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This time we will review a smartphone from Samsung - the Galaxy a8s version of the exynos 850 processor. It is the rest of the old stock that still uses TV 35 media, It won't be long before we do Revina ; but before that, don't forget to click the Subscribe button, activate the ring and follow VCD social media guys. Let's discuss the secret of this 12 version of Samsung Excel 850 OK Guys, This is the Samsung Galaxy a8s version of the Exynos 850 and what we are storing. If I think it is really cute and we do a buff in this instance after using it for about two weeks. So we will make money on this occasion and if, for example, we can be honest about the advantages. In , first, with the update of the MediaTek p35 processor to xs850 - performance from Samsung Galaxy A12.

This has improved in particular the gaming sector because HP35 is more limited for gaming while on the XS850, we showed that the chemical test is possible, but it's true that the type needs a little improvement in terms of software from Samsung. If you want to use it for scrolling, social media, you want to use it for other things, Guys, Gio, it is okay to perform for the daily performance, in my opinion. If the 628 is definitely smoother for multitasking, then the camera quality from the Samsung Galaxy Oh, I believe that this ablation is really good. The quality is really good and for a range of 2 million is OK. This is a test of the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Oh, abs.

If, for example, we are exposed to direct light and we get blacklisted like this and I think it is Emirates, it's really cool the quality of the front camera on the Samsung A12 is here. Please continue to post comments here for the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy 12 : okay, guys This is a test of the rear camera from the Samsung Galaxy S2. If we are exposed to sunlight this, I think we are fine, it is more or less like this for the quality of the picture. This is a trial of the Ultra White camera from Samsung Galaxy A8. The video is like this, a photo of the microphone quality. If you would like to comment please, yes guys - the exynos version is more or less similar.

If we can use it indoors or maybe if you can make a video call, the picture looks like this, which is quite OK for the price, in my opinion. It's not that the color is still a bit pale but in my opinion it is okay for a price of 2,3 million yes and then revising, including this. This is only one room light here and please share a comment from the Samsung Galaxy A8 for the front. This is a test of the rear camera of Samsung Galaxy Oops, Please continue in the comments column. This is a trial of the Ultra White camera from the Exynos version of Samsung Galaxy A8s. comments, if we use it for shooting Indonesia, Although the quality of the single speaker is trying for sound characteristics, it is OK, even though it is not loud, like that.

If you compare it to the price of HP 2 These, millions of Samsung speakers are included, which are not loud for volume. But in my opinion, the audio quality produced is good and it's enough to use Entertainment News, such as listening to Spotify songs, Note for those of you who watch Netflix, it simply upports L3 so he can't watch XT. The next advantage in terms of battery life is the Samsung Galaxy, a 12, where the battery life is very durable. So it's really durable in the sense that you have to worry about it using it all day to save the battery and it's really comfortable, especially when you use 80 m for the XL 850, it's even more economical than the P35, which is 1200 m,. Then the next advantage from the security features offered by Samsung Galaxy A12, thank you.

Then there is also the facial unlock, which, in my opinion, is good for accuracy. In terms of design and quality of Samsung Galaxy A12, I. Vest is really rough and it's really nice to hold and the design is pretty good, even though it's sometimes a bit boring on the front. But on the back due to the texture, the message is better and the police skin is also really solid. Let's talk about the shortcomings of the exynos version of Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone. The first drawback is in terms of the quality of the display panel provided by the Samsung Galaxy A 12, even though it is indeed a demon, guys. Yesterday I touched my Samsung Note 3S even worse than the Samsung Galaxy a 12, but this Samsung Galaxy A12 still can't cover it.

When we talk about the charging time on this cellphone, it also supports only 15 Watt Charging, which is not fast enough for this cell phone to charge, where this cell phone takes around two and a half hours to fully complete the innovation to 100%. It takes two and a half hours, so I'm really sorry, Eh, for the price of 2 million HP. At least in my opinion, he can support what is called 18watt and or at least, even if 15w it can be faster to two hours. This issue appears in the MediaTek p35 version or not in Excel S850. We are field dancers, but speed can be up and down up and down is quite drastic, yes, to download data, yes. Yesterday we downloaded game data. It is not stable for WiFi speed, but it doesn't break If so.

It is not stable for the wifi connection, even though it is a shame at the cost of 2 million HP, I. If I experience it, I need to tell you, so that you all buy them, experience the same issue. If you are not confused why isn't there anything to discuss this time, yes? Yes, Samsung, for the price of 2 million HP. It is a pity that there is no NFC in it, even though it lowered the price now. If you want to take MP 6 128, it is better for you to take Samsung Galaxy m22, it is much better than the Samsung Galaxy, a 12 in my personal opinion, yes But if, for example, you take the 428, yes it is time for you to accept the pluses and minuses of this cellphone, we will enter the closing immediately conclude Is this cellphone worth buying nuclear or not hi.

Thanks for watching their video How is the quality of this exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy, a 12 is it up to your expectations or not? According to your expectations, please write your opinion in the comments if According to the DVD justatee for The Samsung Galaxy, a 12 version of Excel is included here for the day use, particularly for the 4 and 128 GB RAM variants. Looking to play heavy games or maybe you guys, who don't really want to have a cellphone huh? Because of the price drop, Samsung Indonesia dropped the price of 2 3 semesters, 4, 2299. Yes, it's more or less down by 100,000, guys, and if you only ask about the others? For this price, it is better for you to save a little more ; take the Samsung, Galaxy m226.

Think it's better than the Samsung Galaxy a 12 while compared to other brands, or a better deal than Asia 12 friends, but yes. There may be a compromise in the content of advertisements or other things, such as software which may not be optimistic, etc. : - and don't forget to like this video!.

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