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Hello guys : David is here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3! This is a more attractive phone than the Galaxy Z Fold3. The reason is that when the cellphone was just launched, I discussed both of them yesterday. Those who watch Z Flip3 are 3 times more. But seriously, it's natural that the Z Flip3 gets more attention... The price is much more affordable than the Fold series. The price is between 25 and 27 million. This Flip3 costs 15 million. We will feel more familiar when we use the Z Flip3, because the feeling of using this cellphone is similar to using a mainstream cellphone. When we open the screen we cover. Don't worry, from top to bottom. A true folding cell phone If it is fold, then it is series of.

If it's called a folding tablet it's not wrong because the shape is really big. Factor is more familiar to people with it. It is easier to reach for people who want foldable HP technology. If you want to flip or fold the Samsung smooths the way! They managed to lobbied WhatsApp so that chat history could be transferred easily to Android from the iPhone, from chat, photos, sounds, videos,... In order to transfer data, you still have to use the Samsung Smart Switch application. When this video was made, it can be enjoyed only on Flip3 and Fold3, yes. It will be able to be transferred to other Samsung cellphones that already use Android 10 and above. I make another HP, I don't know. Yes, it is a Samsung WhatsApp business. Vielleicht we need to wait for the next news.

The point is that this WA migration will be a real plus. A plus is to add to the attractiveness of Galaxy Z Flip3, which was already high from the start because of its unique design. This cellphone is really carried by its design. The shape is cute,. Until now, after I have used this cellphone for more than a week, Ekbal and Windy still often comment that they are salfok with the shape of the cellphone. From when I took it out of my pocket, when I finished using it, it just felt cool. The color is also quite a lot to support the design. Worried about the color green? There are also neutral colors like cream, there is Phantom black, and there is also Lavender, a color. You want to be this HP model even more.

Samsung also provides many accessories such as casings that can be attached to the body. The problem is that, while using the cellphone, I usually forget to use them. Oh my, there is milk in Huakh's house!!! When it comes to things, I'm not too careful for that, so I'm even more vigilant. If I put my normal cellphone on the table or in the cupboard, I just put it down because I don't think much of it. When placing it on the table, is it too close to the edge or not? if it is in another place, the position is still safe, I'm sure you will be more cautious when you use the Z Flip3. The beautiful design makes us want to give extra.

Samsung itself has given a fairly important upgrade to the durability of this cellphone so that the default cellphone is also strong, for example, the sides of this cellphone use a material called Armor Aluminum. Samsung claims that this is the strongest aluminium material used in smartphones. The body, Samsung has coated it with gorilla glass Victus glass, the best type of gorilla glass for now. The Z Flip3 also has an IPX8 rating which means the cellphone won't hurt. If it is spent for 30 minutes in fresh water as deep as 1.5 meters. Make a cell phone with a hinge that is always moved and makes it have a lot of gaps. This is really cool. Samsung has succeeded in sealing all parts of the interior so that water cannot enter it. In addition to.

upgrading '' in the durability section. Yes, also the functions in the body have been added. This time was just as thin as it was. 1.9, inch, super, LED. its main function is to see the time, date, and remaining battery. We want to change the skin, and we can also change the skin. The choices are funny,. It feels like it is always on display on a normal mobile phone. We swipe the cover screen, There will be several shortcuts we can use too such as music, weather, today's schedule, alarm, samsung, health, voice, recorder and timer. The order of the widgets can be set in the menu. If we don't want to hide it, we can also see incoming notifications if we swipe from the left on the screen, and adjust the volume and brightness.

We can also use the cover screen as a viewfinder to preview the camera. When we are taking photographs. How to activate the camera? double click power button then the camera will be active. This is a clever feature to take advantage of. Of... the cover screen, so it's like, folding. You can use the rear camera for selfies. However, when I use the cellphone, I only use the feature once or twice. If you want to take a selfie I'd open the main screen better, because the front camera inside is already good. It's different from folding and it is more elegant. If our preview photos feel bigger than the one above. Everybody is different and if there are more ways to maximize this flip shape, the better it will be, it will be more unique compared to other cellphones.

In flip3 and folding 3, Samsung also introduced their new TWS, right. This is called Galaxy Buds2, which fits perfectly with this Flip3. The design is cute, round, cute and pleasing to the ear. Whether it is coupled with Flip It is also very strong the first time I use it. The TWS is automatically connected, and the sound is, of course, also typical of the Galaxy Buds. The features are ANC and ambient sound mode. When you've entered into the Samsung ecosystem quite deep, and use a Samsung Galaxy, Tab too,. Switching the sound source from your cellphone to a tablet is also really easy on these bds2. This Galaxy Buds2 is recommended, even for those of you who don't use Samsung. It is also delicious. Let's move on to the screen inside.

It uses a 2x Dynamic AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080p. The refresh rate is adaptive at 120Hz. Of course, I immediately put 120Hz on it so it feels expensive. This panel is a foldable type, The texture feels different from ordinary glass, the panel on the Flip3 is... like it's softer. If we swipe, we can not hit high pressure ; it is sharp - no! - Folding screen technology. Isn't that so strong yet? - Folding screen technology also is up to now. - It will still give us a small wrinkle in the middle. It's a natural trait. You have used it for a long time. You will get used to it, although sometimes your eyes start itching. You know it and you realize it. What is unique about this Z Flip3 screen is that it has a long ratio., 22:9.

This is the HP with the longest ratio I've ever reviewed with an unusual ratio which makes our hands a little peeper positioned. If we want to touch the top edge. A ratio like this then also makes the way we use some apps a bit different. If you open an app that doesn't scroll like that, it tastes good. It has more content. If the app that we have to make uses a ratio of 16:9 or 18:9, for example IG story, there will be some leftovers. First, it felt a bit odd like there was a bug, but it makes sense when you think about it. When we want to make a story, we continue to look at other people's cellphones that are 18:9. The app adjustments are good. There are also several applications that can take advantage of the long screen.

The screen is like splitting automatically in two, For example, Youtube can fill the upper half of the screen automatically, then under it you can see comments or other videos. The camera can also fill the top half by using a preview. For control is the bottom half. There will be more apps that can maximize the screen like this. Actually, the engine used on the Galaxy Z Flip3 is already maximizing. He already uses the Snapdragon 888 chipset that is known for being fierce. The chipset is accompanied by 8GB RAM, 128/256GB internals. The story of Z Flip3 is the same as yesterday's Z Fold3, which feels like it's not optimal. If we play a game as heavy as Genshin Impact. For those of you who claim to be heavy gamers. For other games like PUBGM or ML it is safe.

What if Genshin can't be maximized on Flip and Fold? We all know that Genshin is a very tough game. It's PC level and requires high power to run. Big power, too hot automatically. And this excess heat means it's never good for anything. There must be even more care when it is hot because there's an extra part. Soft, I already mentioned about the screen. So maybe Samsung has deliberately turned down engine power so that when we play Genshin Impacy the machine does not overheat, which in turn risks damaging the screen. We must also give more attention to the battery in this cellphone. Usually it is only 10% left at night, not enough to use until I go to sleep. I am not surprised that the battery life is like that. Besides that, I always activate the variable 120Hz mode which is louder.

Small tank, but big power. The battery is rapidly running out. You have to take good care of it. Don't use it. If you don't have a purpose. As a rule of thumb, when I use the cellphone for maps, half an hour eats 7% Tiktokan an hour 16% Playing PUBGM, 30 minutes 13%. This cellphone does not use technology that is really fast, a maximum of 15 Watts. It takes 1 and a half hours to charge full. Earlier the Galaxy Z Flip3 used a dual camera system for the camera itself, for the rear camera, one 12MP main camera with OIS, and another 12MP for Ultrawide. For the front camera, which is located on the main screen. The photo results are yes similar to the Galaxy Z Fold3. This can already be proud of being displayed on social media, It's clear that this photo was taken with a high-end cell phone.

The colors come out very bright. The dynamic range is also wide. Detail can be obtained.. Low light is good too. There are still other cellphones that give more... in cameras like the S21 Ultra. From a larger sensor to a telephoto optical zoom, camera starts (Video, sample) For the front camera. It can do 4k 60 FPS, so it's like the rear camera. If it is a matter of stability, set-set, yes, it's stable, so it can still be stable... 4K is still sharp, because 4k has always been a Samsung front camera. In, conclusion! 4K! Samsung, Galaxy, Z, Flip3! This is a really good choice... for those of you who want a high-fashion, great value smartphone. Stylish, makes the user feel cooler, If you use this mobile phone, your head can be straighter because you are confident.

If you put your cellphone on the table, You can make salfok because it is different from other cellphones. You can show it like a video call and then put it like this... This can also be the start of a conversation that makes us closer to others. Since the beginning of the Flip series, The style is supported by even stronger durability as well as even richer functions. But the main foundation of this cellular phone is still. It's still a matter of style. If you are a user who focuses more on technical values like gamers, for example, then it is still more suitable for conventional cellphones such as the S Series, such as the S21+ or S21 Ultra.

The problem is that mainstream HP have been tested in various ways, a result of years of development right? The quality is more mature, more evenly distributed and safer for most people. Start from the larger battery. The camera technology is also more varied.. And others., The rules of the game are different, flip and conventional, That’s the GadgetIn review for Samsung Galaxy Z, Flip3. If you like this video, dislike it if not, and we'll meet again in the next video. Once again, now that it is opened it's normal, but.... With 1 hand, the opening is not enough. Then set!, easy, close!..

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