The Galaxy Z Fold 4 Killer Vivo X Fold Unboxing & Hands-On - Galaxy User Guide

I'm a huge fan of foldable phones. I have a Mate x2 and this has for me the best hardware you could get for a foldable right now, but we've now got the new top dog, which is the vivo x fold. This phone in my two days now, testing it out, is absolutely fantastic and I'll run you through the unboxing in a little bit of depth on it. Here take a look at the camera performance and an overall detailed first impressions of this folding and why I think this now has the best hardware. So it automatically converts from being a phone into a tablet: eight inches when you open both screens 120 hertz.

Both have end screen fingerprint readers and it does have the snapdragon 8gen1 powering all that and it even has a periscope camera, with the camera setup on the back - it's some seriously impressive hardware and a complete package. So vivo x-fold got from shenzhen trading. It took about 10 days to get here from China to Spain and no taxes to pay for it, so they also included a power adapter which I'm not showing. Let's get this unboxed. The optics is Zeiss and it also has a special coating on it, the x-fold in its open state. It's like a faux suede finish to it and nice presentation of the extras. This has oh look at that two Type c: port on it and 80 watts, and it's a flick out so two prong style china or us.

These will Obviously be type c, so NES style is good to have and what else, an x / c cute card there. Some vip thing, sim tray tool and a little bit of paperwork, then our cable, so that's type c to type c cable for charging it of course, and recently good length to that. So the outer screen here is about 6.53 inches and it is 21 by 9 aspect ratio. It is a normal Aspect Standard - - ratio. So the fingerprint reader here really works really well and this is what really makes it. If you've got locked and opened it up, there's also an inner fingerprint reader so pressing that it opens up and it's exactly the same.

It's very fluid, as you can imagine it would be at 120 hertz and when you close the screen, then close the phone, but I do believe through the configuration you can set it up so to pull up whatever app you are in to resize it or reload it onto the outer screen so it can still be used, then of course, as a normal phone and that fingerprint reader. It's almost like vivo, with the x-folded here, and just copied almost cloned what we have with the mate x2, so very similar the thickness of both of them. When the x fold is closed here, it is 14.6 millimeters of thickness, not including the camera bump and unfolded. It's quite thin as you can see, and then uh the buttons on the side of the camera would focus there.

We go around in there and the volume up and down they are made of metal, very good feel to them so curved. We have that vegan leather here on the back and I do like the look of this within our camera module, so main 50, megapixel, camera, f, 1.8 and I've used this one in the x 80 Pro plus that I used to have a periscope. They managed to fit that in, but the Huawei also has a periscope camera here. So that's why they're a little bit similar, even though there are okay different designs here with the camera modules, ultra wide 48 megapixels and a 12 megapixels two times optical. Giving that a bit of a flex- I don't want to bend it or anything like that, but it is solid. The good thing about it is the fold crease.

You don't really see it at certain angles, I will have it show on now the longer you have it open, the less. The folding mechanism feels very similar and there is not much crease here running your finger over it. You don't really feel it that much and then the board around the outside seems flat. When you close it, it is flat like what we have with the vivo, and we have the same style border closed flat again, and here on the bottom, you see, we have a loudspeaker type c now I have not been able to take video from this out and I'm not too sure why I do not think it supports it. When it comes to foldables, of course with that Snapdragon 8 gen 1 that I'll show you a few benchmarks later on IR transmitter mic and then on the loudspeaker so both of these are very good quality.

You have a phone and tablet in one now we do have a slider switch on the side of it too, which is really good. I don't notice too much as I am quite a big fan of 90 hertz on this model because it is that perfect combination between battery saving and fluidity. We here you can force it to the 60, but there's no 90 hertz option you'll see under the display here when I just get into that here. You have the option to force it mainly to 120, but no 90 or smart switch this much, which only goes between 60 and 120, but I would have preferred that 90, which is really good now I will give you here at the screen.

You can see it's very good, very clear, although there are some funny analyzing happening, that's just with my camera and my lens but it's a great amazing looking screen very good animations, don't seem to show any lag and with the Mate x2 and the same story here is a very good screen and I really like them and it's just this notch running my finger over. It barely feels and I'll say with the vivo - it's about the same or maybe a little bit more. But when it's unfolded and you leave it for a long time the fold seems to pop up even more and you just don't see it, especially straight on so this hardware is just superior to the Z-fold 2 and of course the zip fold 3, which are almost identical and if you are concerned about whether this model is going to work with 5g in Europe.

My Sim card is with orange and I don't have a problem with 5g here. It is working, fine and even 4g with lte band 20. Some things like these widgets they have which they like to call Nano kits, that's the name for them. No, it doesn't want some things that you want to remove. I just can't seem to remove a few of the widget applications and that's kind of annoying to me for the apps, app drawer here, because if I go in and say I don't want the kiddie mode here or Jovi voice, which is the ai thing and that's some of the chinese apps, so I’ll hold it down and then put it in a folder. The other is a scaling now look at the scanning of Google Play Store here. So imagine if I wanted to set it at a smaller dpi.

It's just not possible so a lot of restrictions are with the software, so I am on the latest firmware and it's origin is Android 12 based so there are no restrictions for google. Like you get mate x2, one of the reasons to go for it, there's been two big firmware updates: optimized ui and some of it, but yeah. But when you first find it from box here, my one I got from the trading shenzhen so, of course, it was shipped from China. This is just meant for the domestic market, therefore not an international release. That is why we have all these blackwater apps and it takes a long time, so that you can remove about 70 of the apps and you're left with those others, and as I mentioned before, it is you're stuck with it. As a result, it gets a huge score when it comes to Antutu.

That's really good fantastic performance, aided probably by the fact that it does have a larger space. I only got about five and a half hours of screen time. There are good speeds it does support wifi level, one I've installed from Amazon and I'm no better than that it's only in standard definition netflix I haven't tested yet that might be in full hd. Well for obvious reasons, when you fold that phone uh there's no way they could have the camera in the middle with a mechanism? It irritated me at first, quite a bit especially coming from this really nice looking screen with no annoying cutout or anything. To look at that then was bothersome and it's taken me a while to sort of ignore it now, which I can do, but it's not really too much of an issue in there so benchmarks.

Those are just the initial first benchmark there that it is fast, it's a monster, but the better life is going to be an issue with the keyboard of it now. What is it like to type on, so it takes up half of the screen here. I can resize this so I am using gboard from Google. You can use the vivo keyboard, that's there and it's of course an option and it's probably better actually designed for this.

That is pretty quick and what about the outer screen so swap over to that and use the keyboard just to show you that it is actually better on the outer screen that keyboard for a quick audio test, comparing it to the Mate x2 and why this model, because that's the only foldable that I own, I sold my fold Two now youtube performance here, very smooth, the scrolling on the outer screen with the x-fold and then the Mate x2 and ah well, I am in an app different here. App works, fine but I want to listen to the speakers of course here so long test. The x-fold speakers are a little bit richer with the vivo, sounding better bass, slightly more flatter sounding with the Huawei Mate x2, not as good bass, and maybe a tad louder on the Huawei.

I wish it was a little louder here on the x-fold speakers, but they sound good and I like the fact that when I touch the outer screen, I see how it is not rocking around. When I touch the x here, you can see that it rocks a little bit of multitasking on the x fold. 2 is great, so that you can have simply apps in little windows and drag them wherever you want and still do things in the background. You can run certain apps also if it is supported in the split screen. Sorry, but I need to select this correctly and go to split screen all right. Any other way I want to do is that drm info bring that up . I can drag and resize this as needed and it has pretty good performance all round.

But again it will depend on the app and you can see that you do get these options and move them between. One of the key reasons I think is to go for a foldable phone over a normal one. Is it just all that extra space? I personally use my foldable phone, mate x2 as a tablet, much- and I don't even touch my tablets anymore because foldables are the future and then when you do you fold it up put it in your pocket and if you want it very brief then look at what it is like to play this game on X fold. It's in a multiplayer game here and I believe it's up against um bots here and looks really good, very immersive. The speakers sound great because I have them either side here at the top.

Now I could rotate it around and play it like that, but to me it's more comfortable having the vegan leather back here, the camera module and controlling it. It's quite comfortable in that way and, of course, this game scales fully and runs a resolution with an aspect ratio that does match the screen. Really immersive pubg also scales up and looks just fine on this phone and it runs really well again really immersive experience and I've lost almost all my health. Now it is the ultra frame rate option. Hopefully the developers will add this and being of course a chinese phone, I'm pretty sure they will later on.

You can also download the HD or Ultra HD Pack, but you won't be able to exceed that 60 frames per second cap, but even at 60 it feels nice and smooth down the sides here. Now this is the front camera of the outer screen and you can see that it shakes around. It does not have electronic image stabilization so it is exactly like the vivo x70 pro plus, and I believe that even the vivo x80 does not have electronic image. Stabilization with the front camera looks at times a bit overexposed.

There is a fix that just like the galaxy zed fold you can use the rear cameras if you fold it open and now as selfie cameras, so you get the 4k 34k 60 electronic and optical image stabilization of the main sensor and you can also use the ultra wide 2 and even 8k, if you wanted to so that's why I am not too concerned about the outer and inner selfie cameras, not having electronic image stabilization. First, with the ultra wide or main camera you can not swap over to the ultrawide, then the main camera, so any zoomer that I now use is digital and it does not switch over to the two times camera there.

So we have optical and electronic image stabilization with that main 50 megapixel sensor, I'm just going to zoom in here two times and back to the main camera stabilization just jog ahead. It is quite steady now and the audio bit rate is 156 Kilobits per second as I pan, the video seems smooth, but occasionally I can see a few small jutters coming in as the exposure changes. It now uses electronic image stabilization, the ultra wide. It doesn't have that micro, Gimbal technology. Hopefully, that's coming in the x80 pro plus when vivo does it. I will try to review that one as well, but there is good electronic image stabilization here.

So it looks like my Huawei Mate x2 may be replaced with this phone hardware, smart, fantastic and I think Samsung are going to have a tough time beating this. They probably have the stylus, of course, which this is lacking, but this phone simply has it all, wise, fantastic, the screens, both are now battery life. It looks like well bad point of foldables, and that has always been the case. It is about a five and a half hour battery time with it. Now I do manage the 90 hertz and the more efficient I think, kieran processor, that is in the Huawei mate x2. I managed to get a little bit more out of that one, sometimes six and a half hours out of it, than what I hope you will get out of this phone here.

It's the fact that you can't hide some things, there are a lot of Chinese apps that are a bit of a pain. The scaling of it can't really be changed. Some apps seem a little too big in dpi so you can't really lower this down. This is a brilliant foldable phone here from vivo. Well done, they really did it thank you a lot for watching this hands-on and unboxing of the xfold..

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