Hey friend, this is Brandon from this is Tech today and maybe you just got your hands on a Samsung galaxy s, 10 and that's 10, plus or an S. 10 II and you've been reading a few videos to find some tips and tricks for it, but maybe you haven't learnt anything new yet. Hopefully this video is for you here are my top 15 tips, tricks and hidden and Vance features for Samsung Galaxy s, 10 s, 10 plus and s 10 e. This is particularly good if you are an iPhone - user or are a novice Android user. Check out the 15th tip I've seen since then! Let me help you out, because this is tech today [Music]. This video is sponsored by Senya and their waves are fast, wireless, 7.5 watts, Qi charger click.

The link in the description for more information - OK, so tip number one- may be a little bit intimidating if you're not like a hardcore Android user - but trust me you're not going to break anything. I get a new Android device so you want to go into your settings, hit the little gear icon, go to the bottom, to about phone and then click Software Information and then you'll see Build Number go ahead and tap it a few times until it says you are a developer and I'll ask for your PIN. So now you've activated the developer mode, go ahead and hit back, and then at the very bottom you'll see this developer - options, so you will scroll down to the section called drawing, and you'll see something referring to the animation - scale.

It makes your phone feel really fast and if you are concerned about the battery life, it does not affect it. That's it tip number three: Swipe down the two fingers, go to the Gear icon and then we go to display. There's also the screen zoom so that you can also make everything larger in general and then there is a screen resolution which is really interesting because Samsung defaults the resolution down to a lower resolution than its full capacity. So we'll use the max one and as far as I know that doesn't really impact battery life, a ton if you have a phone that has the top-of-the-line display panel. If you click on it, everything becomes darker and there is a benefit for this in terms of battery life.

If you have black pixels on it turns them off, which means that battery life will go down. This is important to turn off, but if you rotate it there is this tiny icon that pops up in the bottom right corner. This feature comes out with the latest version of Android now that we are here: click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner and we'll go to the app overview screen. When you click this little icon at the top of the window, you have a couple of options that show up. And now let's choose the Play Store and then see how it has a split screen here and you can adjust it simply by hitting this little bar and dragging it, and if you wanted to type something your keyboard still appears.

This is super helpful, especially if you want to type an email and you need to look at your notes and get out of the split screen view. You just drag down all the way to the bottom and that is it, so this next one is pretty much like the facebook messenger Pop Up Bubble thing for chat. So when you hit that menu button again at the bottom and then the icon for the app then you see this open, pop-up view and it pops up this little window that you can drag around and what's interesting is when you hit this second icon, it will minimize it into this little icon that you can drag around like the chat heads on Facebook, Messenger and then you just tap and it opens up. You want and you can even adjust how translucent the screen is and then the third is to maximize it to its normal view.

Let's click again on this menu button and hit the little icon. There is an option to pin the app You hold simultaneously both the left and right icons, it is unpinned and then you can get out now. This next one is super simple. This tenth tip will now help us adjust this navigation bar that we've been using. If you're in your settings then go to the display and then go all the way down to the navigation bar, so if you're used to something like a pixel device, this is really helpful and then, for the eleventh tip you can use gestures but do not use them. So depending on how oriented you have the buttons, you can either have the app overview swiping up. Let's go back to the settings and if you go down to the advanced features you'll see an option that says motion and gestures.

Click on that and there is this option called one hand mode. There are two different ways to activate this: you can either set up it so that you hit the home button three times or swiping the edge up. Let's check out the gesture, real, quick, so I swiped down from the edge and it made it into this smaller window that is easier to navigate with one hand and you can have it alternate sides and exit it. Again, there you go and again you can exit just by tapping outside the window and there are a bunch of other cool things that you can do in the motions and gestures, so go ahead and poke around in there. Let's go back and we'll click on the dual messenger. Let's go back and go to the top and there's one called big speed routines.

This is when your phone begins to feel super advanced and helps you with things. Without having to actively ask it to do it, certain things are ready based on the time of day. This makes it super cool and you can add your own personal ones, on the "my routine" screen. If you choose a home option you can have it connect automatically to a certain Wi-Fi network. You can have your phone either on vibrate or with ringer on a bunch of different things. That also naturally happen according to your tastes and then let us go back one more time and then at the bottom of this screen there's a feature that I don't see that often, and it's called send SOS messages.

Click on that and now this is set so that if you hit the power button three times in a row, you can send a message to certain people. What someone looks like in the five seconds that it is recording, and then it immediately sends it out to your emergency contact. So those are my favorite tips, tricks and hidden features, and I am sure there are plenty of other. But if you have some favorite ones go ahead and leave some comments below and help everyone else out and don't forget to join that this is texted community discord, chat, we'd love to have you there there's a link in the description, and please share this with other people.

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