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This is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra! I can easily decide,. If this S22 Ultra will be my main handset for the future. I will describe in this video all the reasons and of course, the one. The parts I don't like will also be told of course. The parts that I hope Samsung can develop. So that their heads don't get too big, keep praising them because of course this cellphone isn't perfect. I'll start talking about this cellphone from design. Let's talk about it up front to be relieved. If it's the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it is actually a disguised Galaxy Note... The name S is just a cover, as Samsung has apparently retired the name Note. If this HP really is a note the body shape is big. The weight is up to 228 grams with sharp angles. The corners are more curved.

For those who don't really follow the history of the Samsung cell phones, here. The comparison between the S and Note series is present here. This time it's in the form of a note, but the name is S. Then in the first impression of yesterday. Many have also commented that the sharp angle on the S22 Ultra is very similar to the Sony Xperia XZ and its Friends! There are also those who say that the shape is like a powerbank because there are indeed powerbanks with similar dimensions. I know! You can't even think about it! When I read the comments, I immediately thought : yes! What does not change my view that this HP design is handsome.. Yes, I showed a lot of Burgundy color variants yesterday, because that is Samsung's flagship color for the S22 Ultra.

When I then hold the green one for this review,. The impression is minimalistic. With the neatly arranged camera module design, there are no additional decorations, such as a box shape to wrap everything, nothing! Kipper Camera! Note design language is such. The term is... Ehm... Industrial! Nowadays it is trendy. The materials that Samsung uses for the body of the S22 Ultra are already premium. The front glass uses Gorilla Glass Victus +, which Samsung claims is 10% stronger than the already strong Gorilla Glass Victus. The frame around it also uses a material that is again claimed by Samsung as the strongest material that is being used today in HP, namely Aluminum Armor! How, is it pitted? I cannot be sure; The feeling of holding this cellphone feels already luxurious.

According to the price which is 20 Million plus minus, depending on the variant! It's just, of course, that no matter how strong the material, used I'm certain that I will still use the shell. I dared to drink the river. I didn't dare to leave my cell phone naked. That is a very brave person. On the right side of this cellphone, we can find the power and volume buttons. There is a microphone on the left. Only the antenna lines are visible. It is a dual SIM tray without expandable storage, USB type C port. There are speakers with a stereo system, because the speakers here are accompanied by earpieces up here, so the sound source can come from above and from below. I want to complain to Samsung about this. From the first...

Their cellphones want their bodies to be as big as tablets in the Fold3 as the S22 Ultra too and power feels sluggish compared to other flagships. From the detail to the bass, Samsung's cellphones are still not steady. It's simply okay to listen to songs. It is not bad, but it doesn't shake your head. Xiaomi has good speakers.. This is one of the reasons why I keep moving to the S22 Ultra. It has a lot of functions. This time you don't have to bother buying additional casings, etc. Want to fit our HP screen is still locked, We can quickly make notes. Mark, something in the picture? Document signature? Or write what other people are saying: "Oh yes, yes! Wow, yes, important. Yes, so that people can hear the words of people. XP would be curious to find the complete function.

There are many other channels that have been discussed. I know a lot of people who buy Samsung Notes simply because of the S-Pen. And for those who don't use the S-Pen very often, it is best to use later on. It's like a folding ladder, right? If you are not a handyman, A grateful that 1 has been stored at the warehouse,. You don't have to ask your neighbors who has it. Just talking about the design, it's already quite long. If HP is the daily driver like this, then there will be more stories to be told. No need to look far or wait long for good coffee because I always have Kapal Api Signature coffee ready to drink. Recently, I've been trying a new variant : Kapal Api Signature Strong Black Coffee! Take it from the fridge and open it right away, drink it right away...

Woah..., Talking about a strong HP like this. The coffee must also be strong. Feel energized immediately you! The taste of the coffee is also, naturally, steady. The taste of Kapal Api is very delicious, with natural palm sugar. In busy days like this Kapal Api Ready to Drink Coffee is indeed the most suitable for mood. Booster., Woah, now let's talk about another part. That is also the mainstay of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra...... Samsung flagships from the first has always been strong in the display section. This year it will be even stronger. This HP screen has a size of 6.8 inches. With a resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels. The panel is Dynamic AMOLED 2X, the peak brightness goes up to 1750 nits which is so bright....

It can easily make us see the contents of our cell phones under the sun, great! And the 120Hz refresh rate is even smarter with LTPO 2.0 technology, the maximum is still at 120Hz, but the minimum is down to 1Hz you know! The problem is that before this cellphone landed, the first generation LTPO screen had a minimum limit of 10Hz at the bottom and even then. It is still rare for cellphones to be used, only on flagship cellphones like Oppo Find, X3, Pro or.... It's difficult for me to remember. Make the battery even more efficient. And speaking of batteries, The power of the 5,000 mAh battery in the S22 Ultra is also safe to use it all day. Chat, watch Youtube, browse, play games every now and then.

The charging speed is also fast because Samsung's flagship cellphone is back on the right side. Receive power up to 45 Watts. I'm surprised a bit. S21 Ultra can only consume up to 25 Watts. This cellphone lasts about an hour and twenty minutes. It can be charged fully. Like a really good point, only 45 Watts. The cable is not stingy... just make sure to use a charger that can support 45 Watts. The problem is that Samsung has not given us any more charger heads in the sales package like the S21 yesterday. Next to this part I don't know whether it is controversial or not. Usually, Samsung phones made in Indonesia use Exynos. Why not just Snapdragon like in America? There have been many comparisons such as Mrwhosetheboss and others.

Come Indonesia keeps Getting Exynos? Ok, this year Indonesia finally got on the S22 Ultra, which is the most powerful version! Because this year the newest Exynos 2200 is quite interesting because they collaborate with AMD graphics. I'm also personally curious about Exynos. It's just after a lot of new rumors circulating on the internet, which say that Exynos'hype is too big. It's not appropriate, because the growth isn't that far from the previous generation, 2100... I'm so happy that I got Snapdragon.. Chips are more certain. If the Exynos turns out to be this good later on, I can only say, "Never mind, the 8 Gen 1 has a pretty good performance. Do we use it for, there is absolutely no problem. It runs smoothly, there's no such thing as waiting for a cellphone because it's slow.

The truth is that we are waiting for HP. But, especially for super-heavy games like Genshin and Impact, I still love Samsung a bit because the performance seems to be held back since the Fold era. At that time, the Fold 3, which used the Snapy 888, got a broken performance because of this possibility, and I did not want the phone to be hot. This time it is S22 Ultra, it is not broken anymore, but still the frame rate doesn't make you happy. On the medium setting you get an average of 30. This is it.... 778 is better on Realme GT Master Edition 5 million. I suspect that the culprit is again in the temperature, which is actually topped by Samsung to make sure that the cellphone doesn't overheat. As long as I tried to play it for more than half an hour, the cellphone was just a little warm.

But I've downloaded the Genshin from the Galaxy Store, because yesterday someone said that Genshin Galaxy Store was smoother. I was expecting it, but it is the same. Also the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a great performance, except for Genshin! – Oh yes, for the RAM and the internal itself. The S22 Ultra has 3 variants, 8/128, and its price is 18, million. 21 million variants. It’s better to add a million to get 12GB of RAM with 256 internals. That makes no sense! We can get 4GB RAM bigger, the same as 2x fold internally? For those of you who like to take photos or record videos. It will be very annoying because sometimes you will be tempted to take photos with your cellphone, because the camera is really good! Yes, you might think that the S22 Ultra has 5 cameras.

Then there is a 12MP ultrawide camera, a 10MP telecam that can do 3x optical zoom, another tele camera with 10x optical zoom, and this one has red, it has laser autofocus. The photos for the bright light. Conditions may not look extraordinary or what, because even mid-range cellphones can now take bright, bright photos! When we talk about the main camera. Cell phone has a serious camera. All lenses are sharp!! Especially the 10x telephoto camera, which maybe can only compete with Huawei P50 Pro. Details are still super clear. Even if I look at it with my own eyes, I can't see it anymore, but the camera still works. Then, when we take a photo in a room where there is not much light like under the sun. The quality of the flagship camera is still here,.

The details and colors are untouched well, whether you use any lens,. Even when light is low, the quality decline can still be understood. This Samsung S22, Ultra, Camera, has joss!!! There is one more, a hidden gem that not many people know about. The expert RAW application, which I thought would be the default application, but I. We must download it in the Galaxy Store ourselves. Through this camera application,. We can capture photos in RAW format whose data is richer, which makes the photo color easier for us to edit in Lightroom. What is clear is that we can darken it comfortably and vice versa. For those who want to manipulate photos or simply flip presets to make the photos even more aesthetic, click here. This is a mandatory application.

Si, you know, a photo is taken while taking a photo like, "Wow, I'll post it on IG!! It means that you have to fix the photo using RAW RAW Expert, without debate! The regular camera app only takes regular photos that are quick to retain as memories. Are not all photos on Expert, RAW? The file is very big. Can be 30MB more for 1 RAW photo. Why have I signed up for 128 GB? Forget it! It won't be worth it for the S22 Ultra, especially if you also like recording 4K videos. For front camera recording it can be in 4K 30. Video quality is also good, earlier on. We saw the day and night, the front camera. You want to compare it to the iPhone. The picture on the iPhone is HDR HDR is good. The details look not too sharp,. It's nice to see it compared to Samsung.

Although the video settings can vary and it's good compared to other Androids. It’s just that the iPhone has a different level and I really hope. That in a world full of video content like today, you can focus on video quality, right? It is good, it just... Maybe it's hard to compare it to the iPhone. Samsung, Galaxy, S22, Ultra : In conclusion, I chose this as my main. That seems to be the strongest reason to say this is a good HP. The video is long enough to explain. The point is for me who thinks that cellphones are tools to support daily activities,. There is no cellphone that is more suitable than the S22 Ultra! Starting with the S-Pen, which can't be compared to any cell phone. Then the camera whose quality has made a lot of friends on IG go crazy, because I have posted a few.

The editing is also good. The battery can be relied on and update support will arrive by the way. I have not previously said that before in the next 4 years. That's also a long term guarantee! The design is luxurious. The screen is also the best in the industry. I can easily say that this is one of the best cellphones you can buy in 2022! That's the GadgetIn review for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra! If you like this video, dislike it, or if you don't like it, and we'll meet again in the next video. Wow, a lot!.

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