This is what it is like to use the Samsung Note 10 Plus in 2022... Still Worth It? - Galaxy User Guide

For those of you who are already curious about this cellphone, make sure you watch this video until it runs out and also make sure you don’t skip the video. Now, but before I talk about this phone here at length, I would first invite you guys to hear about the unit that I am now holding. This is a second-hand unit from ex-Korea. I bought it through shopee at a price of 5.8 million. The link to purchase via Tokopedia, I will include it in the description column below and if so, Yes, as we all know, the Samsung Galaxy Note plus is a smartphone flagship phone from Samsung released in 2019, even though it's been almost three years since its release.

This smartphone doesn't appear to have lost its identity as a flagship smartphone from Samsung, as evidenced by the body material, which is full of glass, protected with Corning Gorilla, Glass, 6 - glass protection and wrapped with a solid frame made of metal material like the one that is still used by Samsung's flash-class smartphones released recently, plus. If you look at the bezel of the screen, this clearly ensures that this cellphone is a former flagship cellphone that can still compete with HP Cellulars., Samsung's latest flagship, but even so, I think it will still be a Dio breaker for those of you who are interested in buying a former flagship from Samsung. This one is a matter of body tests that are not friendly to the user, I.

So for those of you who, like the face body of a compact smartphone, will not get comfortable files with this cellphone, even for the size of my palm, which is fairly big. It is also a little difficult to use this cellphone with one hand. It doesn't matter, but it's clear that the body design of this smartphone still feels very premium, right in 2022. The image visualization from this cellphone screen is really big,. Guys, seen from every side, you can still display very good images and besides that, the screen from this cellphone also supports display which SDR template image. When you play content that supports this HP screen, color What is produced is sure to spoil our eyes, to be honest,.

Guys, lately I often forget the time when I do a Drakor Marathon or anime marathon on the screen from this cellphone, because it is really that good, guys, the quality of the images produced from this cellphone screen? This will not happen if the quality of the audio speakers from this cellphone is of poor quality and fortunately this type of phone is already equipped with good quality stereo audio speakers to support multimedia activities on this Smartphone, and also, thanks to brass audio from Akage, Let's continue when talking about performance, this smartphone is still quite powerful, dear guys,. If you want to use it for casual use, such as replying to WhatsApp, messages, schooling, social media or how to cross pictures using the Sp.

The Hi number is still fairly smooth, even for heavy use such as playing Smartphone games. When you play this Legends mobile game you will find the file smoother and it will be more fun of course. As for the use for playing games like Pabji mobile, The graphics settings are only on SDR Ultra, but even though it's like that guys, the files I received were still very good when playing this game, even when I used it for 1-2 matches for TDM 3-4 matches on this cellphone, it still makes it very comfortable to play, because I rarely find frame drops when playing on this cellphone.

When I use my cell phone to play heavy games like the games, Sir, I can still feel comfortable playing this game at the medium 60fps setting, although I still find frame drops but the files throughout the game are still quite good, to be honest. You can return to the default graphic settings, Jaya, which is medium 30fps. Now for the battery business, this cellphone has a battery capacity that is also quite large in my opinion, namely for the size of a Klasflex IV.

Smartphones of 4500 milli, amperes and the most interesting thing is that this cellphone is even equipped with a 45 watt Fast charging feature, which, If you want to compare it to the next series, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 2003, this cell phone is still better in terms of charging the battery for casual non-gaming use, such as watching video on the internet. If you did this once please hulking map. It is still able to last about a full day in one charge, but if the use is quite intense, such as a game game, it is clear that you will charge the battery from this cellphone at least 2 times a day. The identity of this cellphone as flagship smartphone remains very strong, so every camera shot and migraine, which is embedded in each camera lens.

I hi hi Hi Ho hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi As for video recording results, This is the video recording from the main camera The Samsung Galaxy Note plus has a resolution of 12 megapixels and has already Aohai sggc, OST or optical image stabilization and the results like this, guys. You can see Oh yes, so the quality is fast, and this is for the main camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels Hi and the other one, which is for the telephoto. It has a resolution of 12 megapixels, the same as the main lens camera. How to give it guys? You can write in comments, column, tar and after that I will try to change the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 yes. This is a video capture from the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

It is fitting that it was the rear camera that had a resolution of 12 megapixels earlier. The main camera was the hood, then 12 megapixels for Tresnoto camera and the main thing is 16 megapixels and I set it at 1080P, 30 fps resolution, guys. I'm high at 30fps in 1080P and you can see for yourself how the video is recorded. But if I look at the stability on the screen, this AGC is already really good. Yes, it's quite stable and not too much shaking and you can judge yourself. How is the quality of video recording of the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note, and this bag has a resolution of 10 megapixels Rm1 list in the Comment section below Oh yeah.

Before we come to the conclusion, there is one more important thing that you must understand about this cellphone, even though this cellphone was released in fact since three years ago. It is proven that the unit that I am holding is already using the android 12 system, yes, with the most recent Yui base, want you, which is version 4.0, and it is possible that the cellphone will still receive software updates for the next two or three years, So for you guys who might be worried about this, you should not worry anymore, guys, because this has been answered ; and then it's time for me to conclude about this former flagship cellphone from Samsung, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Plus. Buy this year, still have to remember, to the guy.

Even though this cellphone already has an iPad certification, I want a p68, aka waterproofed. I don't smoke cigarettes to you guys. If you have more money and are curious I still don’t suggest you try it with Al, so for a more definitive answer. This is a phone worth buying this year, I can say that it really is worth it, guys, but with the condition that you can find a seller that can be trusted and, of course, responsible and if you can get this earlier, for the price of 5.8 million.

Think this Ahmad's cellphone is very tempting n Hey, guys, OK, I feel that this is enough, the video review of this former flagship Samsung smartphone and for example, If you still have questions about this handset, please leave your questions in the comments below or for those of you who are already interested in buying, make sure to buy it. Guys meet in the next video review..

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