to the main part of the phone. The S22 Ultra, which gets a design from the Note series. Has the camera system on the back completely different and has a different design. Although the other two have the corners rounded on all sides.

It is more square and reminds the phone, after all, the pen that is located below returns and makes the S22 Ultra the first phone of the S series with S pen on top. The S21 Ultra supported the S pen, but there was no place to place it. You could just buy it separately and use it.. All phones have Armor Aluminum in terms of chassis. That's the Gorilla Glass Victus + all around, that is for the highest possible protection. The S22 has a Dynamic Amoled 2X screen up to 120Hz, 6.1 inches diagonal. The S22, + Dynamic Amoled 2X up to 120Hz 6.6 inches diagonal and supports Brightness up to 1750 nits. The corresponding brightness is supported by the ultra-diamic Amoled S22 up to 2X and here, up to 120 Hz.

We have Dynamic Refresh Rate on the S22 and S22 + at 10Hz and reaches up to 120Hz, while here it can even reach below 1Hz operation frequency to beat the glass battery and the back on all three phones. There are lots of new colors, especially this white which is a little pearly but I really like it very much.. We have upgraded to the S22 + and the S22 Ultra in terms of the charging speed up to 45W. Mounts wireless charging in 15 Watts and wireless reverse charge; We have Type C USB on all three phones which is compatible with USB 3.2 and supports Samsung DeX.

This means you can connect the phones to an external monitor and you can see them there via a Type C cable or Type C-Type C as long as it supports the monitor to turn it into a computer by putting an external keyboard and mouse or you can see the content on a large screen that plays the phones. The 3 phones support vision, provide boost technology, This technology involves screen. Basically through the sensors they use to perceive external lighting, in addition to increasing the brightness based on whether it is under bright sunlight in addition to increasing the brightness to the maximum value respectively. Other parameters related to the screen are regulated.

So that you do not have just high brightness and often not so good contrast on the screen, but the other features are always made to have the best possible view. There is Screen mode, which is vitrified and natural. What I show here applies to all phones. We just see some things in the S22Ultra that its design is completely different, because you see it has the "DNA" of note phones. At the bottom is the S pen which activates the ability to use the S pen to take a note directly on the screen, "Try Me Galaxy" and save it or write directly. I have a lot of choices on the note from things that we have seen before, to use the pen in the air to use the camera. Here was with double click and went back with a single click I go to the next pen and I can change some functions.

I can directly write on the screen, to make this sketch. We said here for the camera to etch, to write something on it, and in fact I put these blue eyebrows and it follows me and I can write videos with this function. This year, through the AI that he uses in the phone and the... The so called lag has been reduced even more that the s, the delay that xists when you write in fact that t responds on the phone, The "S" is not very good and you can copy what you wrote here on the spot and send it by email. He understands that Greek I did not have to do anything and you can convert all the manual notes into regular text and place them in another text or a mail file or word file, where you want.

From here stereo sound is a speaker, and the headset is the second, clear live sound, and you even have the option to go to the main menu and activate the Dolby Atmos sound. Several more features automatically play movie, music voice to do the sound even better. The phones support HDR10 + in terms of content, viewing, ie. They come with the new Samsung Processor Exynos 2200, the first to come with a new graphics subsystem developed by Samsung in collaboration with AMB. They come with One UI 4.0 and Android 12. All phones have multitasking with all devices similar capabilities just here it has more options, because you have the pen and you can use it more easily to transfer, say, put second and third applications and move very quickly.

I have already done a double here, here : more YouTube and browser. There is an excellent collaboration between the device and the new S8 Tabs of Samsung, which I also have here next to me. They can be seen in the video described in the description and the link above as they are announced with the new S22 series simultaneously. A basic sensor, an ultrawide and a telephoto 3x while in the S22 Ultra we have a basic sensor at 108MP and two telephoto, a 3x at 10MP and a 10x at 10MP. Also, all phones, support, 8K to 24 fps video, recording support, 4K, 60 fps and 4K 30 fps video recording with all lenses Lassen Sie mich just say that the selfie camera on the S22 Ultra is at 40MP, while it is 10MP on the S22 and S22 +.

The thing is that Samsung does a much better job of taking great photos through the processor that has a new AI system, especially at night and great selfies. Also here is the basic camera system, where you see ultrawide 0.6x, 1x, 3x, 10x, and you can continue using the zoom up to 100x if you want to continue with it. Possibility for slow motion, ultra slow motion, excellent selfies even in dark.

I had fun, great video quality and in the selfie camera there is a possibility to take videos, to take photos to take the option at night to take night shots, but in reality when you use basic photos and you are at night it realizes that it is night if the automatic mode is activated and it does 1-2 seconds more for tourists during the shutter a little more open and you see really great photos I had fun at night as it is again, the portrait to bring out a blurred background in people, but also in objects How good it is, and I have taken some such pictures because it stands out.

What are the points on which it needs attention to be able to take a picture and blur the background without spoiling it? The focus you want to have and the main function of portrait is the lens in a 3x zoom but you can also choose 1x. Of course, you can edit all of these portraits and then take them out and respectively on the face. With the lens you can take a portrait and there is always the option of bringing the camera a bit wider to you here. Take the photo and make the background and put some effects on it. Here I change the background effect and make the studio because I'm not very well lit and here I will bring the light somewhere to be a little better lit than here. Have all the things I showed to you here on all 3 phones as options.

You do not have a 10x zoom option, but you have the same features - function, photo, video, portrait - 8K, 24 fps and Ultra HD 30, 60, Full HD, 60 fps even HD. You have 3x and the maximum zoom of the video reaches 12x, while the maximum zoom in the photograph reaches 30x, which is actually digital. These are for both these phones, the S22 and the S22 +, and here I have taken several photos. Here is the main lens and then telephoto 3x, even though I zoom here look how good the shots look. Respectively, here is the selfie video, excellent quality, and here is the portrait I took with the camera, look here.

How clearly he grasps the hairs on my head and shows them and distinguishes them from the background as if you really have a DSLR camera and does this job without appearing to be a job by the mobile. Really there are a lot of options when it comes to camera models. The S22 ultra has the most complete camera system because it has also the 10x telephoto system, which is periscope and can be seen. It has the 108MP central sensor, but the options that exist are similar to the software, S22 ultra is completely different from the S22 and the S22 + curved screen here on the side, bigger the pen, with a different design, of course top build. They are all IP68 phones and complete camera systems.

Now, among the other, I think the biggest difference has to do with the size and who is most comfortable, with which size, 6.1 and 6.6 inches respectively. The top phones, both with a major difference, is that here the brightness reaches 1750nits, while also supporting charging 45watts. These two features are not applicable to the simple S22. There are all three of them on Kotsovolos to select what you want..

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