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If we hear, for example, that a friend of ours or anyone else tells the story that he has an online shop, an online shop on IG or an ikomer at Tokopedia, I don't think we're surprised anymore, right now selling can be done. What can I do in 2020 especially when rich people are forced to be creative in work or almost the, most frequent source of income from home I hear about people who open food POs, usually cakes, There are also acquaintances, suddenly selling clothes is creative, but the problem is more people who want to do business from home, let alone being a bit forced to work at home. The more people who want to work from home, yes, more and more people are doing the same thing, so the competition gets more and more even items which are being sold are similar.

It is not often that we decide to choose a shop simply because the photos are really good if we want to find out that there are hundreds of people trying to make sales or layer, cakes or shirts. It looks very intentional and the product looks automatically better than the others, even though the goods are probably the same as the driver, that is, art of photography can make things that look ordinary look, much better cool than the original. The item is different from the one that was photographed when our order arrived, especially clothes. It's really easy to make the wrong size or the model doesn't fit all because of a great photographer and dividends according to the title.

I want to give some suggestions so that your sales photo can be even more interesting if it can be double as cool as the original with a minimal budget. The theme of this video is not tips for being a smart buyer, but tips for being a seller who can maximize product presentation with minimal cost if tips are to make it buy. Tokopedia is just a buy it on, specially now there is Super GB which provides a big discount of 90%+ Extra Cashback of 200,000 for all your devices. There's also a guaranteed price of the best deal. If you find a cheaper price than that, your money back, check the link. It's a turn for tips to become an efficient, seller.

According to the low-budget theme, we won't use a professional camera that costs millions of dollars, but use a cellphone and we use a cellphone that has just been refreshed by Samsung, for example, the Galaxy M20 one sa21, since this cellphone was first launched in June, but can be green again. Let s Color this December variant This time there is a silver color variant to add. Yesterday's color, which has also internal memory of black, white and blue, was softer to be relieved. There is already a 128 GB variant, Sis, The aspects of the July version are the same n, the chipset exynos 850. The screen used has a size of six and a half inches with a resolution of SD Plus Phenol pls, battery is 5000mh and most importantly for the topic of this video.

The main lens has a resolution of 48 megapixel ultra-wide lens 8, megapixel, 2, megapixel portrait lens and 2 megapixel macro lens for the price. This cellphone is officially Adi, peg 3.0, 99 million. The price is not very low, but not very high. The quality of the camera is not certainly a very high SLR or HP Flexim, but This DVD will try to be more creative and use tricks so that the photos can be Hopefully better. Suppose you don't need a super expensive camera for the beautiful info. Now let's start clear here: I have prepared some objects for photographed here, there is food here, there is a special drink. Here is play and then I am playing with clothes and I 'll be helped by Iqbal and Kevin to capture the things here.

Perhaps a shovel, so it can be excellent enough to be displayed as a sale, So to support the Galaxy E5 T1S, we've also prepared a really good budget. This studio photography box costs. It is not the final light that we normally have 4 studio keyboards. When it can be millions, it does not match the theme,, If the price for this is 200 thousand then it is more suitable and here we also bought one Wow. With a simple background: If I am not irrational, the price is 100,000, depending on the size. Tar doesn't work but it's definitely for food, and more. So, first off with the food, the recipe label, so for the first one we have the settings finished. If we use this background, it feels very different from the previous, white is just and it's not even.

It gives a little decoration and is more organized with more intention. So hands do not shake, and the lighting section is also new, yes,. We have to what is the reflection of light from the source and if we use it, it is added yet like this, so that the color is according to the rules. So the autofocus keeps locking on to the food and the exposure remains the same Keep it up. So that you can adjust the white balance and the iso comfortably even though it feels really different. What is the most important thing when you take photos of this food? The most important thing is that it looks delicious Basically, it is good to sell bad food. Also make the before edits very sign.

Let me tell you that the software isn't really playing from the camera, even though it is actually good, but if it could be even better with a few slides, why not. What's more is it free, software, an expensive camera. We also use editing, then it's a weird drink. It is really tough and we need to respect photographers who can take good product photographs. In then pay attention to the composition because before we were standing in the bottle we gave the seeds, the glass, wanted to make. Coffee once again gave Esla Dames liquid, lapak, Sis Fatin, Sacks, Bro, listen - It's difficult to find a good composition, Search as much as possible for references on the internet, which has made a lot of similar pictures. Up, wanted to keep the coffee beans coming.

We took a reference from the internet and don't be shy about such references, because what is new, unless you are really creative that people have never seen on this planet, it seems like photography has never been achieved, learn from each other, and again we use it out and again we use light from the sun. As long as something is important it is the composition is good. The lesson is that the lighting from the sun is the best and a lot of it actually uses reflectors. It's really simple, but hopefully it can be useful for your phone [Music]. Now we are the third, maybe most sold item in online clothing stores . This next tip is when I take photos about clothes. I'm not much good at this actually.

Invest photos like this, but you have to have a tripod or if you don't want to make a copy. Oh yeah, you have to have a tripod to attach to the camera. For example, if you want to use your hands, you can, but it seems more complicated, especially if you take a picture of a sport. Hence, if you have a tripod, it will be very helpful and the background shouldn't be too complicated because in my opinion people who want to buy clothes must be short. I wanted to buy this dress but it turned out to be too big, so I just asked Kevin to make it as a model, and then there was another I forgot. I said that sunlight is best for taking pictures, but don't forget that the sunlight is wearing a super thin cloth like this. That is translucent like that.

I use curtains, and if, for example, there are no curtains, you can also use tracing paper or parchment paper, or wear white clothes, but it's too thick. So will the light be difficult to penetrate, wear a forest T-shirt, maybe it is time to penetrate so the sun is shining or there is a hard light source using a lamp,. He has a light like that, that is the term that refers to facials, so that's a tip that you really have to remember. The making of photos of these small toys is very easy. It costs only 55,000 as long as we are supported by the right tools. Plug it into the power source can be a power bank, plug it in the crop. Right, swipe, slide a bit, brightness slider and I plan Samsung bus. You can still take good photos, you don't have to be fanciful.

What is important is that the tips are just that, just to make sure the tools are correct.. This video challenge proves that you do not have to use an expensive camera to use an expensive camera,.

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