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Hi : this is a recording with the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S 20v cell phone. The results can be like this using a cellphone camera so that the micro TNI can be white and I think it's still OK colored, So I want to show or show the test results of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 V cellphone camera,, These are the results from direct recording using a Samsung ntfs camera, and can be changed this background. How come I will explain in more detail later in the video test. Thank you for your interest, and I also hope to show the results of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone camera test. Hi, for detailed specifications, friends, Baduy is a copy of the description.

I would like to firstly say thanks to Prima Abadi cell phone shop who has lent me this Samsung Galaxy S2, ANTV device. So for friends who want to buy Samsung cellphones especially those of you in the Jogja area you can almost Prima. Abadi is located in Jalan Gejayan Number 12, Jogjakarta, mi5 Abadi official Karaoke from Samsung, because Prima Abadi partners are also available from Samsung for friends who are looking for other cellphones. The second is 8mp diesel, resolution now three times telephoto optical zoom then the third camera develops 12 megapixels. This is a 13 mm, ultra white camera. Interestingly, here you can film Vodka up to 60 fps. Okay, now we test the Samsung Qwerty cellphone camera.

The effects for photos and videos are the results of the Samsung es28 rear camera for photos. Well, the colors are very bright and the sky background photo is the result clarified. This silhouette is a photo f slide effect. The focus is really smooth and really surprised,. The picture is excited, not only for the face to examine The results are the same and the sharpness is not reduced. Although we use the camera, ZOOM., it's, really good kacem, the lighting can be very neat, encouraging that for you, This site can also be used for a front camera like this, Sorry, the spread is a bit blurry because I miss it. Unfortunately, I'm Adnan on my cellphone when I take selfies using UP mode. Twentyfive at full xt20 resolution vs. one during the day.

The results are like this: for color sharpness, the results are really good so the quality is very good for details so it can be very good, and this is already using the oi stabilizer so it should be taken if the teachings can be better, more subtle, let's try to bring it on, well. The results more or less are like this and that for Reza's technique. The sun is still visible and it is not visible over PD. Hello, let's be sweeter to the ultra white camera. This is the result of recording using Ultra White Camera, Samsung Galaxy S 20v, friends The ultra white camera for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, yes, for the ultra wet camera. The quality side, bro, the battery is still good.

Let's now test the video recording of the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with full s30v resolution during the day. So front camera is really good. My face in Thailand also looks good, color is OK, Google front camera can forki again This bird for love is still full STD kabul, RPS Let's. This time is already a stabilizer using Paulus,. This is now a recording in Live Focus, video mode, so that they are friends. This is the effect of a live focusing, video which the result is like this Okay. The result is if the problem is actually the same as the main video mode, but this can simply blur the background if the color is clear? I'm even more strong, I highlight that we test video recording using a Samsung Galaxy S, twenty-eight at full resolution, fc30 vs.

When I look into my eyes, the sky is already very dark, but on this screen it still looks bright, but what is the effect??? We are old and it is reported that it is decreasing or decreases during the day- and this is the lowlight condition, the diesel keeps going. So the picture is that if you take it along a road, try to go for example for a walk. If we follow the road towards it it becomes a bit- It feels a bit like the FPS is dropping. Was I went through was like this video recording for color at night because it was disturbed by noise, so it doesn't seem clear that the color of the quarters had also decreased. This is the result of the video recording using the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S 20v.

And compared to the rear camera, The quality has greatly decreased with being intimate during the day or when it is bright,. When you look at it as a way of taking Taqwa on the road, because I could be at the rear, the camera is a bit tight,. The results of the Samsung Galaxy S 20v overpower the cellphone camera test. The camera is really good and not inferior to the quality of the other Samsung S2 Plus series: cellphone cameras. If it's lacking from this cellphone camera, what I feel is video when it is LED or at night, the quality decreases, it is better when Syahri, auto videos The camera is really recommended, then for friends who want to buy this cellphone later I put the car in the description OK.

Maybe in the schedule, the information I can share about the Samsung Galaxy S, 20v, cellphone, camera, I hope the video is useful for friends..

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