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Hello guys, David is here and this is the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. The problem is that if you look at the price, the Galaxy A73 is always targeted at those of us who "have more money... always being... a tease of people who are actually compatible with the Galaxy A5, but are still being pushed around," You sure, you don't want to add to the Galaxy A7? Moreover, use it for the long term, right? So folks, that is a very dangerous language, folks. Usually I still recommend taking the A5 because it's the most valuable. By adding about one million to 1 and half million from A53, we will get a cellphone that has a pretty good upgrade. The problem is that the Galaxy A73 uses Snapdragon 778G - Boss.

The chipset is much better for me than the Exynos on the Galaxy A53 in terms of performance, efficiency, camera processing, Snapdragon 778G is better everywhere. It makes the A73 feel as though there is a leap from the A53, It's not just bigger or the camera resolution is more than the A53, there's something even more. Even when I play lightly MLBB games for example, we instantly feel that the graphics settings can be of a higher quality, at a frame rate that can be 120Hz, If you want to play PUBGM you can also play at the smooth extreme setting, 60 fps is already unlocked because the 778G is already very experienced, It's efficient and the performance is super stable. The cellphone does not get hot. We can get an average frame rate of 40 fps.

No less important is that the A73 temperature is cool. The hottest part is only 39 degrees on the screen, while the back is just about 35 degrees. The Snapdragon 778G once again makes us smile. That's why I enjoyed it kind of a bit when I didn't use the Samsung A53 yesterday. This cellphone has a capacity of 8GB that can be added practically using the RAM plus feature to an additional 8GB. In addition to a faster engine, the Galaxy A73 still has other parts, even more so, yes, it's classic, for example the size is bigger, but I don't know if everyone will fit this or not. He's more full of hands, because the screen size is wider, 6.7 inches. Watching is more satisfying, playing games is easier, typing is more agile, playing social media is tighter... But even more so.

The panels are cute, super AMOLED, Full HD+ resolution, and the refresh rate is 120Hz, which is speeding up. It is precisely this size factor that made him choose the A7 over the A5, not the chipset. It comes to power, it doesn't really matter. If you have doubts about whether or not the A73 is too big, you can go to an offline store to fit it in your hand. You can watch this video or other series. It is typical for Galaxy A Series. Pastel?, [Cameramen]: Pastel, like that which is not too flashy, like the current color trend. Even though the back body is made of plastic, the feel can still feel luxurious. The texture is smooth and a bit slippery. For the color variant that we're discussing, it is called Awesome Mint.

There are also other variants called Awesome Gray and Awesome White. On the left we will find the power and volume buttons. There is a hybrid SIM, a tray and a microphone. There is nothing, just plain and there is a microphone, USB type, C port and speakers below. Here there is an empty section that does not have a headphone jack. Only good news is that the speakers on this mobile already have a stereo system, the one below here and the earpiece in the upper corner, so that the sound is crisper and better. There is also Dolby Atmos software to make the sound more vibrant. It's NFC, of which - this cellphone already has 7 million boss! And not less important, which has always been the strongstay of the Samsung A5 and A7.

This Galaxy A73 also has a certified IP67, which means it is dustproof and safe if it is immersed for 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water. Features like this already feel like flagships. Yet it doesn't support wireless charging. Perhaps people can gossip if he is already a flagship. Put it that way, charging woah flagship, right? It feels like a flagship, right, it's thin because it is the same as the Galaxy S22. The Galaxy A73 does not even come with a charger head in the sale package. The battery capacity itself is certainly the biggest among the A series. It's already 5000 mAh and it supports 25 Watt SuperFast Charging. We must remember that we buy the charger ourselves. When I tried to test using a 65 Watt third party charger, I used a type C to type C cable.

If, the full 1 hour 20, minutes. Meanwhile, for the battery life itself, it is pretty, playing Genshin at the lowest setting, so that it consumes half an hour of battery to get only 9%. Great capacity, feels. The resolution is also made larger than the others. The main camera is 108MP, there is also OIS. The main lens is accompanied by a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 5MP macro camera and a 5MP portrait camera with a 32MP front camera. When you are taking a photo for an outdoor, The color light is good. The contrast is good, the details are good, the dynamic range is wide, and there's nothing lacking. The HP of 7 million now has to be good. If the indoor is good, fortunately. Details can still be maintained and the colors are also pleasing to the eye. And for low light photos.

The photos still look pretty bright and still sharp too. The OIS is really useful to make the image more stable, Sip. For front camera recording This is a fairly typical feature on Samsung's flagship,. The front camera is pretty for recording, I have a conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. If you have more money, is it worth it to add the Galaxy A53, even the Galaxy A52s, which won the recommendation at that time? The price is 6 million, a million additional feels that it is still appropriate to get that. The gaming performance is actually okay, it is loud and cool. It makes you feel at home,. The battery life is pretty good, but charging a maximum of 25 Watts can't be said to be fast.

The screen is Samsung's flagship AMOLED 120Hz, distinct design, pleasing to the eye, pleasant to hold, lots of features, gorgeous camera with OIS. If we look it backwards, it is not the same as the bottom, but the same as the top. The A73 5G Galaxy can also be an alternative to a flagship cellphone. If you don't want to spend a lot of money for a 15 million flagship, then the Galaxy A73 is really enough to satisfy many needs. This is the GadgetIn review for Samsung Galaxy A73, 5G! If you like this video, dislike it, if you don't like it and we will meet again in the next video. It's already series A, closed caption once a year by Hopefully there are still A53s, [David] : Ohya A53s..

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