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What's up guys, Shane stars here with joy, my direction is one of my favorite parts of being a tech reviewer is the fact that case manufacturers love to send me cases whenever a new phone comes out, and right now, I have about a hundred to look through. You'll definitely want to cover up your phone with a slick tack if you happen to be the type of person that doesn't use case at all. Big shout out to slick wraps for sponsoring this video I'll always include a link to the description where you can save $5 off your order. Now this case is all about design and fashion, but it provides some drop protection to your phone. The textile finish here is totally unique and it looks super sharp I really like the attention to detail here with the simple lines and minimal design.

The molded coating protects your phone from accidental drops and scratches while raised edges add screen protection to defend against everyday wear and tear if you're looking for a case that is totally unique in this design but will still add a bit of drop protection. The second is the official Samsung hyper net covered I, particularly as I like the thin and light design. It almost looks as though your phone is wearing a sports jersey and going to a soccer game. The case is so thin and light that I would not necessarily trust it with a heavy duty fall, but still some protection is better than no protection, and this does have a hard plastic construction, so it should provide some impact resistance.

Number four: The EXO shield is tough snap on the case by Elixir? This is the perfect case to show off the actual design of the galaxy s 9 as it has a translucent transparent back. This is another super thin and light case that you won't really notice being on your phone, as it doesn't add any bulk or heaviness. We still have a hard plastic back and extra thick corners which should help with impact resistance. You guys know that I have been recommending OtterBox's Symmetry series case for the last several years. Most outer box cases add a ton of bulk to your phone, so that you don t really get to take advantage of the sleek design of the Galaxy S 9. Otterbox certified drop protection while the ultra-slim one-piece design is maintained.

The symmetry series case is super simple and easy. This case breeds ultimate and impacted drop resistance while also being super thin in Lion, also like the fact that it has a kickstand on the back that isn't bulky and obnoxious. I really enjoyed the Galaxy Note 8 version of this case because it hid the kickstand and plain science. The kickstand on the Galaxy S 9 version is not as hidden as it is on other cases but it's also not as obnoxious as some of the kickstands you see. It doesn't need to worry about cracked glass and a damaged screen with this case, but this is also one of the thinnest durable cases on the market so you'll see that it doesn't actually add bulk to your phone but does provide some of the best possible protection.

Evo tactical has three layers of protection with a patented Ribbon Flex gun combo. On the list is the official Samsung Clearview standing cover. This case provides 360 degrees of protection, protecting the front glass of your phone and also the back glass of your phone without adding a tremendous amount of bulk that regular folio cases normally tend to add to your device. Another reason that I like this case is that it has a clear view so that you can still see what is going on with your device, whereas on a traditional folio case everything is covered, you can't see what is going on with your phone, so I like the fact that you can even see.

This is going to give you the best viewing angle for whatever you catch up on on Netflix while on vacation or from YouTube - whatever happy to be doing. That is built right into the case number not on this list is the Plasma Series by urban armor gear. If you have watched this channel for any length of time, then you know that all of my phones generally rock urban armor cases. I've had phones thrown by children across rooms, I've had them drop, stairs and all sorts of other kind of crazy. I also love the industrial design of the Urban Gear Cases I like that honeycomb pattern on the inside and I like raised edges on the back I love the added grip that you get on the sides of the cases. I love the way they look in the way they feel in the hand.

I like the fact that they are super thin and light and they add that military standard of drop protection to your phone. With urban armor case number you really can't go wrong. X : The King of the Mountain consists of 10 in the list with urban armor gear. It really resembles a race car, while the monarch case is slightly thicker than the plasma series. It's still super thin and light, and urban armor stands behind this case. They will give you a limited warranty of 10 years, so you know what holds up over the time. All right guys, it maybe wraps up for this video. If you liked the video be sure to give it a huge thumbs up subscribe to this channel for more content like this in the future. More on me can find on Droid, Modder XCOM.

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