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Hello, hello assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh meet with me again, also channel greetings sick. Today I stepped into some more money, namely for the latest Samsung series, the Samsung A12 series, Ok Before I, don't forget to like share and subscribe to the channel too. -Look for the latest casing: OK go straight to the first version, namely the Kies Samsung Duos A12 in blue. This is the class name Chester, gradient bias with blue like this. Now, let's just open this His first appearance for ice was in a blue and black color combination with the words Hello like that. This sat the special price I bought this around 56800 44 rupiah or sampir 57001. Stick crazy, shopee, later i will write.

What is the buy link in the interest section? Lear about how to attach it to the Samsung A12 cellphone. This is the first pair, top first, then bottom, like that. This is the first special with a shiny color. Maybe we check the secure part of the camera. Yes the camera is a little higher in the fall of the stalkface or fashion casing, The main part is if the performance is like this, which looks like a lemon. This audio input is for what charger number is for this Pepsi USB Type-C speaker at the edges, or at the same time the power button does not have dandruff, right? The power button is also for Mike and the upper part is empty. The grip is quite strong even though the softcase is checked for brakes.

There isn't any photos at all in Regita., More here, stop scratching or screen protector If the charge is good then this process must be obligatory. We have to clean it often because hopefully Ma'am will like it. This is the first love for the Samsung A12 suit, with blue combined with blue, so the making elements are also paddle offices without and blue on, top, Kennice gradation go to next only Ah, this cash Hey, that's the second dear for Samsung H12, This protective case with green color Usually like this watermelon gas, car gas., just open it and get rid of it. This appearance has the inscription Rugged Child. Plaid pattern looks like that with a soft case, but this is my softcase,.

What are the parts near the camera on the side like this? There is a sort of protrusion like this, then the upper right side is partially inside like this. This cash I purchased the price for about 59,000 so close to 2003, Snowman Koko also looks like this. For the first time on the Samsung A12, the typical appearance has been installed. This is box - Parts - Box that says A said that this is the segment of the emergence Its distinctive appearance is that we find it safe to protect the camera. This is a bit of a problem, as we have put the red walnuts on the table like that and we continue to check the pot, yes, of course.

Basically with a position like this sometimes seems to hold on to the side, the fingerprint button as well as the power button like this, the volume up button also picks the top delicious and explodes the side is empty, What we have confirmed is that the problem is the pinworm protective case,. If we put the bag on the table, it doesn't really come out to the bottom and immediately like this. This time we just got a little shrugged for Samsung A12. If we are informal like this, OK next time go to the next, after cash, Samsung, A12, lion, rugged cell, Ken next, a little, then I will charge the third, with this separation. There is an original 100% product, blue tofu or multi-protective.

So that is his first characteristic appearance with autofocus writing like this, It's fun to be premium, but it's the same as a fake focus. The initial cash appearance of an agent is similar to that with some sort of triangles. The Ultimate experience, Samsung A12 Now. Let's just try to install it on our Samsung Adobe Flash cell phone. This time the top is installed. This usually is after a softcase, with an appearance like this, with a texture with a state with God, a carbon reward like this, with this texture, like sense, tons or with river rocks, The camera needs to be a bit higher here from the smartphone of the Samsung A12, yes. If we place it in Medan, the problem is that the protective layer will fall like this, friends.

Fingerprints, as well as the power button, part of the volume up and down, OK. If the Centra is a strong drink, it is sturdy. If we put a table bag like this, there are a few more lips, it seems comfortable for our 12 series. This time the barrel should not be branded autofocus bro,. The drink is also pretty good, as the voltage doesn't rise too much like this. Why does the sketch that believes in the next third SM goes to the next? This is my next Nick SD, with this Samsung softcover cover, This is the usual Samsung - species, because I just opened it. Open each of these distinctive features,. So you don't need a knife - there's an inscription like this, just interested in the service fee. Really this looks like a good, comfortable technique with thick premium and on the edges.

There is an inscription Samsung Stein Hai. What kind of logo is that? Let's just install it with this software for our Samsung A12, this time with a QS Star cash bonus like this. Man, that's good, isn t it? The casting was different from default cash provided when I bought it like this. The appearance of the cast is pretty good. There are corners too, but it's kind of like a bumper like that, I do not know how much it costs if we buy it. Let's now check the camera, protector. Do we put a desk bag? It looks like it is going to hit here yesterday, OK, let’s check out the ports, which are definitely good. This problem is from Samsung, it's official, it's not right here.

It is also not clearly visible in the section for the Fingerprint button, If we are Pony season 12, it doesn't mean that it is freestyle, but also the handset is front. If the front is like this, play ti, the grip is also high, even though the soft case is useful. When the grip comes loose, this means it is from the cellphone. Try to put this table, it is a good glue. It does not go directly to a type of lip. Moreover the fourth XL has about nine tests for Samsung A12 CV. The texture is nothing now, it's all done, although it's short it's successful. What is the next after the cash, how many tons are the fourth The next value for a Samsung A12 is a cash robot with a gold color here just opens it, It is sometimes seen that the hard case is the same as the softcase.

This part here Harvest, the inside looks like this can be opened,. This is a fact, get rid of what separates this part. If we only install it one plug and play, there is some kind of way to improve the inside like that. There is an Ultimate Experience. There is also a Samsung A12, with a little texture like this. , as for the Samsung A12 Series with gold color. When asked about the protective case,. We check the pot like this and the special food, perhaps for those of you who use the case often, you already know that the body is like that and the edges are open, The lumen is open so it doesn't close and the volume starts at the top of the microphone. Then the corners give an angle like a serration like this. It's a kind of toothed part Yes.

The grip is definitely super strong, singing is easy to get off. If there is, please give a table, sehin Don't know right away. The typical appearance for our Samsung A12 series now. This time is in gold with this combination. There is something like this at the top here, there is a texture like carbon-carbon and Tini also has a look at the cash inside, the softcase so that it doesn't come out until we get to it.. We have to go to the next one after the Cash Robot for Pop, which means Samsung A12, with gold color. This time let it be, and it is almost the same, yes 47,000 of our scenes, 48,000 I, bought How about I, put the link in the description OK, next go to the next one.

For the next Nexmedia, for the Samsung E12, I just opened it to make sure it was clear, like that, eroding the kefir for this license, with jeans styles, can take black, other colors, normally quite a lot, There are black, red and blue. I just ordered it to be colored then there's trison. The Mistylook is a success here in the style of these jeans motifs with the trunk upright, reshack estrus, the body part is soft and soft. Let's try to attach it to Samsu Oops, our medicine. After installing the red NK closest to it. This type of sewing costs. Hey, with a distinct appearance. Let’s just check the camera protector, it looks like this, even though the steel parts fall or these phases don’t hit the camera right away. If we put it directly the camera is Stein B.

The charge is pretty safe for the microphone. Nothing is closed like this, then the top is friend, this part is. If front is more, if you already know that it will fall here after cash or fashion, which is evenly distributed with our cellphones. This island of grip is what technical standards are fashion: cash or steel cast Hi. We get cash for around 37,000 this time, and Tennessee goes on to the next. Since after this beer, gas, Nexmedia to me, with the name usually met sustenance, if let's see that most of us are circulating here, with the edges having a texture like this, cash, clear anti-slip, the button has some kind of gear, like this on the inside. I bought 47,000 with its trademark name, qrp I qrp earlier. The long, drink proof.

The texture is also part of the back turnings out. The plastic turned out to be sticky, so it's a bit hard too, good friend, seems to be a typical now. Try to plug it into our Samsung A12 this time. It says you start to fall, not a starkes protective cash,. It turns out to be different from most of the cast whos name is health and I forgot the name of Ati. This has a jagged texture, so this time Cin Okay. The mic is certainly closed and the button is safe, especially with red colored one like this. Let's now look at the part just front. Is the front fixed or not? Lastly, check what part is called the soda drink story? The problem is that the protective drop also is at a pretty good price of 47,000 and that's what looks like the test.

If we put half the screen, it's okay, it's roughly with Samsung's touch, or this fortune is roughly with the red button shop on the front. Now it is comfortable, got the next test, including the next test. They are still practicing and protesting, but with different textures and images from al-alaq carbon skin with glass parts behind the people, as the front is the inscription Sams ung A12 Okay. This part of the softcase is almost the same as the color of the first test. Its typical appearance with cash. Tempered glass is really good, with a carbon texture of black and white, black and white like this. If there is a problem with the camera protector as an amateur accident, the star falls cash or SMS. The problem is that the front part is distributed equally.

If you can give anti-ditch, if you want the cellphone to die, okay, this is the typical appearance of the creator on a table like this at the same price as before at this price, 47 Feni is more manageable. It turns out that this is 56,000, so about 57,000, close to 60,000 later the best SMP with a carbon texture like this goes in the next jar. I didn't test for the Samsung E12 this armor case. The price will be saved for a while rnya 10 streets, The average is near Abdul'tan. Oh yes, Mike Snowman is good too. This brand writing is extremely. Some of them seem to come out or to focus on premium as well with a carbon-carbon texture like this, different from cheap casts. You just try to install a Samsung, Adobe Flash cellphone. We have to make the top part down again, okay.

It is like a doctor and Eva holds it nicely. Let's check the stomach, the hotspot is non-fiction, and there is also a closed one. We check the front, just the front Yes, the grip also makes armour tests, for example, but the weakness here could be because the fourth one is likely with a fingerprint for more instructions. This Thursday, even though, if we put this table bag, there is a little excess. We are immediately curious about what it is that causes us to be hungry. He looks like I hope for the Samsung A12 Series, the average price is 47 thousand, The original Samsung is the cash driver. A12 Okay Before I end I will not forget to like share and subscribe to the Gadgetgaul channel so that it can be done also.

Bitte write in the comments column, now I am left Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, hi, hi.

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