Top 5 Best Unlocked Samsung phones under $200-250 in 2021! - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys welcome back to the channel if you are new to the crew. Do me a quick favor by hitting both like and the subscribe button, as well as the bell icon on the way in, but if you're already part of the team, but today we're taking a look at my five favorite budget devices from samsung, so let's jump right in. The first device that we're actually going to talk about is the samsung galaxy a02s. You also get other models that are three gigabytes of ram or 32 or 3 and 64, but this is the four with 64 and this device has been released. You know pretty recently it was released november 2000 and 2020 with the 6.5 inch Display snapdragon 450 5000 milliamp hour battery. We also see facial recognition on this guy without fingerprint sensors.

As you know, additional cameras that we'll get into in a little bit more detail is released in android 10. This device however did release um Android 11 to it, which is pretty crazy. So the only thing that it's missing is like the screen recorder on here does not. It is a 6.5 tft lcd display, ips 20 by 9 aspect ratio and what you'll notice is that it is pretty quick when it comes to the snapdragon 450, we'll get into that in just a second, but it does have a 720 by 1600 display, and it looks really nice when you want to use the app. We also get this diamond pattern on it, which looks really good and you can notice that there are no fingerprints and we also get a standard, 10 Watt fast charging brick included with your headphones in the bundle.

Right here we also have a power button : the volume rocker right above it on the right hand side. On the other side, we do have your sim removal tool, you are not going to give you an expansion for the sd card for apps, but you can move pictures and you can move photos on this thing and, like I said, the facial recognition is on here and it works pretty quickly when you're trying to open the device and everything like that now this device does not have the game launcher. You get smooth and up to high but you only get medium and balance, but i like to play smooth and high onwards and then with the snapdragon 450 that it's going to be pretty decent as well, so this guy will have the Adreno 506.

So, like I said, you have that mono speaker not dual speaker, but it does get pretty loud when it comes to gaming, and I definitely think it does get pretty loud and also you do get pretty good frame rates on this thing for gaming. I think I said, but you it do have pretty good charger speeds at that 15. You know how many Watts fast charging, speed and decent gaming you have here when it comes to that four gigabytes. The next device we are going to talk about is the Samsung Galaxy A30. We also have that 51 chargers were in the deal and they also provide a dual camera setup on here. We also buy this two megapixel, but they also include your a02s f/n macro camera on this guy. It was updated to Android 11 and I think that is definitely pretty cool as well.

As far as build quality we have that power button and volume rocker set up right here with the sd card and you can actually move apps to the sd card on this guy. It's a mid-range phone, so it gives you that capability. It does have type c for charging headphone jack at the bottom, as well as a mono speaker on this guy headphone jack. At the head, um microphone at the top fingerprint sensor as well as facial recognition on this thing, so I definitely think that's pretty cool now when it comes to the display. It's a super ambulance 6.4 19 by 5 9 inch on this thing and like I said, you will be able to mess around with the game launcher.

So you have all your games there as well, and you can just see that it has a pretty decent speed on here : 403 for the ppi 1080 by 2340, full hd, plus water drop notch Gorilla glass. You also want to put a case on here, but I just really enjoy this design. It is very thin, very elegant and very nice to have. It has also a really good processing speed. Compared to the a02s you must definitely have this secondary five megapixel per side, opposed to the two megapixel on the a02s, yeah, keeping in mind with this guy we are on the settings and then go into there. On here we see Hd and high frame rates.

So let's jump right into a game, because we get the arm molly, g71 and p2 on this thing, along with four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage, and also getting the extra notes, uh um, other processing chip with the 7904, like I said before, and uh that it's going to be a 14 meter, clocking at 1.8 gigahertz as well. This is pretty cool because you can game on high frame rate on this thing, unlike the a02s. You can still get a high frame rate as well as that one, but this one gives the high graphics frame rate as opposed to the low graphics frame rate. So I definitely think that's pretty cool, but the gameplay here is going to be really smooth. I guess that this has that adaptive screen on or something like that, but um.

On that you can turn that off and uh is nothing but amazing here as far as the game play goes. Right now it's absolutely cleaner than butter when it comes to gameplay on here, but I still really like using this samsung galaxy a0 830, it's still quite solid mid-range phone that you can pick up in 2020, right? 21 right now. The next device we're going to be talking about is the samsung galaxy a12, and this device also comes with the standard Fast Charger and it does have this quad camera setup as well. What is really cool is that samsung has designed this phone with the two-tone finish on the top, giving you more of a texture, feel and then on the bottom. You get a matte feel so it's definitely pretty cool that you get both and to play around with.

You do also get the 6.5 hd plus display, and it's going to have fingerprints and it's going to have facial recognition. So it's going to have Android 11 as well as the Helio P35 running the show on this guy. You know that we also have features like the edge panel, because of the Ui 3.1, and I know that some are decent. You know scrolling speeds, adobe atmos is also used when it comes to the headphones and Bluetooth. On this thing we do also get a telephoto camera, which is pretty cool as well as another one for this I believe, like macro or portraits. They also have a really close camera setup on this thing. You can also get 6.5 mm lcd display also and it is 1959 720 by 1560 264 for the ppi on this thing and Um.

Then you get a headphone jack type c mono speaker and you receive your microphone at the top and the drop notch on top of this guy. Now unlike the a30 this one will not have a game launcher. So just keep that in mind as well, but on here only we have a fingerprint proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer, but we do get the powered vr, ge, 8320 and four gigabytes of ram, coupled with the uh 64 on this guy as well, and when it comes to graphics on this thing as it comes to balance, but it doesn't go up to hd. It won't go to high speed so I'll probably run it on the smooth and medium setting.

We are getting Mediatek Helio P35 Mt6765 as well, with 14 nanometer clock speeds, but the thing about this chip is that it has a clock speed of 2.3 gigahertz, which is actually really good compared to the 1.8 we were getting on the Samsung Galaxy a30. If you want to play one here with the four gigabytes of ram coupled with the 64, then it is going to be a pretty smooth experience. You have the helio p35 running the show but it actually goes up to par. I did notice that and um, it was pretty smooth when overall I was just gaming here through the environment you know, so I could definitely say that it was pretty decent okay, so the next device we are going to be talking about is the samsung galaxy a32.

This device does also have an android 11 facial ID in the display fingerprint sensor on this one, which is a little bit slower than the higher one. You know samsung devices, but this is like a mid-range samsung device, so it has some decent speeds. It has a 90 hertz refresh rate which is actually pretty cool. It has a really smooth flow to it because of the high free rate you're getting here and you can set it to 60. If you want to save battery we also get a 6.4 full, hd plus g80, for processing chip on full hd here.

So you know they do give you a lot of cool features on here and you can get macro on this guy slow motion for video and as far as the cameras they do go up to full HD, 30 and um, full HD 30, so you're not getting 60 frames per second, like most mid-range phones would give you. But you know that it does have some pretty decent features like stabilization mode when you are in the video, which is definitely pretty cool, and you also have a nice variety of other features on here. On this guy we get a 5000 milliamp hour battery and it's going to have that amulet panel on this thing and let us just take a look at the build quality, right? we are getting like a nice boxy look to this device.

It does have that all white color that it has a cool, white design and it does have that you know you know the amoled display for 411 pixels per inch for ppi. So I think that it's really cool that this device will allow you that we also have facial recognition. Now you might want to get the six or eight gigabyte ram model because you know mine is for some reason. But this device will give game launcher. You can launch all your games and optimize the performance you get on this device and with the new g80 processing chip helio g80, the 12 nanometers with two gigahertz clocking, it's pretty decent. Mali g52, te m6c2um here and then the four gigabytes of ram.

Speed, 20 Megapixel for selfies here, and this thing will, as I said, give you fast 15 Watts 'in display fingerprint. Like I said before, on this and um, you know pretty fast speeds when it comes to the charging decent overall performance, but the battery is pretty decent. Like I said, the battery is really good on this device right now; 5, 000 milliamp hour batteries are pretty good. Um, Rom is pretty good so I just want to chuck that out there. So when it comes to graphics on this guy, you can get pretty decent gameplay on here.

It actually goes up to ultra and balance but it will go high and hd just like the 830, but this one is going to give you that ultra frame rate, so they gave you that notch up with the hit mediatek helio g80 when it comes to gameplay, as you can see right here, so they also doubled the storage on this guy compared to that one and also gave you that 64-megapixel in the 20-megapixel selfie camera. You can see how smooth the frame rate is on this thing. On this thing you are also going to have that ultra-low frame rate. That means that when it comes to gaming, it should have pretty decent speeds. If you're moving around and just trying to play and shoot-kill, and you know that kill enemies and things of that nature, it's going to be pretty good.

It's definitely going to be pretty good uh, it's going to be nice and smooth. So I could definitely feel that- and I definitely noticed the difference on this now. Note 8 right- and this is an older flagship phone, but it is going to be in the budget price point right now and what I like about it is. I also think that this device has this waterproofing dust resistance, ip ip68 water resistance and ir ir black um iris scanner. So when it unlocked my face with my eyes- and you also have that fingerprint sensor on the back- we also have the Exynos 88 95 version or snapdragon version as well. So, depending on which one you choose, there's two different versions on this thing. I actually have the snapdragon 835 version and they can't think about the screen on here.

It has the curved edges, 14 by 40 2960 18x9 super amoled 6.3 inch, with the chronograph glass 5 always on display, as well as the snapdragon 835 10 nanometer, processing chip with stat and um. You get adreno 450, six gigabytes of ram, 64, gigabytes of internal storage all - everything and then the kitchen sink has been put on this device too. This thing does now have a heart rate sensor on it. You know I say, like I said before, I like an average sensor and a led light on here as well, and when it comes to the graphics on this guy, you know. Don't forget about the s pen and it lets you game right in Ultra as well as HDR. It’s going to be pretty crazy because it has that flagship specs.

It's going to have older software, but it's going to definitely run out, perform a lot of devices and you can see we have that really smooth ultra frame rate on this thing whenever any corner I turn is ultra smooth right. Just like I have said before, I actually have really good gameplay on this guy. Even that older note, 8 is a really good deal in 2021 but I'm going to get right back with you, I'm going to show up in the comment section I'll check the guys later: peace, [Music] [Music], you..

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