The Samsung S21 Ultra Camera and Battery Test - Galaxy User Guide

A simple Hello Friends, How Are You, How Are You, hopefully healthy, Always meet up with me again, Oh Yusuf, from Kompastekno, In this video we will discuss the latest, most technological and most expensive cellphone – now from Samsung – the galaxies tonyon Ultra Smartphone. This is already circulating in Indonesia and after using it now it's time to see the real scale of Galaxies Toman Ultra step, Okay, let's start with the packaging box,. This is the retail box for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, at least the Indonesian version. The design is not different from other smartphones of the Galaxy S2 series. The completeness of the accessories in it is no different from other Iwan Galaxy S2 series.

The Smartphones include a USB to USB cable, SIM card ejector tool and brief guide, no other accessories such as a charger or a charger. Honestly, I think the Anthem Black Dance from the s250 training is really cool, so the color isn't very glossy, but it looks like a vehicle. The chat finishing is pinning or mad, then the impression is that, in my opinion, the back of the Galaxy S2 is masculine and luxurious. The same glass is also used to protect the screen on the front because of the rough texture of the back of the Galaxy S2. In the hands of the back of the galaxies tonymoly ultra, it feels slippery, so it makes you afraid of falling, but this may still be overcome by attaching the case to the phone.

The Ultra board can be seen in the camera module, which is now larger and more prominent. With your frame will be the game on the side of the phone so it gives a unique impression similar to a door hinge, On the bottom side is a USB port, type-c, speaker, grill and drawer simcard This simcard drawer only provides a place for two nano-sim cards because the Galaxy S2 with the ultra does not have support for a micro, SD memory card. Samsung even dares to claim that the Galaxy S2 will be able to connect to the network with the Ultra. The Galaxy S7 Ultra, already available in Indonesia, still uses a screen kris, but the curve at the edges is not too obvious now. The size is slightly smaller than the previous Galaxy S2 Plus, but its capabilities are more sophisticated.

The Galaxy S2 Ultra screen can run in chorus, sh rate up to 120 Hz at the maximum resolution. The adaptive motion smoothness feature on the Galaxies 21 Ultra will automatically adjust the refresh rate to the type of content on the screen or the user's activity. For example, while Idol is lowered to 60 hertz the crack refresh is reduced to save battery, then once the user starts inputting the refresh rate will be raised to 120 Hz when I try to use it. When the refresh rate goes up to 120 Hz as well as when playing videos with 24 FPS frets will change to twice FBS, namely 48 Hearts ereki Hai, when being used to play flashlight games consistently at 120 hz screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra board also includes ultrasonic in display the latest fingerprint scanner from Qualcomm, namely the second generation Trisonic which has a larger surface area and performance is at the same time more agile. The fingerprint registration process is now faster because the steps are more concise. The phone feels very responsive and very fast in recognizing fingerprints to unlock the phone, lock screen.

Galaxy S3 Ultrasonic has a main camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels but now uses a new xm-3 isocell sensor, This sensor promises higher image quality under low light conditions and faster autofocus performance, if the main camera Galaxies 21 Ultra still uses the non-Abin Ning method, which combine every 9 pixels into a single so that the final resolution is 12, megapixels or 183. Pixels divided by 9 like wall pixels in general. Nona is done to improve image quality such as expanding the range and Mikraj, but Galaxy, S 21 Ultra users can also add shooting in the 108 Megapixel mode.

Here are the most noticeable changes compared to the Galaxy S2 Putra Galaxy S2 The 5 Ultra now has not one but two telephoto cameras, both of which are 10 megapixels in resolution and use the same sensor, but their lenses are different. First Telephoto Camera was equipped with a lens of three times zoom range or a focal length of 70 mm equivalent, while a Telephoto Camera. Funny thing is the image file resolution from the galaxies in 2003. Also confused is selling this Samsung so the picture is a little larger, perhaps or so that the resolution is uniform. Personally, I prefer the arrangement of telephoto cameras, which are divided in two on the Galaxy S7 Neo training, especially the telephoto camera, with three times more zoom, which is more Hendi for daily use.

Those who like to take pictures of objects in distance can use the telephoto camera 10 times. To achieve such a high zoom level, evercel has to be sacrificed to become very small and unreliable in low light conditions. It also provides a piczoom facility with an impressive level just like its predecessor Galaxy S2 Ultra. Ran is very high and reached Samsung 100 times adding a new feature which is really useful when we shoot images at this extreme zoom level. The function is to lock the frame area in the way of the drawing targeted. Application becomes much more stable without wobbling here and there that can make you dizzy when Fleming aims at the desired object. Also becomes much easier on the Galaxy S2 Putra.

The number will be activated 20 times by the guide window in the upper left corner of the screen, starting from Zoom level. This phone's camera is probably the least attractive because it's still the same as before, with a resolution of 12 megapixels and a lens of 120° or 13mm equivalent, but this camera is fixed useful for capturing large landscapes or architectural photographs, for example. Also the focus distance is very close so you can take macro photos with an ultra white perspective, still 40 megapixel resolution with clear pixels that combine three four pixels into one so that the final resolution.

by default is 10 megapixels We can choose to take a selfie with a full 40 megapixel resolution, but the difference in range and this rabbit can be very noticeable, especially when it's backlight conditions. It's a waste of storage space and you get pictures that are of poor quality. The photos taken at night can look very different, clearer and brighter, especially for Ultra White cameras.

The Night Mode can also be used with both telephoto cameras, but if the conditions are too dark, the Tonyon Ultra galaxies will then switch to digital zoom from a camera with a larger tail in normal shooting mode when The light drops the Galaxy S2 lemon Ultra Experiences, a drastic quality loss, especially for 10x zoom, because the effect is also the smallest, so it is only suitable for video recording, Samsung Galaxy S10 Trump, provides a number of resolution options and Freddy Standard Mode, users can record videos with a resolution of 30 SPS, full SD, 30/60 RGS forget 30/60 SPS and eight, with only one white frame option like in the previous Galaxy S10, For recordings with a resolution of 8, there is still cropping which reduces the frame surface.

There are also effects such as rolling shutter or J.Lo, which make objects such as tall buildings. Together with the limited frame rate, the camera quickly moved. The file size is very large and there are not many devices that can do video, playback, OK, let alone do the editing for now. I think it’s still better to record video at key resolution or fade when you go out and it turns dark. The main camera of the Galaxy S2 Drink Ultra can still be relied on to record videos with this relatively good quality because the sensor is indeed the most advanced and the lens aperture is the widest. Outside the main camera there has been a significant decrease in image quality and also friends.

It looks like a 10x telephoto camera, which seems to be better for recording in bright light conditions for those who want more and more exact. Samsung provides a Prof, bowel mode which is separate between photos and videos, but the contents are similar apart from setting different camera parameters on the Galaxy S2 with Ultra, which also allows Instagram to estimate Eko as a whole, along with an audio level monitor that can be used to monitor sound input from the mic. Galaxies 2003 also provides a choice of which microphone to use for recording, whether to be facing to the front or omnidirectional.

Users can also use an external microphone via USB, port or bluetooth, Pro mode, while providing more frame-red options for video, namely 24fps in 4K resolution and full SD and 120fps in full HD resolution, which is used to produce videos with slow motion resolution at cheese, fixed with 24 FPS, fret and cropping both photos and videos. The act of the digital zoom is done from the main camera in Pro mode, The user can also set various parameters related to image style, starting from contrast so that the color saturation can be made to look truly appropriate and the video recording can be made. Wish Inan, for example, was made easier by Club. One new video feature on the Galaxy S2 Neymar Ultra is the directors bio model that combines image responses from the front and rear cameras.

Clips from the front camera are displayed in a small sliding window. Swag glue We also can choose which rear camera to use can be done online flash while recording video if desired The position can also be reversed, namely front filling in the main form, while the image capture is displayed from the rear camera in a small direction-you window. Lemon Ultra is always equipped with a laser sensor to help with the autofocus as well as vixion-r technology, Most of the time, the autofocus is relatively reliable, feels fast and accurate, even when recording video.

What I like about the galaxy estelion Ultra is that this phone can feel hot when printing photos or recording videos, especially when using features such as UM species, Video, OK, Or DirectView- maybe because these features do require high computing power. This Galaxy S2 Ultra board runs the latest cut leven with one.ui Trequinon interface from Samsung, which brings a number of new features such as the content from Google Kids that is displayed by default on the next homescreen. There is also a display of sound settings for volume buttons and one of the most interesting things is Perhaps the rsr object feature in the picture gallery application promises that users will be able to remove unwanted objects from the photo, even though the results are much better.

h a lot Not as expected, so that the maximum wealth is needed as a plain background as possible. Even then, traces of Mayan results are still for fun without having to use a separate application. There are several variant options based on RAM capacity and internal memory. There is absolutely no performance bar in carrying out daily activities, from browsing multitasking to working, watching streaming videos, accessing social media, to playing games. This is natural because it is indeed a flagship model whose position is the top of the Samsung Galaxy S Poniman Ultra battery tab 5000mh. The endurance, of course, depends on the activity, but with normal use at least it is more than enough to accompany users every day.

This phone supports fast charging with power up to 25 words, but because Samsung doesn't include a charger, you don't have a tester on the Galaxy S2 Ultra,. It can actually be activated without having to use a Samsung charger made, sending as many as a bit complicated. Meanwhile, Super Fast Charging is aimed at agi chargers with more modern, fast charging technology with greater power output such as USB power, delivery, trefoil and super fast charger from Samsung itself. This duration is comparable to a regular charger that has a power output of 10.

Wordpress charging only runs when the Galaxy S5 Ultra is connected to a USB type C port that supports power delivery both from the power bank and the computer when the font is shorter by around an hour and a half when connected to a charger with a quick charge for technology with a maximum power output of 27 words,. Laxy S2, ultra Honestly, I like the Fandom Lex color because apart from being understated and low-profile it still looks cool in my opinion and hardware-wise, the Galaxy S2 Lemon Ultra is also much more powerful than before, for example. The screen is now capable of running Rich up to 120Hz at maximum resolution. So Samsung added a variety of new features that are useful but also removes some of the ones that existed before.

Even if we are too extreme for example, the zoom will appear blurry too and with a small aperture that is practically a telephoto camera 10. This time the results are only optimal in bright conditions because you do not put a charger in the sales package. Also, spending additional money to get the accessory can use an existing charger that may or may not support the charging test. Even if it supports charging speed it can vary because it depends on the interface and output, other things that have also the potential to be annoying, particularly for those who like to download or record high-resolution photos and videos is a micro sd memory card slot missing. Now there is no option to transfer the various content that was deposited on an external memory card, like the iPhone.

If we need a bigger locale on the Galaxy S2 d ith ultra, the only option is to buy a more expensive version. We can also write or draw on the surface of the screen, like the Galaxy Note series with this s-pen stylus must be purchased separately, along with a special cover accessory. Do you think that the new set of features can add a higher value to the ones that are removed? That’s all for this video this time with galaxies, tons of Ultra boost from Kompas Tekno. See you again in the next video stay healthy and stay gaming, hi hi..

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