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Ok guys, this time I arrived at the Android Complex whose quality is super dead : the Samsung Galaxy Express. Okay, twenty-two galaxies. This Galaxy S pen is the cheapest and the most compact in size. Guetta tried this cellphone because I got tired of using a big cellphone and wanted to return an HP Compaq which is easy to use with one hand apart from the Komplek. Because I had said in the previous video that I was not certain of battery life. The problem with this battery capacity is small. You could even say that this is a Compaq Android cellphone in the highest quality. This is the HP Compaq Android, the most quota for now. That's why, the first thing is that Polres body is really super. The quality is above the average for other Android flagship cellphones.

The only difference is that now the body is made more flat, the bed cover is changed to The, glass and finishing are made smoother with even more luxurious files, So even though it's clear as a premium film, it feels more like an explosion, guys. But what is interesting is that the body size is a bit unreasonable. Smaller than Persib Android, which is the most complex, which I reviewed Taiwan last year. This small body, is the man, which is really cool. It also feels really sturdy and the durability also convinces guys, because already has water certification, namely IPC-e, The cellphone has been installed, 11 on the rear, glass, and also the windshield, and the frame is also this, which is now on Android, yes.

He already uses an aluminum frame because that makes his durability level even higher than Samsung Galaxy The S 21 is the average of other Android flagships, as until now no one had been able to combine these three things in one cell phone. So small Denver I can say that the body of the Galaxy S1 is really encouraging because it is very compact in size. Had a large screen, and bought it tall. and the luxury features are also complete, guys. The second is from the quality of the screen, guys, because, aside from the advanced specs, it also has the technologies that I want. I'm really good about the quality of this cellphone, guys. For a week of using it I am quite comfortable with the screen because the screen is bright.

It doesn't feel too small for me, who often uses cellphones with large screens, and the modem also posts the right colors and can always make the colors look. This is really good when you use it all day because it's also fun to use with one hand, aside from being comfortable to use. The problem is that, apart from having a high refresh rate of 120 hz, the settings are also very smart. I'm telling you this smart because the representation settings are very fast based on the application, and also the orange change sizes are wide. Other cellphones usually change the reverse on the cell phone, yeah it takes a long time to get to a low update, but this is really different. Guys, changes, the river is really instant.

This time, I saw a screen that can change the refresh rate in less than a second from 120watt to 24 cards. This change is very, very fast, very drastic and makes the screen super efficient for me. This is really genius technology because it can reduce power consumption. Maybe you can still give a smooth look when you need it and it can make the battery market not in vain or wasteful, and that's really important for HP Compaq. Please pray for the third reason why this cellphone is super. This year, the galaxies are finally replaced with a processor from Qualcomm, whose name is Snapdragon Enjen.

After a week of using it, I can say that the performance is really good and I have no problems whatsoever, everything from Zoom, meetings, photos, social media streaming and even gaming, Everything went smoothly and fast, and the difference with the Galaxy SL board and other Snapdragon flagship phones is that it has a better level of stability, too many Canadians. There are several cellphones that file to maximise the Snapdragon processor because they collided with the overheating problem but this one can be said to be successful because the body temperature is still safe even though the body is a bit warm if used for heavy activities.

But the drop in performance is not much, guys, so it's still good if you use it to play games like this, because the promo does not jump or drop a lot, but one thing that makes these galaxies crazy is the software update,. The problem is that other Android flagships update software It's a maximum of three years,. This cellphone has already received the software update for the year and also the security update for five years and that's really crazy, guys. That's a thing that deserves consideration really because it already is strong, apart from its poor performance.

[Music] OK, now we talk about the battery in the video I said that I am not sure about the battery life of this cellphone because my mood is that the battery of this cellphone is too small to build a processor, and the screen is as good as that. My initial expectations were only SWOT About two hours and it was difficult to last for I used it all day, but during this week i really tested the battery's ability, because it is not just me. It turns out that many of you are also curious about the battery life of this cellphone. When used for everyday use, usually for SD, its battery life is limited. My flagship phone always pushes this cell phone to full play games because it's an activity that actually drains the battery.

This test is really suitable for complex HP types, but the results are not accurate. It is not just a slope, I actually use it to play games until my eyes end because I forgot. The tail turned on when playing sharp and long games is amazing, because with this small battery can balance the banana fractions that I reviewed for the last month. The next day they make ice again with realistic use, namely with daily use. I tried using it yesterday, this cellphone is without Wi-fi and relies only on cellular data, and this cellphone i can go for 13 hours with Arif's big time, which is about four and a half hours, and it can still be twice as durable again if you make a reference, activate it and also connect to wifi.

It turns out that I really think that this cell phone has exceptional performance because this small battery can still be made to last this long. It's like two days of use, but for an HP Compaq, which performs as fast as this, I. Even if it is used by the wife it, men, still safe from Initially, the battery was full of nutrients, then the camera, guys, was also upgraded. The telephoto camera was replaced with an optical zoom accuracy of 10x pixels and a 12 megapixel Ultra white camera with video capabilities up to 8 24 fps, because I often use the Galaxy S1 for benchmark review.

Yesterday I tried to check the photo like and I can say that the results are brighter, less noise from focus compared to Galaxy S7 Wandi in low light conditions, it's much more fun to use photos in dark conditions because you don't need to ride a motorbike, Keep your friends from the cellphone that I reviewed, guys yesterday. The results are also good in terms of sharpness. But in terms of color, the Galaxy S7 is more natural than the Galaxy S10. Response is always inpoint, not blue, as a Galaxy exotion keeps rubbing from a Samsung cellphone. The folder results are very neat, like in fashion.

He also always gives the right posts, so the photos appear more alive, but the trolls still get there because they have not too much skin tone, it's good to be stained because I don't know why the results, given normal the results, look a bit dark. I take photos because the results are more ready. So, if you want to share or post on social media directly, the operation with this 50 megapixel camera is now more fun to use for photos. This is really good because he can switch between cameras, that's right it's wider, the vocals are 22mm, while the extension is 29mm. It's really perverted with the camera itself, it can record up to 60fps forks, but in the end, I tried taking a video shot, so it looks like there's a color block and still safe guys.

Hopefully the results of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are good or just normal, in the heart: column, the price for this Galaxy S7 is cheaper than the price of launching the Galaxy S 21. It has two versions: 128, GB and also 256 MB, with prices starting from 11.9 9 million, and you could say that this is y cheapest of all the Galaxy S7 - series, I. The Galaxy S1 feels really great because the teacher is steady. The screen is also beautiful and the processor is from the strongest series, and the camera is also fun to use in dark.

If you are looking for a complex smartphone on Android, it is surely not easy G while the Galaxy S7 is here that all the most advanced technology in a small body and everything runs smoothly and with all of this waiting for this cellphone really fits the best Android Compaq cellphone, and this fruit is highly recommended for people who are looking for a small cellphone but still powerful and also luxurious,. If you like this video, click like, and don't forget to subscribe so we can talk about gadgets again in my next video. I've watched guys far away [ music ]..

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