Hello, guys David here and there is already a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus one feature SS2. Another is normal extension, but because I only have two hands and the unit. So the story clings on to the Samsung Galaxy S. Twenty one series, as you must have known for those of you who often follow this channel that I am a loyal user of Samsung Galaxy S2 PS-20 since it was launched. It's been nearly a year since I've been using it and I'm somewhat curious what Samsung gave me. What did Samsung upgrade from this extension to s21, this time they have released three variants simultaneously. There are Samsung Galaxy, S1, S2, Plus and S21 Ultra for the variant. The usual is the same as the plus, Samsung is more aimed at people who are more focused on lifestyle.

It doesn't really matter what the flag is that the cell phone is good. It doesn't matter what specifications you want to use on paper. Think too much, what is important is that the cell phone is good. You can use it for updates, it's already very good and the sw1 ultra looks really good from his body if he really wants to show off from his camera and based on his size. He really takes care of people who are really interested in specs. For those of you who like to read Gitmo specifications, who like to compare Antutu sports through Samsung's ultramist extension like to fulfill that desire,. Let's try to discuss it from the simpler one, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus One and the s21 plus. What I'm holding is the extension plus, in fact. The usual extension is in weight.

The screen size is also of course different,. The extension plus has Gorilla Glass 7 on the front and back, or that is normally called a cycle, yes. If the SWT man has Phantom violet, there is a companion. There is a Phantom White software grade, there are lots of color choices, the ram is 8 gigabytes and there is an internal 256 GB film, At the end, we will discuss the sport as well as the PO promo because it's pretty good the profile is interesting. Now, let us try to see the design part of which I really like.

This is the part that I really wait for, because why should we try to see the Galaxy S10 here compared to the expansion? Previous video If the design of the Galaxy S WiFi is similar to that of the Galaxy A Series, the E series, but on this Iwan Galaxy S5 he looks rather salty from the camera. The arrangement is quite large, like more pro, on the edge of the left corner, which is a module. The camera has been merged with the parts of the sides that feel like a sign board. It gives a more premium impression and it is different from other cellphones that already exist. Unfortunately the new mini Previa can’t be tested directly later.

If there are retail items sold in stores, o It has arrived at my place, we will test the benchmark of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series because it uses the latest chipset from Samsung, which was launched yesterday, and was also announced, namely Exynos. It is equivalent to selective chipsets from other brands and it is also claimed that the CV is 20% faster. Ultimately, I am really curious about performance of the Echinos 2100. If the chipset is not only talking about speed but also about processing, photos, being responsive, playing, games, etc. I'm curious, and I think Samsung is really proud of the new Exynos. The video review test will be fun, let alone continue. The other parts that I'm also curious about but haven't been able to tattoo are the camera, of course.

When Samsung comes out with a new infection, the camera will always be a concern, especially since the shape is new like this. There is a 13 megapixel main camera and a 64 megapixel tele camera but again, each time on a new chipset. We are certainly curious to what he can offer like the process. If the mod is faster and is there a paint feature that can be used by Sri cameras with the Pacific version of the Exynos 2100 earlier, but if we take for example, no need to be curious anymore, I want a super fast upgrade, yes. We need to re-use the Samsung Galaxy S10 immediately when I saw the Samsung Galaxy, S7 and Ultraman for the first time.

It's probably people like me who are really happy I'm happy with the numbers, I'm happy with the technology because the target of this Ultra extension is indeed to insert selfie text or something like that from the shape of the camera. I look like I want to make a lot of noise here, how many are there? He uses a ultra white camera that has a resolution of 12 megapixels, There is then a tele camera, three times optical zoom, which is 10 megapixels, and there is also one more tele camera. The red must be for 10 times, optical zoom. First time I saw it and I was also curious about the quality of each camera.

Samsung said that if it was from the 108-megapixel it would be really good in situations where I was obviously going to be very sharp and the password would be Ning's nanobii system, which converts 9 pixels into 4 pixels. Hey, people are now calmer and I immediately thought of a way of drawing. This is a non-Abin System like combining several pixels into one knife so the lolet conditions become clearer later. This will be my first review because being my Dewi driver, candidate, I thought I would choose it just because of the name, friend. I used the plus one at the start, but after seeing this it turned out that the difference was only 0.1 inches from the screen and the weight was only 20.

So suddenly thought about this cellphone, because the difference is very thin and I miss the camera. Captions Super-Cookerware, that is flashy as that, I would like to get the largest battery also, I also want a screen with breakfast, Samsung says until 1500 WIB,. Here the screen brightness is the highest on a phone, So if the cellphone screen can it look really good, then I want to show you Samsung finally listens to suggestions or what, this user chip.

How can we activate the mode, already bought PSB Okay? Which yesterday we had to choose between 60 hertz or 120hz or the purchased by PSG? It doesn't exist, but here it's already supplied because battery is big, so it's like it's possible to accompany people's work for the whole day, but we have to prove it, let alone y There's a lot that I can enjoy about this cellphone. So it also has some other features that are a little messy and maybe we are not ready to use the yify.yts brush on wi-fi, 6, E The route doesn 't seem to exist or it's still very rare to rotate Dut supports wi-fi 6 E - E is WiFi - which is even higher than wave 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 training already has it and the front camera is also 40 megapixels and camera features are also very many.

You can take more photos in one tag, and then there is a slow pimp,. .. Lock, there is enhance Portrait mode. There is multimax recording, that's a lot later, there will be citrate rehab now, I just want to let you know what is new on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra, and that is all throughout the video I explained everything. For this color there are only two, Phantom Black and the silver one because according to Samsung, they made a really zip exe that our rich people do not seem to need a colorful cell phone, just a plain black one like this and a silver one for example. The price was okay, before the gadang market I forgot, so the Samsung Galaxy S4 Ultrame also supports X-Friend, but appears not to be on the phone. It's not like the Note Series, which we print and then sign sp-.

It doesn't come out, so we have to use a smart cover or a cover with an extra cover like that and the sp is inside. They are sold separately and they sell a package between the cover and the SPM, but the phone in particular doesn't go together. If you are someone who often uses it, maybe it could be one of the good accessories and another one that I skipped on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is that it can take photos in 12-bit, color, In terms of specifications, It's very high, I'm not sure whether there are many screens that support it, but there are features like that.

Let's talk about the price, if the price is wrong, later on in the demo, people who want to buy another Samsung Galaxy the S10 is not sold in the pre-order period, The price is here for the 8 GB RAM variant, I wrote it down for the 128 Gigabyte RAM variant only. Okay, I will continue for the expansion, Ultra RAM 12gb internal 18 the price is 18 999 I do not recommend the internal 128, because it's a shame. I bought this one, but we got internal 18, especially this shade space must be a micro SD card. The minimum is 12 internal 256, which is 16000000 yes, 1939, 20 million La and the highest is 16gi ram, maybe not bigger than your laptop and the internal 512. Costs of gb add 2 million to 21999, which is exciting during the period 14-17.

If we buy the 8 Giga internal RAM 18 for example, we will get a free upgrade to 2563 So. For example, when we buy God Ultra ice cream, which is 256 because it contains 2 million like that, we also get a bonus. Samsung Galaxy basspro. If you buy the Ultra and Samsung due to flash, if you buy the Plus or regular, it costs about two million $3 million and if we buy again, for example, there is a market bonus. Core Plus costs around a million, and there is also cash back from the bank. If we buy it at that particular price to one million, if you calculate it with other upgrading cashback, it's like you can get 7-8 million levels and if we calculate it as simple as that, let's say that buying this Ultra is spacious.

We spend money on the usual Samsung Galaxy S5, but not Ultra, the highest. Furthermore, we are examining it because yes, it is our duty to do it with grades before giving recommendations. So, that is all for now a little story or preview or hand-held or first impression. This is my first impression for the Galaxy S7, One feature. If for example you are sure of the upgrade please use the link below or yes, galaxylaunchpack or something like that. Maybe that's the level of liking, the DVD, dislike just it. If you don't like it and we will again meet in the next video, yow Hi Neng also achieved Hi Hua..

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