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Hello, Assalamualaikum, WhatsApp Bands I want to review the smartwatch from Samsung that I had previously and this is the latest one. This is the old version,, Here is the newest Feet Two Ah for Fit. It only plays a review role. I don't think so. I'm Devi, it's first power! If the fit is TNI, it is actually yellow, I bought the stretch. It is because the yellow color is broken. So I bought a strategy to replace the red colour because I like the red, color., The original stretch broke The flooding in the cave, the spare changed and we'll see the difference between fishes and Fit Putu. The difference in terms of touchscreen is considered touchable, so it means - Knock, no, turn it on, like. There is a BPM hatr step in the test, ed, it is sleeping.

No effect on gangsters are still detected using a different phone than the Galaxy Fit 2. What kind of notification story is that if it's just like this? Name of the notification just appears or not . Oh my hops didn't last long and I will try to connect it here from my cellphone here, but this is the setting of my iPhone 6 on the Galaxy Fit 2. So it is difficult to reset again., Yes, and I also suggest that Fit 2 is even better. If you like sports, use this Smartwatch. This Smartwatch. If you have Fit you don't have to bring your cellphone. This, Fitri has to take it because we use this watch like a cellphone to tkdn the follicle estimator V2 does not work. What's in it, what's in it? I can't turn it off, turn on Yasamak F2 so that I never use water.

The battery drops dead, and it's still being charged, yes. Games, the service is usually like this because the price is hundreds of thousands right, you can search,. How much does it cost, wish to mention the difference between the galaxy active, Medikid, started this blog, Here it is, it is involved, it is still good, the nut is not given. Only the cable is the same as the fit20 too Oh, so yeah for the Edwin feat. This one is the output from last year above the normal Galaxy Fit and two kefir, only more ih. It's cool normal fit. With this video if it's for fit, Eh I. Think it's a gig, Samsung Board potato. My fate is a gadget review, so overall I am good for vit e Hey ah. That's the motivation, but what is lacking is the wrong tone of the music player.

Let's see, yes, the domain has been raised, I'm a big Sanex doll, yes, because Ah, it is the same. Let's compare it, it's slimmer, loved. It's shifted, Anjir. Where is the DCT for this watch? If this is a touchscreen game, it is a touchscreen game so you don't knock for example,. The touch screen can't be an edition here. This is also touched There's no knock on the screen, How many SRs are running? Before you don't have to carry a cell phone if feet2 are annoying, even our girl wants to run. Can't, this cell phone can 't be set I have measured the hand discharge, for example Setu can't measure it because potatoes don't use it. There is now a stopwatch game, I wonder what is the bomb, what is this stockport, I just know, I don t know, I understand.

This is Nikita washing how many seconds for creation, because he has now copied the era. And vaccines also have something to do with washing our hands, right? How many hours of sleep do we have for this hearth? Here it is, here it is to control the music. This step is drinking,. Do we drink, now it's like this, and immediately confirm the cellphone, so connecting with the cellphone is quite easy, bent and raised my phone. It wasn't a decision, as Fit c is still a shame, but I decided to keep it detecting. Yes, move it detects it's not Fit product. This is Hi Hi, Hi, Hi Jovi ask for trade Move 2 The connector. We are looking for Galaxy labeled, Hi, here, gang, want to Hi, right,. This watch face can also be changed if there is a little feedback ; Uh, many of the watch faces are original.

Oh Oh. He can respond quickly. So if there is paint, you can immediately reply by alfigenk, yes, So what if it's for my health that I can't explain how to enter it into a Vita games cellphone, because Uni already connected the name: Fit, usually Fit2u, to backup everything, I've done from Fitri, Cave 20. This cave is so easy to find a rope. Virgin Oh just found a watch strap like this. It's almost the same as Evi's foot2 technique. We can sweep the cellphone if it's LG, Wow, where is it [Music] Hi? We can adjust the contrast from here. It told you to read two hehehe. There is a music player. Hey, gangster, I’m first searching for the song.

It's a Samsung song so that it is not copyrighted, Woi Now, today’s music player Day uh uh [Music] Wulan can turn on the next verse, What else are you doing, skip the movie hi Mei Hey, here's the final key to the original game : I'm confused, I'm, stopping this water, I? If that is the case, I can keep the dragonar cellphone away. Wait, i can find a drunk and this mode can be arduk. It restarts Hey granny, reloading, Let's take a moment to print out the doc. Look at the VCD on my cellphone on my watch about vibration, The? Hey, that was just from my mother.

Saying Eh Cream, let's see if there is an answer, isn't it hi? If the phone can't work, try a normal phone and wait for a regular phone credit, throw it away! Is there anyone who I want to reply to him, for example, an e-book? Please reply: Yes, try to call and we will turn off it We'll show our cellphone, but I will show the password to you, so that it can't continue. Useable'' Can Call Credits for incoming calls if you can't make a call If you can't, can't pick up you, can't Rizieq Aya in a few caves, The watch is just an incoming call, The helmet can't be rejected if Wa yes, if you call, it seems like you can So for feet2, I'm queen of the best, because I previously had vit-c, yes, Smartwatches talk more about plants.

Ah, ah, ah this may17 Hey, crazy fruit, hi, Boss, Boss Plus Let's see if I'm stressed or not. Exam Anis is more like Turkey. If we go to sleep it detects, so we do not have to use a cell phone. The rest of the list is OK, so for the vit e and its features,. This is what it looks like: like, again for the fit, I can't say clearer because to connect it again to my cellphone, it's complicated because this is right before the fat F, it uses VP. Nihan entered the line like that. If I move to VIP again, I decide to reset again and I back up, that is how complicated it is for humans, so that it's different from what I used to be. The dog did not mix it up. Up, didn't I update it -, it's like playing games, OK? Why I suggest you only for the price to Bigfoot,.

You can go directly to Samsung store and order it online. Thr 1.5 GB of RAM is the same, hi, Android Democrat,, the rest, hi, the Battery Life Ferry ahead with Yusuf and setting battlefy Ferry Efendi ngon news, both Anjir, you say Oh, but this one. There are only two, thirty-five lots. If you guys like bed sheet sport I, want to buy something more than this,. It is a bit active shift or I toll-free all sorts of things because I haven't yet done it, I still go to college. This money is also half dead, so I am very grateful for you. My letter, Kalianget, I have this collection, because collecting is also great, All this for a review of the Galaxy Fit smartwatch. If you want to buy, hurry up, this color is available in black and red.

If it is yellow, this white item I think it's still available here or should be a rank, warm VT and other Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit 2, I That's a calvit-d Galaxy Fit graph, 2 before, not before buying this, I bought the Vita, but the price is still the same, usually costs only hundreds. In the next video, watch the warrior game, it's a devil and don't forget to get vaccinated, but the ice cream is OK. It is up to you to stay healthy and wear a mask, Remember mom's message and to create cheese. Next video Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh PC.

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