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Hello Hello, everyone back with gadgetmax here again. This is the cheapest Android smartphone to get with internal storage of 8 gigabytes of RAM. To be exact this cost only 999 GB. One million less and this I bought it at Shopee and the difference is the same as the cellphones The. Maybe the sound makes a little noise. Usually, the neighbors children are noisy and yes. When it rains, the sound gets heard OK again. This is the red and white box and here it says that this Android smartphone is s218 tooth 256, also with silver color ROM. I would have thought it was really cute, and we'll check again if we find a charger adapter with the input at 5 vol 1, kV maximum simex, and here you can get a USB cable guys, take it Hah, it's fine and this is getting a digital manual.

The Diesel car gets a soft case and gets a j-league. This temper package is tempered yes because it's hard and fast SIM Expulsion and looks like this, looks like an iPhone case... yes, I'm cool like this. It's waduni, sale, it's okay, it's important that I bought the cellphone for a while now for a 999,000 bahaha, I'm curious. This is young, because I've not discussed cellphones for a long time. Last time, if I'm not mistaken about colme colmyc Topa, I forgot about the cellphone as a gift now, uh. It's already designed, but we'll see inside a moment later. It's huge, wow, and here is a white red. What is the function and here it looks like an LED flash in anyway, or the camera turns out to be a local 1234. Isn't it red? That's cool, Let's open up the case first.

Hey let's tap on the front, first, ooh, in front of me. First, does the triple slot Wow turn out to be a hybrid, yes, as usual, and here there are Volume Up and Down buttons and it's lined like a room. There is a USB type-c hole and here there is an audio jack. Let's try to turn on this HP s21, which says that the RAM has 8 GB, The backpack is 256 GB and here is phecid and it contains an image of Tension icon, namely pubg YouTube, Maps and Facebook. This camera says 24 Megapixels, 88 Megapixels and here is Universe, for example next OK. Let's live alive, care more about living at a loss. I'll review the moment again with gadgetmax here, and here I have installed several applications.

Yes, like the free fire game, gpubg Magz and AnTuTu Benchmark real drum sensor box with Aida, and it hurts for a long time, yes. It finally is quite 18 percent, 30 minutes, so,. If you want, I think that it's been full in two hours because the charger shell only has that much output, while I want to use fast charging, I'm afraid I'll put the contents on Well, normally I go directly to the kheir, normally Hi and the account can also be used. Now, let's see if the screen is pretty good. Responsive, responsive and you can see, pulses are worth Rp. It would be nice to be able to give a price of 600 thousand Rupiah. I forgot to install the application so that I can check it out Wo is the Play Store, devcheck? Dempo is a devcheck language which is pretty good.

When I see it in this storeee 55 units have been sold, Some are happy and some don’t look at us. Here is the name of the smartphone is S21 Ultra and here is the Android version, which is 10. Hi Miiko it sucking paini, lollipop, huh, hi, hi, Hey hehe. This IMEI has also been registered. If you guys, you can insert the card because Celine already injected IMEI, Storage is also a memory check, Total memory is 8 GB, yes, I sent 8 GB of data flow and the free 7 and a half GB is pretty Rp.100 and we will see the storage in the future here. The tile is 2, 56gb, I really feel sorry if the person who bought it doesn't know to check the phone, the most check from.

Here it keeps saying it is real 200gb, then this image file by 10GB can't work anymore but this is indeed and the system is really good because it is according to sales. That 8 Giga international ram is 256 GB, but it's okay, Let’s again check other things and that’s all for memory and deposit and Ariel, and we check again using another application of course. First we use Ida application first tomorrow we use devcheck. The model is s21: Ultra, RAM, 8, GB, internal storage of 256 GB.

Here the medicine model runs the next model in MediaTek mt6750 9 with core architecture four Cortex A7 exams with maximum clock speed at 1.3 GHz, and here the publication is 28 nanometers, of course hot, and here the CPU core is 8-core e, but the type is only strong, Korean mirror cover 234 OK, The screen resolution is 80 by 1014 and here it has a 6.2 inch screen with a mato density of 200.2 pixel density. Here using a Mali-400mp GPU, and here the network has 4G, and here the battery is 1000mh, Android is 10 and the scream was lousy. Let's test the Aceh cover. It turns out that another test, we press the sensor, box. Hey, here I am, the problem is, there is a pepper gyroscope, and yes! The figure isn't there.

It is not believing, here Like this, yes, it's friendly I, I don't know J but tonight. If you use the application devcheck, it can detect. This, I also checked using the find this cellphone application. Yes, I'm a guy trying to plug it into a computer and it gets 256GB. Download other applications, let alone try our depressing full first. Here's the Android Lollipop, yes, the system says it's under 10, clicked download, painting,. Now there's another Lollipop Honda clipped twice. The size here is 10 GB instead of using LDP type lpddr2 or lpddr3. This means that the 3000mah lipo battery is still red. 1.9 megapixels 12 megapixels is just a rail. If in the previous idea it was like being manipulated so that 32 equals the level.

Firza is crazy and let's check the others, Now, we have ABS, GIF collection, okay. 8 Giga, the internal drop is 256 GB and here it uses the Samsung India memory,. If the front camera back camera here is 32 megapixels, yes, it is 2, megapixels. Let's check, try to use the AnTuTu Benchmark F1 application. If I check more closely here, only the CPU is open 74000, especially Rp. 7,000, busy and the GPU is zero, defeated by shrunk and here it's 39, so 3000 says it starts at 3 thousand also is OK. Here we check the More Details on my device and can not put out the Octacore runs. 4 gigabytes of ram is too fast and it is here, outside of the SPP, just 5 touches. We accept this touch.

The front consists of condolences for the 3000mh battery pixel, Let's test the veggies right away, let s test the GPU tomorrow : What's the score, then hi, hi, hi,? Ahh, that's pretty good, but how is it the same as Antutu tomorrow, not for tomorrow, get 15000? This is exactly hundreds of thousands of machines, The magma cast is big and it is already hot. So you can see how fast it is, the company is not loud, different. It's actually the same as yesterday's xp3 cellphone, Papa SPT is slow. The maximum is 1980 vs, pres, ent 57 by here the last part 57-60. They made the procession smooth. Here I did not test the Papji game but I just tested the free fire. Why grab the free fire game? If you can play pubg, you mean that the phone can't play Papji.

It seems because the cellphone is already very hot, so lets test playing the drums, [Music] Hey, it's a bit sloki huh, I'm not sure, I'll touch it right. Hey Away, Hey, Hey, Girl Codes, This is showing up again, a bit Dili Dili. I'm the one when we are a little late, but the voice is still a bit slow. Let's continue testing the free fire game, Let us see how it plays OK. Here we entered the free fire game, let's jump and this has more than five percent of the remaining battery. It's really hot, 18 percent of walnuts go down to five percent, uh. Nia is more than one percent, I will charge it first, okay, while I'm waiting, Let us go straight, try this, I'm just playing It's far already hot on the back Oops, when it is dead, the bag is a weapon indeed, Most of these elements are predators.

HP Hip remain for a while, Cipanas, loh ouch, remember but hey, ouch, a polaroid with a weapon. Yes, column number one continues. This front pedal by Dermafix has been playing for about four minutes and still works. I love Koran, oh yeah, it does not lag like that, so I can't properly shoot this guy, [Applause] Hey boy, that's right! Oh yeah, it's close really hot on the back. But I can play together, don't force it, it is actually hot, or more than 40! On We, up to 3 43° Ok, did not test the camera a little bit, Ita Tested the camera and the camera was poor. The rear camera is 13 megapixels and the front camera is only two megapixels. This is for the front camera, it is quite accurate so it's not glare. The back camera is blurry. Share this, the green is not really natural.

Let's test this camera and I found for this cellphone. How much is the real ROM, I can't find it, but the front camera is 5 for Andrea Lollipop. Megapixel and rear camera is 2 megapixels and the phone is like this, even though the price is 500,000 and below Yes, because yes, it doesn't match the specs, it is better. If you had it yesterday, Ufifa, SWT. If you watch the final sphere, Thank you for downloading the video software. If you like videos like this collection, don't interrupt, dislike you, see tips in another video..

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