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When SDN Jetis was released it seemed like almost everyone was busy with the hip birthday version, even though this curvy kid in my mouth couldn't just pass it. If you didn't like the video so that it helps the YouTube xpossible algorithm We are again [Applause] [Music]. If the seventh cool smartphone prefers to get rid of those who come home, the lack is said: First, let's get rid of the negative air, which is actually a drawback and none of it is true about the excitement of Optimizer game, Samsung's flagship performance limit in running different applications, recently, I. What did Samsung do I think Sasa d.

only performance based on the requirements of each application in order to maintain temperature and battery consumption, Perhaps these parameters are inherited from the Exynos chipset by upstream or Snapdragon. The good news is that a few days ago, in Korea, an update was written to fix it. It's still hot, the default network connection from the chipset, only if it's been long time. Another worthy make it a breaker for this Samsung Galaxy S1 [Music] brings it up again, Let's talk about the performance, mermaids are basically like this with Snapdragon 810 Galaxies, it is the most powerful Android compact smartphone currently used. Deli is fast, almost Nosta Perlin, making the latest games used.

Remember, we said the main problem with small extensions was heat that was trapped inside the body, because it is plastic. Now, it now does not spread heat, working more effectively with glass and metal bodies in SWT. As a result, the car floor temperature is maintained. For those who want to play depending on the game, play impact games for a long time The super heavy and the pressure will also be a problem, but other games like lw klip or FX Legend is safe to remember that a small smartphone has a hot body that won't be as effective as a large one. Softly adjust the room temperature when you want to remain for a long time. Snapdragon 8gen has also an effect on the console (Music Efficiency).

That is okay even if half a Jem with a 25 Watt charger can charge the 3700 M battery up to 60% of its capacity for 8 gigabytes, which is a switchport. Recently the amount of RAM on Android is available here for the official Indonesian unit, Ryan 128 and 256 GB storage ufs 3.1, in my opinion performance is not the most important thing from a compact smartphone, but design, because I have to appreciate this one by Samsung, because it no longer provides polycarbonate material, but rather goes straight.

Gorilla Glass pictures plus front and back that squeezes the premium, so as I have said previously, it's more comfortable to release heat in your hands and it feels like a smartphone from the premium line, There is no difference in design language with the s21, with the camera module in the corner on the top left. The difference is that now the camera module is in color in line with the entire body of the evil TV unit that I found, where I really like it. These compact smartphones have the advantage of handling one it is really amazing that I usually use a cellphone anywhere and have often more pockets there without the contents. Verb tenses make handling better, but I see the successor to this.

Smartphone will start to adopt a flat top and bottom like the birthday version so that it will be more luxurious and the product will come back. In the future a different class is shown by the bezel around the screen which is very thin and balanced on all sides. It doesn't see the AMOLED display automatically exit and then assumes it must be good to expand. This is the best Samsung AMOLED panels that are still beautiful when you need to get color accuracy for manufacture and just switch to national mode. Pan and spoil our eyes, switch to the Pipit mode. Mia is thick but still able to display smooth gradations, not only black. This small, the refresh rate can be scheduled from 48 to 120 hz, adjusting the content so it saves battery, it is true, it's still superior to esfand.

It does not go to one hertz up, it's normal but I still feel the last benefit of displaying. Small Smartphone is a camera too to strut a compact smartphone with comfortable handling, and even more often from the pocket took for snaps with a larger sensor and megapixels, With the main lens it did not disappoint photos in various light conditions. The thing I still await Samsung to fix is consistency where some photos are overcontrasted, especially in backlight conditions, a tem orary solution. If the backlight is set up, it looks like the Edge is forced to turn n at the end, even though it reduces the sensor to 64 me, pixels The, 10 megapixels for the Telephoto are actually govind with it now being optical three times.

Where in the past it was only optically 1.1 times but was usually zoomed in to achieve the effect three times. White with status, the, 20°, Evo Vi is also good, with dynamiclink is surprisingly, sometimes better than the main camera, The main over counter sciences can be improvised in fashion. But I need to limit the number of lenses, so that Little doesn't mean that I have to be a little like a compact smartphone. The name is flash hundred, complete dong, nice. Maybe the unfortunate thing is that the ultra-wide lens can't be used as a macro like other world variants but indeed we don't use macro needs all the time.

Even in dark lighting, Woodson can still produce photos with details that have been typical of flagship smartphones when using the mod for selfies for us all the day The effect here is that the video resolution does not have to be ported from 24fps Ice. The image quality is good m. Still one of the best in Android Shutter drops in short span is Samsung Galaxy S on it has a dual SIM slot and doesn't have an SD card slot, It does not have a headphone jack and is already IP68 certified - that means it has homeland and is dusty. It then has a smooth motor file and flashes green seriously. The speaker is quite loud but has standard sound quality [Music]. The SDN has used the Yui 4.1 money, which is based on Android 12, the capabilities of the features you want for multitasking.

Saying hi, okay, Samsung Galaxy S2 for you lovers of small smartphones with minimal compromise, no need to look left and right anymore, This is the absolute answer for you guys, especially those in the Android ecosystem whose name is a compact smartphone Yip, This should be poplin with Topline experience specs but make them compact Okay just scan the video. I was sitting satish earlier this time, with the test wait for our next Datsun bye, [Music]..

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