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Hello, hello, greetings, the importance of wearables is just starting to feel when we diligently exercise before every review of the smartwatch - smartband. It is just a notification, just look at the display but when we start exercising diligently at home and counting calories burned when exercise begins to feel important, usually we do the calories from hatred to the duration and the type of activity. Why not try the Samsung smartphone, because if you already have a wife for watch watch, but I don't want to use it because the Galaxy wash has usually a battery for two days. The maximum is that it is a short cycle charging the battery.

If this smartband is claimed for two weeks and this price also is quite down from the first bell, it is around 700 thousand now many have sold 500,000 for less and I.. It turned out to be a bonus, Galaxy tab A7, when I bought it at Shopee but then sold sex, not second, even brought it back. This color is like scarlet red and I will attach it to a Samsung smartphone, of course. One of the reasons why I chose this smartband is that the Huawei band has been given by a friend, nr-bn has two and my sister-in-law has given it to my sister-in-law to use it for sport so I'm happy to see that people who work hard and do activity tracking can help with wearables.

Try to install an application that makes webos from China such as the Smartwatch Dad, the Smartwatch from Benggut or there is also one sent from China. A lot of applications should be able to access it, reading SMS notifications, reading incoming calls, it's dangerous. One of the reasons I don't want to use any brand for whereabouts is because it is a privacy issue; I'm afraid that the data will be snooped. Will it leak or will our account be read by others? Sales are as usual, and Wae Rebo is like this. The manual for the smartphone is the same as the doctor’s dokas. I hope it is more universal like this. There is a spimp service center. Band wants this band, and this is Galaxy Fit 2 How else can I hope the battery still has the battery,.

If not normally you have to charge it, so put it on and plug it in the charger or the power. Later, review the moment, when plugged into the powerbank Hi, and he immediately requested a fairing for the Samsung Galaxy application. labeled one galaxy where I already entered and appeared immediately, asking to download how many modules by device Ok conform Hi with the number, but in the band you don't have to conform anything, it turns out. Subaru knows if Samsung is like this, I think there's confirmation in the band right, right now he's downloaded the software, Galaxy Fit, in 62 MB, It's just showing the features then also the menus on this Galaxy Fit 2 I bought the price for 499 thousand. Now it's gone, 200 thousand and for Samsung smartphone users.

For those who want to track activity, can count the steps of the athlete. This would be quite recommended because the screen is already amoled and the footing is with Samsung's lower application. It is safer to review the slider moments on your site, and this is the limit of 60%. The battery - runs only when it is turned on. You can't press the physical button, and here is the amoled screen. The waitress is from top to bottom. She goes into this setting for this for screen, Brightness Hi, is up to 10 levels. Yes, I had enough level 6 or made it on the camera. Hey, you have pressed the current capacitive button below the screen. If you do press on the homescreen, nothing happens and this wafer can also display hatred. Yea, we're again Sweeping up and down.

The prospect of going to the side is making this ogoh-ogoh save, Mom, I'm sorry, I, Max Weber, is a togos and can be shifted to the side. For this, Febrion wants to turn it on or off, and it's for washing the [ __ ] controls, yes, with a narrow screen, It looks like this where the cellphones are still stacked and this button works for Bak and Khan. Just like that, proceed straight and then there's Hey. This is going to make you blaming yourself, it is complicated, but it's for safety reasons. We just call it swimming mode. There is a findphone and it rides a motorbike, or do not be disturbed b. Is there to turn it off and restart it OK while for fashion we press and hold Hi nothing happens, it means that the watch faces changed instead of that one.

There is no hold, but because it is practical, hi, Hi, you are from the bottom up Disney. This is a reminder to wash your hands, then there's the same stopwatch timer, then weather immediately takes stress, data or stress level out and parent Walking running cycle swimming can actually swim, Azhar Workout Hi, check your phone, I just edited what I just edited, I think that exercise menus can be customized from a smartphone, This workout means a generic one,.

I think the sport is tilted, vtbi Nintendo Switch, buy it, use this and then use it I will see the cellphone-n, yes, and how long is the duration and calories, athletes and calories, keep sliding, So what appears at this time is the duration of the hour and then choose whether you want hot red calories? If you have tap once again and choose finish, then we are good again Hey Deck, it's time for a workout Ah This workout is a recap of the activities, the number of steps, Hatred and Oh. It is a sleeping, city I think that Hai Watch Out ification is a lot of menus, so the first menus are notifications. There were some weather forecasts so you do not need rain. Want to change Hi, Half and Technique. Nothing happens on the screen to pressure the year - Oh yeah.

The interaction is just TAB with slides. If the menu is long down, it can only slide up. So oh UN, it is adjusted to the character of the elongated screen,. This is Galaxy Fit 2 swipe left for the widget and right for notifications. It says, and this is the widget, now the order can be adjusted by the audience and can be added,. That's what is good about being labeled Samsung customizable from the smartphone, yes, hatred can music appear there as well as a calendar, including that of Samsung, the steps are steady. So it's recommended to wash your hands for 12 a day, steady, steady, simply transsafe, then wa tchface from here, guys, especially Hi, Shadow can only choose the same color, you can choose what matrix is displayed, yes only one matrix.

It can the date and day, the battery percentage, the number of steps in the header, etc. Instant. Don't use fat, Hey, Hello, Angsung, Cool, or even the agreement was already there,. How many minutes does the headset have flash muscles? Yuga then keeps the screen on during the exercise, It appears that the Mi Band file, hi, okay, vibrates Hey, that is more or less the feature. It is all It's not like that for the size of a Smartfren Not bad Lol. The application on the smartphone is very powerful and I repeat that from the developer. The developer of the Samsung grabs the phone itself. Selfie believes in comparison to the developer whose application is widely used by several smartwatches.

This is a matter of preference, but remember that privacy is important and the price is very high and this slime is quite thin and wide, I like ice. It will be made of a relatively clear plastic like that, and the red color is cute compared to bored items, right, yo yo. Put the link in the video description. In order to be healthier do not forget to exercise. You must remember exercise, especially at ages who have experienced lower back pain. It's important to have a flexible body, not to be skinny, not to think more so that you do not get sick easily when activities can make your muscles flexible and also that the athletes are awake because exercise keeps disease. Note, don't forget to be grateful to be happier.

This pandemic will soon end and we will carry on with normal activities as usual. 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh [Music]..

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