The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review and Update (3 Months Later) - Galaxy User Guide

What is up guys here aaron, so I've been spending the past three to four months with the s22 ultra. So I kind of wanted to give you guys an update on what it has been with the S22 ultra, I will cover all the positives, the negatives. I have been very happy with the performance of this phone and honestly, I really felt no need for more power. The new 4 nanometer snapdragon 801 is a beast and should be for a rather long time top of line. The phone - now I'm not much of a mobile gamer - handles just about everything I throw at it during my testing. I think that samsung has nailed the color accuracy with the s22 ultra while they used to over-saturate their phones in the past.

If you wanted to, the display can also dynamically switch between refresh rates depending on what type of content is shown across the board. I mean we're talking 5g we talk an added s, a pen, an improved gpu, roughly 10 increase in the cpu performance from the s21 ultra, yet the s22 ultra is just so efficient when it comes to battery. In the past three months I used pretty heavily this phone and a single charge will last me two days well. I don't even remember the last time I even charged my phone before going to bed, because I didn't have to I remember with note 10 plus that I would have to charge my phone before going to bed because it would die at the end of the day.

So for the past two weeks, I've been trying to analyze how long a single charge would take the s22 ultra. Will this battery performance last for a couple years? I mean it's pretty much the same camera from the S21 Ultra which is already impressive in and of itself just little slight improvements here and there. I think samsung did a really good job with the color accuracy and picture quality from such a small sensor. I also want to note that I have an s21 ultra on hand, so I will be doing a camera comparison of the two devices and hopefully get that out soon for you guys, so stay tuned. A full-time job is currently required that demands a lot of paperwork, and the S- Pen has made my work so much easier to just sign.

It has been a very handy tool to use daily and the last thing I like about the phone is the looks, not the shape and size of the phone which we'll get to later, but at first I wasn't really digging the rear of the phone and much preferred the note, 10 plus or even the s21 ultra, but now it sort of grew on me and I really like clean, minimal. Now before we dive into the negatives and what I don't like about the phone, I want to thank skillshare for sponsoring today's video skillshare is an online learning community that allows you to learn and develop new skills, whether for technology, photography or just self-development. Skillshare is filled with inspiring videos to boost your creativity.

Success taught by marcus brownlee, who has been a massive influence in the tech world and also Ali Abdol's productivity masterclass which has helped me tremendously to stay, organized and be productive on a daily basis. The best part about skillshare is that they constantly publish new premium classes every week, so that skillshare is actually hooking up the first 1000 people to a free month of skillshare by clicking the link in the description below absolutely a free month to improve your knowledge and discover new skills completely. Don't wait to expand your knowledge and take your next step in your creative journey. Alright, so let's go over the negatives and what I don't like about the phone, and first we can start with the weight and size.

After three months, I could still not get used to the weight and size of this phone. The size is. perfect without a case, but I wouldn't want it any bigger but this is a 1200 phone and I highly recommend protecting it. So back when I had the note 10 plus, which I still have but with the case on it, I would easily be able to walk it in my pocket and no discomfort. It was nice and easy to chill, but putting the s22 Ultra on it just made them. That is what I have noticed this time, for instance, that I carry the phone more by hand instead of putting it in my pocket. Now this can be an issue with my carrier which is verizon or it could be due to the estimate to ultra. Some of these issues however- I didn't have with my note, a 10-plus deal.

When it comes to the 5g I take out of the house. Well, not every time, but sometimes when I step out of the house and the Wi-Fi disconnects the phone just won't connect to a network with my iPhone, which is also a company phone, from Verizon. I didn't have ever been faced with an issue like this to move out of the house. This doesn't happen every time at all, just sometimes, but I found it a bit annoying another issue. This could be due to the carrier but with my note 10+, I did not have this issue so when I am browsing through the phone at home, while I am connected to the Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi will disconnect randomly for a couple of seconds and then connect again to the Wi-Fi and this would happen maybe once or twice a day.

Honestly, if you can do without the s pen which I'm sure a majority of you can do, I think the s21 ultra is the better deal, they are very close in performance battery life, camera performance minus the 45 watt fast charging that I should have included in my likes, but other than that they are. I'd rather save a couple hundred dollars and go with the s21 ultra, which is technically the same phone as this minus the pen, okay guys that was my three month review of the s22 ultra. I hope this video helped and if you guys have questions just let me know in the comments below. Do not forget to subscribe and hit the Like button also..

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