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In 2019, we finally received 5g with this phone, which was actually the first to launch with it. Motorola tried to do this with their mod, but this doesn't count the samsung s10 5g as the first phone with 5G built in, but is it worth considering? Okay, now they're here, let's get started, while the hole punch is annoying in this phone. This is a 6.7 inch, curved amoled display with a screen resolution of 3040 by 1440, making 505 pixels per inch like the Samsung S10 and the Note 10 series. We are stuck with 60 Hertz, refresh rate which is fine, but a little weird now.

Certainly a higher refresh rate would be better, but we do get a little over 500 nits with a peak brightness of a thousand nits in direct sunlight and we get the width of this phone, which is weird to say that it just works for some reason. Well, in my case, we don't get a hole, punch but more of a pill punch in the top left, but the screen size almost makes you forget that it's there, the screen is curved, but it's an s-series curve. Of course, if you don't like a larger screen, you can always go with the normal s10 even though these phones can sometimes cost more to buy. We do get gorilla glass 6 but you can see that it doesn't really mean anything other than drop resistance other than the 60 Hertz refresh rate in the pill punch.

I always felt that this is some sort of something we need a wider phone, regardless of the screen size kind of like the Nexus 6, I am tired of seeing skinny tall phones consuming content is actually pretty good on here because most of the stuff you see is between 20 to 60 frames per second anyways. We do get some software extras like edge panels, which I don't really care for but we do get double jumped to wake and sleep with the always on display pretty much all the time going on. The last thing we have is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which is OK.

Personally, I stick with Face Unlock but the scanner does work decently fast but becomes almost useless with a glass screen protector on, unlike most optical scanners, the pill doesn't really make sense to me, but it does make the phone sound like the smaller s10 plus, but at least it doesn't ruin the experience you get on screen. Also this is pretty much the largest one you can get besides the modern ultra-sized galaxy s, phones, like the screen. Like I said in the beginning, this was the first 5g phone to launch, but it doesn't make it the best.

It is kind of weird because the memory is ufs 2.1, just like the Samsung S10 Plus which allowed for a one terabyte version by both way, both performance of all these chips are super fast and reliable, even with Android 11 planned, but for some reason the s10 5g seems to get updates slower than others. For some reason, signal was never an issue personally and I would sometimes beat 5g phones whenever I would test it, but it is just strange to see it say 5g, even though it never really has 5g. For some reason, we get the iconic s10 camera setup and moving to the frame we get a shiny aluminum. I get a microphone and sim card tray on top which are not expandable like I said. The Bixby button was weird because I can't remember the last time I actually used it on this phone.

Lastly, we have another microphone: Usbc, 3.1 port and an old headphone jack - sure, the headset jack isn't too mind-blowing for sony - users, but this is a Samsung phone ip68 water resistant and technically the last flagship phone from Samsung to feature a headphone jack. While this is a pretty large phone, it does come in at 198 grams, which sounds like a decent amount of weight but actually feels pretty light in daily use similar to the screen aspect. Eight gigabytes of ram is good, but some may feel that it is not enough, especially for an expensive phone like this.

The 5g and the battery don't really go together on paper, but the 5g that we get today isn't really as good as we thought and the battery life doesn't get tastified because of that the processor is good, not the best but perfect for even heavy gaming. 256 gigabytes of storage is perfect even for today's standards. While it is ufs 2.1 not 3.0 or higher, I did question it because the phone still loads Everything is super fast overall, well-rounded phone at the price point, but I guess you can find better devices out there at the cheaper used price. The front cameras are interesting because one is a focusable, 10 megapixel sensor that I love to see and is shared with the s10 series.

Besides the s10 lite, the other camera is a 3D depth camera, which is weird because you would assume it is used for portrait shots, but Samsung says it isn't. We do get portrait videos so maybe just for that either way the shots are amazing, as you would expect from a focusable sensor, not to mention that we get 4k at 60 frames per second from this sensor. Both standard sensors focus and have optical image stabilization. The last sensor is a 3D depth camera which cannot be used by you other than through portrait, video which is an exclusive s10 5g. But of course, this is not true as a software update brought this into other s10 phones so the s105g isn't a fun fact anymore.

As for video recording the same as the front camera at 4k with 60 frames per second, there are most software features that I skip like single shot. [Music]... like you, I would expect from a flagship, samsung phone, it's a pretty good camera for day and night usage, even though it does allow room for improvement, but it would be really hard to say that this camera system is horrible or useless, even though you can use only four of the six cameras. On resetting my review of this phone, the hope was that 5g was the future. I mean, we actually don't get 5g in most areas because the phone doesn't really support mid or low band 5g like most phones do today. I mean it is strange to see lg velvet come closer performance wise to this phone with a much faster 5g.

In our area I mean 5g but it is very unlikely to even find millimeter wave 5g in your area, and that's assuming you have Verizon or a carrier that supports 260 and 261. We then get 256 gigabytes of non-expandable storage, a larger 4500 milliamp battery and a headset jack. This section questions whether this phone is the future because here we are in 2022 and a lot of these features are either almost useless or flawed. But it's just funny for me how much could change in three years and this phone did so much just for most of it to not matter, then we look at the little things like the software, while not all s10 models get Android 12. This phone feels like it is almost forgotten, put in the back burner, because the sales for this phone were probably pretty low.

I hope to get Android 12 in the next few months, but this definitely doesn't make me feel confident that Samsung thinks that this phone is the future. This is because literally a day after writing this review a notice popped up to allow me to update the page. I still tried to clean it and still nothing, that's why this message has been around throughout the whole time, so yeah, not sure if the update is actually a good thing, but what's new from samsung, I mean this is the same samsung that says that you should check out the note 25g even though they don't sell it anymore.

I hope that this phone continues to be one of the best Samsung phones with an amazing screen, specs and headset jack, but I have a feeling that samsung and I do not have the same outlook on the future of this phone. Although there are many reasons to buy this phone ironically, 5g is not one of them. I still prefer this design to a lot of other modern day designs. Flagship Phones - and I wish other companies would follow this design. Don't just copy the pill punch, please at under 300. I would definitely say that this phone is worth it, and if you want a smaller screen, then the s10 and the s10 plus will work, even though they do not have any 5g. That was the end of my review of the samsung s10 5g in 2022, the 5g phone that doesn't really have usable 5g does 5g matter to you.

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