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Do you want to have over 50 hours of battery life on your Galaxy Watch 4 without having to sacrifice your favorite features like the always on display, I'm going to give you guys 20 battery saving tips and if you stick through to the end, I will show you guys how I get over four and a half days of battery life with minimal charging. That doesn't interrupt my everyday routine. Special thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring. They currently have a deal with up to 48 hours off the Galaxy Watch 4, and you can get it with in-store pickup or quick delivery. Click the link in the description or comment the pin below.

Your watch face is something darker, because it is an old screen and the light of the images on the screen the more battery it's going to use to change the watch face, just long press the screen and choose something darker. You can tap the custom text under the watch. First swipe face and look for an option called Background, Color and scroll down until you find something darker. Next, you want to adjust some display settings. The display brightness is set just above 50%. It will make a difference for battery life. If you want, you can even reduce the brightness even further to save even more battery life. Since I am filming a video right now, I am going to turn the brightness back to 100%. Whenever I'm not filming videos, I set the brightness to just below 50 %.

The next thing you could do is to turn off the auto-vigilance mode. This off will stop some background processing and increase your battery voltage. Just know that when you disable the auto-brightness and set your brightness to something really low like maybe 30%, you go outside on a really bright day. It might be difficult to see the screen, so you want to add the brightness shortcut to your quick toggles. So get your quick toggles. swipe up from the top of the screen. But if you didn't see it there or on any of these other pages, you could tap the Plus icon at the end. You then can long press it and drag it to whichever page you like. This is still more than enough time to see all the notifications without using the screen too long and wasting battery life.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app that was installed when you connected your Galaxy Watch four for the first time and then go to watch settings, then notifications and make sure you turn on notifications for anything. If you don't want to receive a notification for every email that comes in, you can turn these off entirely. And by reducing the amount of unnecessary notifications, you will be able to increase your battery life. If you scroll a bit further down the page, you will see an advanced notification. This does is turn on your watch screen automatically. When a notification comes in, you should really be able to look at the watch, regardless of whether you have actually turned your wrist. This off will make sure that your screen is only turned on with notifications.

If you turn your wrist to look at the watch when the notification comes in. Since, the Watch four supports advanced sleep tracking,. If you do that you'll want to make sure you turn on the mode of good night. This is going to disable touch to wake, turn bezel to wake and turn your wrist to wake features and that's going to prevent you from interacting with your watch. The only way to turn the screen on when the night mode is active is to press one of the two side key keys. Speaking of sleep tracking. If you want more battery life while you sleep The Samsung Health Application Store is open, go down and tap settings.

Just a little bit down, and you'll see options on blood oxygen during sleep and sleep detection If you are worried about the amount of oxygen you're consuming while you sleep, go to the. The feature might be a good to keep on. If that is something that is not concerned you or you track your blood oxygen while sleeping and see that there were no problems, you could just turn it off to save some more battery life. The same is true for snore detection. If you're a snorer, or have used this feature and found that snoring really isn't an issue for you. The snore detection features on your phone and you can simply disable it from there. If we scroll a little back up.

The heart rate and stress measurements will be displayed presently, but you can save a bit of battery life if you change to measuring every ten minutes or switch to manual. It will only measure your heart rate when you start a heart rate measurement manually or when you are doing a workout. If you want to save some battery life. Scrolling further down there's an option to detect activities called activities. What this does is automatically detect if you are doing a workout and automatically start the workout tracking. Someone who always starts your workouts manually and you don't think you'll ever use this feature. You can turn it off to save a bit more battery life. Scrolling a little further down reveals another option called inactive time.

What this does is to alert you when you have been inactive for a set period of time. It is set to get alerted after 50 minutes inactivity. The purpose of these warnings is to remind you to get up and start moving. In the background and having a part of your battery utilised. This is a feature that you don't care about. Now we're going to change some sound vibration settings, going into the settings application and turning to sounds and vibrations instead of using vibrations for your alerts. There are some other settings you can change to save battery. And if the vibration is just not noticeable for you and you have it light and short, try changing just one of these settings at a time instead of turning them, using more battery life.

Backing to the main sound of vibration, setting and scrolling down towards the bottom. These are all vibrations you get when interacting with the watch. When you tap a toggle, you'll feel a bit of vibration. When you do these actions, you feel a little vibration. This off is a great way to save battery life without hindering the performance of the watch. If you want to see some powerful Bixby features. But if you still don't use Bixby after that, you can turn off the voice. Wake up feature to save some more juice. Just open up the Bixby application and scroll until the bottom. The default keyboard option on the Galaxy Watch four is pretty slow to type on because it's this T9 style and it takes quite a long time to send any messages.

And the more time it takes to send the message, the more battery life you are using. If you want to send messages much faster and save battery life while at it, then you'll want to download an application called Gboard. Also go to your applications and open the Google Play Store. Tap search icon, tap keyboard and search for Gboard. Go to general settings, input, keyboard, list and default settings. Default keyboard and change that to Gboard. If I go back into a message I'll get a full Curti keyboard with swipe support, which is significantly faster for sending messages. This can be used to download music or connect to your phone when you are outside the Bluetooth range. Whenever you are not streaming music or not going to be from your phone outside of the Bluetooth range.

You can always use this feature off to save some battery life, and the same is true for the GPS. If you are always using GPS on your phone, turn it off on your watch to save even more battery life. If you're someone who doesn't use mobile payments like Samsung, Pay or Google Pay, you can turn off NFC by default. Whenever you start navigating somewhere using Google Maps on your phone. It automatically brings up the navigation on your watch. If your going to be walking or biking somewhere, but not quite as useful if you are going to be driving somewhere. To disable this feature specifically for driving, go to Google Maps application. Tap Auto Launch & Disable for driving In the video I was able to get about 50 hours of battery life up until this point.

For my 46 mm Galaxy Watch, four classics are. That was with two nights of sleep: tracking, minimal exercise or else. Tracking would have been an extra 1% battery for every ten minutes of a basic workout or about two and half percent per ten minutes lost. The exercise ran outdoors using the built-in GPS on the watch, while also leaving my phone at home and adding a Bluetooth earbuds to the watch. That is the worst case scenario for battery use. If I also did other things like using the watch for navigation or sending a ton of messages with the watch, then my battery life would have obviously reduced a bit more. I got a total of four and a half days of battery life, I simply put the watch on the charger.

Whenever I was getting dressed for the day or getting ready for bed, the time takes me to shower, get changed, brush off. My teeth were more than enough time each day to keep the watch for that four and a half days running. For more specific, it is about 30 minutes of charging a day and it doesn't interrupt my daily routine any more. This is battery life without any turning off ever the display always on. If I would turn off the always on display, I would increase my battery life to about 62 hours without ever putting the watch on a charger. 30 minutes of charging each day with the always on display, turned off, Then I'd get about ten days of battery life. Let's take a look at some bonus things you could do to extend the battery life even further.

These are pretty cool features that I personally like to keep. If these features are, that you don't really use that often then turn them off. The answer call gesture allows you to answer a call by simply raising and lowering your wrist a couple of times to dismiss alerts and calls. You just have to rotate your wrist a couple of times and if you want to quick launch an application, you would just have to quickly reverse your wrist within five seconds of the screen. Turning the circles to demonstrate this. Now let me go ahead and turn off my screen: Turn your wrist in two times and you'll see that it takes me to my workouts right away. These are pretty cool gestures and I personally like to keep them on.

If it is something that you do not think will serve you, then turn these off to save a little bit of battery. You want your watch to charge it faster, You could turn off the charging information that shows up on the screen. To do that, watch charging, turn on your screen. Scroll down to display, then throw all the way to the bottom and turn off. This toggle shows charging info When I turn off the screen, it will not show any information while it's charging and will be able to charge a little bit faster. Status : I can just turn the screen. On, pull down the quick turn on the, and I can see the charge percentage right at the top. If you're in a bind and really need to save some power quickly, click here. Power saving mode always works on.

If you really need to save some battery you can go to your settings, scroll down to battery then scroll down to the bottom. Until you see only an option called Watch if I enable this. I will not get notifications and be able to do any of these things. Is press one of the buttons to see the time you got to this mode. You want to go for power mode, save mode,. You can enable grayscale by triple tapping with two fingers. This will help you save a bit of battery life without sacrificing the core features. To enable this feature, go to Settings Accessibility, scroll down to Advanced Settings, then scroll down to two finger or triple tap, then enable Grayscale. Once the active mode is enabled I'll be able to enter the color mode with two fingers on any screen.

You can also invest in an additional charge or two and keep one next to your bed. If you have a desk, job or account, we usually plug your phone in to charge or maybe even keep it in your car. When you get your Galaxy Watch, you can click this link here right away. Right over the Galaxy watch four, you can click on that link. If you already have a Galaxy Watch and you want to see the top 20 unknown features, you can click this button laid down. If you want to see deeper, Dove coverage for all the latest tech products, then click the subscribe link right now, that is it for this ten years, old. God bless! the next guys are catching it..

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