Too Complete! Official Samsung Galaxy Watch4 review. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi guys, back again with a strong Galaxy Watch, so as a person who always uses a Smartwatch in everyday life. This Galaxy Watch is very interesting for me because in addition to matching the smartphone which I used, namely Samsung, there are several smartphones and they also use it dead. In terms of features however, the Galaxy Watch is very complete for this. How interesting or helpful is the love for the Galaxy Watch for this watch, this video until it runs out [Music] Smartwatch Yes, already using a Smartwatch, maybe 3-4 In recent years, starting from Smartwatches that use Oh alone or using OS made by Google and I, tends to prefer house using white made by Google. And I felt that I immediately used a keyboard that used Wes, and this time it was on a Samsung Galaxy.

I prefer a smartphone or smartwatch with a simple and easy look It is not that it is not complicated that popped here, but before,. From the singing stretch stretch made of silicone sportband that has a really cool finish and is very comfortable on my wrist. It has been coated with Gorilla Glass DX, The 1.4 inches screen was only tens of times, 450 pixels with a Super AMOLED pencil. This is definitely obvious, even when used outdoors and it's like a standard smartwatch, not when u the screen of a smartwach must be Super AMOLED and now we talk about the features. For this there are some interesting features, starting from the first feature Yes, so the first is that there is Betrayer and SCG, maybe also on some smartwatches, but this core died.

I felt a different experience because the information given was very detailed and so can monitor your health. The info is very detailed starting from the quality of sleep, the calories burned by blood hygen, to the point of snoring or snoring. The three features of body jog is really helpful for those of you who are diligent in exercising. So you can monitor how much body fat is body water and many more, that's another thing that you can see in detail through the Samsung Heart application. There's also always on display and one more feature that you shouldn't miss, namely ip68.

If you want to use it for swimming, though you can find such complete features in the Galaxy W Rebel and Samsung applications as well as details, if you use a Samsung smartphone, the connectivity has become more singled out recently to support this feature,. All of this Galaxy Watch for planting a 25 nanometer, Exynos W9 processor, with dual core power with one and a half GB of RAM and 16 GB internal memory. So you can include photos or songs here for the battery itself, with a capacity of 361i that can be charged using magnetic charts, hi, okay.

If that is all, I can share my experience when using the Galaxy Watch for a few days and so far I feel that the Galaxy for this device is very helpful, especially when I have a broken sleep pattern because I have a small baby and have used a Samsung phone or are in the ecosystem. Samsung is currently using Galaxy Watch for this, and if we talk about the minuses, maybe it is just a battery problem because when this is used continuously it only lasts for about two to three days. If friends are interested in buying Galaxy, what for this I will put the purchase line later on in the description? Thank you very much, friends for watching the shop until the end for myself and we will meet again in the next video [ Music] hi hi kep..

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