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This will be the complete list of the best hidden features as well as my favorite tips and tricks that will allow you to use your Samsung Galaxy to its maximum potential. Let's get started with the video of today and the best hidden features for the samsung galaxy, as you probably already know. Whenever you need to access the latest used applications you just swipe up from the bottom of the display screen if you use the gesture navigation uh system, and then you can access the different recently used applications, one by one, or if you use the standard button based uh navigation system, you would click that button to the screen.

This screen here with your recently used applications, but I would like to show you how we set up a gesture so that you can access all the recently used applications from your display screen and see them all in one menu. So we can click and open any of these recent used applications from a menu like this and we can also close all of these apps running in the background. What these handles are is that I just have my left handle activated right now and if you notice this blue bar right here on the left side of my phone screen, then that is an active menu bar where I can use these different gestures by sliding from where that bar is on my display screen.

Now I want to show you how we can set this task, switch gesture, that is, that works like now so if we go to the left handle and turn it on we'll click on where it says left handle, and I like the diagonal down gesture, but you can also do this for straight-right, which again slide into the right from this blue bar or diagonal upwards. So once you choose the gesture that you want to use, go ahead and click on that and you'll see you have so many different options. There are many different gestures you can set up such as having your volume drop in the app store, playing or pause your music, so look through them thoroughly and check them out, because there may be some that fit your preferences that you want to use instead of this task switch task switcher.

So if you scroll down to the bottom, then just click on task switcher and it activates immediately, and now that's all you need to do to this, just make sure you have the toggle left and then you have turned this on also now you can go ahead. You can open them right from this menu and you can close all of them if you do not want them running in your background. Next I'm going to show you how you can use your phone to transcribe speech into text in real time so to access this feature, we'll go back into our settings, application to accessibility and then into hearing enhancements once on this menu you'll find this live transcribe setting and we can go ahead and open this up like that right away.

In a conversation your name is spoken and you can also activate this feature, which will make your phone vibrate during any moment, after a 10 second or longer pause this incredible feature. I also want to show you how to set up a shortcut to access. It's now going to enable you to access live transcription simply by taking two fingers and swiping up from the bottom of your phone screen. Be it to amplify ambient sounds add a color filter. If you want to ensure that you don't miss out on your next notification, you can set up your device so that your phone will flash once you receive a notification, either your phone screen or your camera.

If you're scared of missing notifications, you can turn off either the camera flash or both by going into the Advanced Settings tab on your Settings application to access the next two incredible features : I'll be showing you that we need to go back to our Settings application and then back to those advanced features. I showed you earlier so scroll to advanced features open that up in the first setting or feature that I want to show you is this link to windows? It allows you to connect your phone, your Samsung Galaxy S, 21 right to your computer. This allows you to easily and efficiently transfer any media directly to your PC without having to send loads of content to yourself. This is the fastest and most effective way to transfer a media that you may want to get onto your computer.

Go to this website, www, dot, aka dot ms slash link phone and then a qr code is going to appear simply take the camera and line up the qr code right here in this box and immediately your phone will automatically pair to your pc, allowing you to easily and effectively and quickly transfer over any media to your pc computer. Now I will show you the next uh setting on advanced features. This page is samsung dex, so you first need to go on and toggle this to on, and what samsung dex is is: a powerful desktop experience from your phone : connecting your phone to a television or monitor, or straight to a pc. But this will ultimately give you an incredible desktop experience right from your phone on a tv monitor or pc computer.

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On our list, I'll be showing you two advanced features that I suggest you activate on your phone as they come. So if we open our settings application and then scroll down to where you find advanced features and open it on this menu, you're going to find motions and gestures inside, I suggest you turn on this lift setting. This comes off by default, so you have to go into here manually and turn it on and what it does is when your phone is in Sleep Mode and shuts down, whenever you lift up your phone, your device automatically turns on you. Your phone screen will turn on and activate, whereas if you have that setting closed you'll see that when I lift the phone off of the surface again it stays closed and the only way to wake up.

Your phone will always wake up right when lifting it off of a surface so I suggest you go ahead and turn that on next we have a screen on while viewing. So you're going to have to go in to turn it on manually, and what this does is that your phone camera will read your face and detect your face, while you're reading something to prevent your phone screen from falling asleep. So I'm sure we've all been there when we're reading a long article and you aren't actively touching the screen and your phone keeps going into sleep mode so you are forced to keep touching the screen even though you don't need to, and it can get really annoying.

Also, if you turn on this, keep the screen on while you are in viewing mode, your phone will access your camera to detect when you're actively using your phone, although you're not actively touching the screen so it's a great thing to turn on and then. Finally, I want just to point out this palm swipe to capture setting so that this one is enabled by default so that it should be on your phone already turned on, but a lot of people don't know about it. The thing is, you need to use your hand like the edge of your hand on your palm, and if you swipe as this across your screen, it actually catches a screenshot. It is called Palm Swipe to capture so make sure you have the next incredible feature in the motions and gestures settings menu.

The feature that I will be showing to you is called private share and it will allow you to share photos and other content in a safe and private way with your friends where you do not need to worry about them. Re-sharing this content to unsolicited people is so you're going to need to go into your settings application and then open the biometrics and security tab once you're in this menu to access this private share feature. You can scroll down to where you find the private share and then open it up for the first time, when you open it up it will give you the option to add this private share to your app screen. You have quick and easy access to this private sharing feature.

Is it allows you to share files privately preventing recipients from sharing and to and allows you to set expiration dates on that content, so that when x number of days is deleted that content from their phones? So you're going to keep your data safe with a great blockchain technology. If you like to read the Privacy notice, then you can click it and then just go ahead and click agree, and now we are taken inside this private share feature once you're inside, and that will allow this private share feature to access your photos and media and then all you do is go in and select.

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As you can see there are just so many options and you are losing money if you're not using rakuten, it's completely free to sign up and you'll receive an additional 20 cash bonus. This next incredible feature is now must first be made sure you have your fingerprint set up on your new Samsung galaxy s21, so to do that we'll go to our settings application and then go to where it says: biometrics and security and then fingerprints. So samsung pass is an incredible feature that we can access from our keyboard and to get to it. Next to the setting icon above our keyboard and when you hit those dots it will open this drop down menu.

This drop down menu is also great to point out because it's where you can find things like search, translate and youtube as well as a lot of other great features, but let's take a look at Samsung pass now. So when you click that, it is going to ask you to verify your identity by using that fingerprint we have just set up, once you do that you're now inside the Samsung Pass feature and what it does. Including your addresses, different login information, any notes that you wish to store. These three dots click samsung pass and then it is simply going to ask you to verify your identity via your fingerprint and then you can start to store any private data that you would like right inside that incredible feature called samsung pass.

I want to conclude this video by showing one of my favorite hidden features that allows you to easily control your phone with just a hand, by decreasing the size of your screen to set this up, we go into our settings application and then open up advanced features. This is where you're going to find this one-handed mode and once you turn it on you're going to be able to access this one-handed mode at any point, just by using this one finger gesture: take a finger down on your screen and it's going to reduce the size of the display screen. This is an incredible feature for any time you are out and you simply want to use your phone with a hand, given the size of our large display screen.

It can make it a lot more convenient to scale that down with just one hand to ensure easier control of your phone. This was our list of our favorite hidden features for the Samsung Galaxy. If you enjoyed this video, please share it and subscribe to our channel for more great content that will come out soon - and if you haven't already use the link in the description - or go to to sign up for the email newsletter where we will send the best mobile apps in mobile games directly to your email inbox..

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