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: hi, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello guys We meet again in the video with Syahrini es now, if I used it last year a week, right? And this time, it's like a warm-up for you guys, in 2001 Samsung also released its new smartphone. Wow, confused at the local time. So the box on the a02 es looks clear, oops. It has a clear design like this and the camera is right, isn't it? There is a variant with a RAM of 4 gigabytes of internal memory, 64 GB, but as actually there are two Vallens where there are 332. When friends Wih, Samsung, Wave and 02 are here, you will get a short guidebook here, yes and also a warranty card. If it's important, but it doesn't close well, guys . IMEI women, sticker, aha straps can also be found here.

His smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy A6 2s where he uses an Octacore tripod camera and also thinks 5000 mh later we'll see what CPU is he using. You got a taxi - guys and oh great, it's not ready. Yes, and there is also a SIM card, ejector Okay, so that discovery is quite simple on Samsung Galaxy Ace2 S9: Yes but with Softca Se or call similar to rasake Can.

You call first, let tidy up and don not too late Ok Let's see this smartphone and how came or is it ready? Here you have Samsung, Galaxy A6, 02 SS2 : oh no littlecece now! If you go to the re-use, here, guys, Doi, I'm a typical Please, yes, the one on the Samsung Galaxy A5, and also the A71, the difference is that it looks like a matte finish, guys, and what the name is of this texture, so it shouldn't be slippery, and doesn't leave fingerprints. Try it, you guys like the color like that. The design or Polo model. It's not the same, it is just to make it shorter. It is not Sis, a model in general of the Grandparents series who is slim. It's a little thick, 3S, but it's only natural, because the limit is too much to give 5000mh. The camera here is like this model, you guys.

It's clean, there's no physical or synthetic sensor behind it but to pay for the security matrix. You just have to stick your face on it and it will automatically open. The smartphone is interesting, yes, and there is an audio jack port and there is also a speaker at the bottom. It turns out that Doi is also equipped with a Dolby Atmos episode where it will be active. For example, friends listen with ears to get the sound louder. I feel like that's how it is compared to using two to keep the mouse moving. There is a SIM tray that can accommodate three slots at a time. Two simples can be produced as well as a second micro SD. And, for example, if 64GB is still lacking add 3S, but there's also a power button on the right. The screens are quite relieved, guys.

It's FB + reviews by reacting to Infinite TV like the A12, which we discussed previously, yes. The right and left bezels are pretty thin guys, except for the bottom one. It seems like it is good, you are the shaded color, but I feel like it's a little less narrow when it's time for a dark color display. If the lover brought by Ridho's contents wears the 450 variant uniform that we hold with a 4 gigabyte, RAM variant for daily needs of around 64 GB, it's like watching social media, bored browsing is already fun, in simple use. The water is clear, of course, the woman is clean, as in Clean, Instead of opening it, Samsung sucks.

It was revealed that it was simple and used, so checking RAM activity can ask for the number, and I can also use it to check the average battery usage, it's simple, and the use is part of the camera itself. So the front camera is 5 Megapixels while the rear camera is equipped with a Lex Clip. So it's a necessity for friends who like to take photos from young objects, yes, and also for pictures with the back blur, like Bokeh photos. If we look at it, it's for a detailed version of the camera itself : an emergency 13-megapixel as the main camera, two large as a camera and also a download, for example as a macro lens.

Can you then do it when it comes to Sris room mode what's wrong with starting A, there's live focus that we can adjust the blur level? It's a person's photo, and the back is like Dur and that's what it is or things that make me behind can use mode instead of live focus here so I focus more on the object So,. We can zoom up to two times, guys and there is also a video mode here, up to a maximum of 1080 pixels, or the front camera is the same, guys. You can record up to a maximum of 1080 pixels, and here it is modem or Where. It is more fun to order some cute photos and it turns out that A02 also has a study mode, Where can we or the next day the bellstone won't fit nor will the exposure.

We can explain after the pin, yes, there is also a panorama mode for taking photos with cak, yes, because actually the children here are KB with Australia, OK, Guys and also here there is a macro photo here. So with a clinical sense, you can use it to take photos of small things, I think and start details of food. Lite, plant details play it like that is, really okay, this macro lens, guys, It's because there is a school assignment for photos of small things or really friends. Oh I, you sell, online, yes photos with details can use this macro lens, but that is just how it is, Above them you can also use the main lens, don't just crop it. Also it is according to your taste whether you want to use a macro or a regular lens, which's cropped.

It looks pale, but for better photos make sure the light is sufficient, guys. It's the safest possible to n take advantage of the sun. The rest, take a picture of the blanket, friends, etc. So this is if the rear camera itself is capable of recording maximum video at 1080 pixels for the rear camera whether it is the front camera or not. How do you focus guys, and it's actually drizzling guys so I can't show it long because that's for the results, rather than the rear camera.

Would you use grand after taking a road? It's cute sharing on the front camera instead of the Samsung Galaxy A6 2018, Tasbatamss, itself, right?, 5000mh, guys, so I don't know what it is like to have: a smartphone from Samsung, which is the most affordable at 1.8 million, but right? You can get a big battery that drops 5000mhz while working alone, because it's a 5000mah battery, so I think that you guys must be patient, because the curse of time is yes, two hours. My career is better when you wait until you take a nap, okay guys, it's boxing and I'm also annoyed by the Samsung Galaxy 02 Ice, Sharia zero, where Tugu used to think it was ugly and this time it comes with a very fresh update starting with the design which are models.

5 inch, even though it's still in SD class and also in the battery. The battery does not play with the 5000 mh google mix. It is really big, descanse pigeons for all light daily activities. The shirt is a photo of a size that can last all day, yes. For those interested in this fun, go and check the familiar link in the description column. Oh, yes, I'll come. Thank you for the time being until the review, don't be stingy about the video. The channel will meet again in the video if you subscribe. Don't miss it see you [Music]..

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